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Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung
What: Fluff and Smut
Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it.

Y/n's POV

When I left out for school, Baekhyun was already gone I didn't have to worry about him. The benefit of being the favored child was that I didn't get into too much trouble for keeping up with Baekhyun's little lie. Some part of me felt like he deserved to be ratted out for what he did to me but I just felt that to be too draining. I couldn't handle all the questions and the yelling and honestly, I could see it back firing on me some how. Like Baekhyun got upset that I told them the truth and then he got in trouble (well deserved mind you) but he'd become worse to me. I think in the past most of the times I covered for Baekhyun was really to save myself all the hassel of getting more hell from him. I was well aware of Baekhyun's dislike of me, it wasn't like he hid it very well anyway but I also knew sitcking up for him wouldn't change anything between us.

Here was the number one thing I knew about Baekhyun: He despised me.

There was little remorse in what he did and I could still hear it in his voice, the entitlement like he had done nothing wrong. Like I should just continue to behave like everything was sunshine and rainbows and it wasn't. This was why I perferred the solitutde of a science lab. Things were unperdictable in science and I could see the beauty in that but there was also a control to science. There was a way to at least keep things in order and collect results that helped predict certain outcomes but with Baekhyun he was like a dying star. At some point he was going to explode and destory everything and everyone else around him and for me it was just too hard to calculate the predictablilty of when that would happen.

I walked into school by myself with my books in my hands and just as I had dreaded just about everyone in the school was looking at me. I continued walking as if I didn't see them looking in my direction but there was something odd about the way they looked at me. Instead of laughing at the humiliation that I faced, they gave me a look of caution. Like if they got too close they might be in danger. It was definitely not the reaction that I was expecting to get. Some bad mouthing, maybe some poorly planned jokes that only jackasses could appreciate but no.

That was eerie.

I made it to my locker so I could put things in it and suddenly I was surronded by the enemy.

Metero girls.

God they were annoying. Their hair all prim and proper and done in pretty styles, their nails in french tips or bright little colors. Even though we were in uniforms, they found a way to make their clothes look really girly and make themselves look like they were a million bucks. They couldn't fool me. Make up only did so much for the human soul. It wasn't like they weren't physically beautiful, they were but that was as far as it went. No one really likes an asshole. Remember how in the beginning I was talking about those types of pretty girls, the Metero girls were the worst of them. There were Metero girls all around the world and they were proud to be Metero girls and I could see no exception in them. Chanlee stood before me looking down with her smug little grin. She looked down at my chest and she saw the crystal necklace hanging there. She looked up at me and said,

"Cute. Where did you get it?"

"It was a gift." I said

I looked away from her still getting my stuff out of my locker after putting the things that I didn't need away.

"A gift from one of the Bangtan boys?" she asked.

Oh the amount of venom in her fake little tone would kill me.

Let me say this, I've never been afraid of snakes not even venomous ones and I mainly knew that I had to be quick and catch it by its neck really close to its head so that it didn't have free range to bite me. I knew all this about a snake and I can honestly tell you just by her tone I felt the need to grab her by the neck to keep her fangs from digging into me. She was pure venom and the girls around her, lord it was like a snake pit.

"That's none of your business." I said.

I mean I wasn't wrong, it wasn't. Even though Taehyung gave it me, why did she need to know that? It would not have changed the fact that Tae had given me the necklace.

"I was just wondering. I saw you all at the mall together you looked cozy with them." she smiled.

"You're wrong I was uncomfortable the whole time because I thought I'd make them look bad. Is that what you want to hear?" I said getting really sick of her attitude.

She chuckled sarcastically and looked to her other girls.

"You should stay away from Jin. All of the Bangtan boys for that matter. They were being nice to you but really you're just going to make them look bad. Their reputation doesn't need to be ruined by someone like you." she said.

"Someone like me? You mean someone with not only a higher GPA than you but also a larger IQ that rivals even Kim Namjoon himself. Someone like me that actually has a future for herself aside from ending up as some low life thugs cum dumpster or is it just because you can't get Jin oppa to notice you that you're so pissy?"

Her smug smile was soon wiped clean off and I can't lie to you I felt so proud of myself for speaking up to her. I don't know if it was the fact that Baekhyun had broken my heart so bad that I actually had no ability to give a shit anymore or if it was because the Bangtan boys had given me a sense of belonging. I honestly didn't expect them to hang out with me again or even want me around them. I figured Jin was just trying to be nice. He's this really goofy, sweet, handsome guy that saw a girl get her feelings hurt and he wanted to help. Even when Tae was being an ass, he warmed up to me enough that he ended up big really sweet. They were all their own special kind of angels and they helped me feel like I belonged... Even if I didn't. So wiping that smug grin off her face was like a victory party for me.

"Stay away from Jin, he's mine and Tae is Heejin's." She threatened.

"Even if that statement were true I have no intention of taking either of those boys from you. I have far too much research to do to worry about boyfriends or popularity. As you know, I'm working on my education and I fully expect to pass high school with flying colors. Somethings are more important."

I tried to start walking and she pushed me back into the lockers.

Okay that was going too far.

Saying bad shit about me and even being the one to pour paint all over me was already not cool but to put your hands on me was a big no no.

"Stay away from them I'm warning you or I will make your life miserable."

I chuckled and looked up at her and got in her face,

"You can try but I can guarentee you I won't give a single fuck. I've been miserable, hell you saw how my own brother turned on me. You think you can really do worse than that? Try me Chanlee. Give me your best shot."

I pushed her out of my way and walked down the hallway fuming. What stopped me from grabbing her throat and punching her in the face? Well, school work and the fact that if I didn't move quickly I was going to be late for classes. I replayed the whole situation in my head as I was going through classes and I resented the fact that she basically just called me a whore. She was saying I was cozy with Bangtan, implying what? That I was flirting with all the boys and trying to have sex with all of them? Seriously Chanlee, the fact that I'm a huge science nerd and not liked by many people should be a big tell that I'm a virgin. I have no game to seduce or even try to sleep with all those guys let alone one of them. Try again.

Seriously, teenage girls needed to get better insults that didn't revolve around sexual activity. I mean sometimes those insults don't even apply. Am I thinking about it too much? I mean if something doesn't make sense I try to figure out why it's not making sense. The only thing I can think of is that she's a moron and she's too busy spending her down time on her back spread eagle for the newest hot guy of the school. Who was it three weeks ago? Junmyeon? No even he didn't want to touch that. "Damaged goods" I think was the rumored phrase.

Man I've never seen someone so humiliated before... I mean that wasn't me. That was a good week for me. I know I probably shouldn't take amusement in others misery but so many had done that to me I don't see why I can't enjoy her misery just a little.

Okay, Okay. I get it, two wrongs don't make a right. It makes a left and then a circle at some point.

I got through my first three classes with no real hassel. I got a few looks, the same that were more cautionary than anything else and then I was walking to my fourth class.

"Y/n!" I heard from behind me and I turned around.

Jimin was walking over towards me while dragging a lazy Yoongi by his wrist behind him. I chuckled lightly at the sight and they stopped in front of me and Jimin gave me a big smile. I can't tell you how many times my heart flutters seeing his eye smile up close. He was so cute like a little child. Yoongi put his hands in his pocket and rolled his head over to look at me he gave me a small smile and I smiled at him,

"Hi Yoongi." I said.

Yoongi kind of ruffled his hair for a second before putting his hand back in his pocket while saying,

"Hi Y/n."

I looked to Jimin,

"What's going on, I have to get to class." I said to Jimin.

"I saw you this morning with Chanlee. She didn't do anything to you did she? You know we'll stick up for you right?" Jimin said.

I smiled grateful that he said that,

"Thank you but it was nothing Jimin."

He gave me a little look like he didn't believe me but he also didn't want to push the subject. He looked back at Yoongi and whispered,

"Ask her."

I looked at Yoongi and he rolled his eyes and huffed. Jimin nudged him and he kind of pouted that Jimin was pushing him to speak. He looked at me and took a moment to gather his words and maybe shatter his pride.

"Hey look, you're really smart and we have the same class can you maybe go to study hall with me and help me out with some stuff?" He said.

"Oh um. Yoongi I don't mind helping you but is it possible we could do it some other time?"

"I knew it Chanlee did do something!" Jimin said.

I chuckled,

"No it's not her. I actually have some research stuff I was planning to do in study hall. "

"That's okay then." Yoongi said.

"Wait no. Yoongi hyung you need help you know what Jin hyung said." Jimin said.

Yoongi groaned a little but he got this little grin on his face. I looked at Jimin wondering what he was referring too.

"Jin hyung said he'll stop cooking for us if Yoongi brings home another bad grade." Jimin clarified.

I chuckled,

"You guys really are a family." I said.

"Yeah and Jin hyung is the annoying Eomma." Yoongi grumbled.

I smiled.

"He's not so bad." I said.

"Come over today around five okay? Hobi usually goes to dance practice so it'll be quiet." Jimin said.

"Yah! Don't just plan my afternoons for me I had something planned too." Yoongi said.

"This is more important hyung! We'll see you then okay Y/n!" Jimin smiled.

I nodded with an awkward smile while Jimin pushed Yoongi. They walked away for a second and then Jimin came running back to me. He asked me for my phone and I pulled it out and gave it too him. He started puting in his contact info and then put in everyone elses phone numbers as he was doing it. He also made a note of my number and told me he'd give my number to the others so he knew that I was calling.

"If we don't answer the door it's because we're being loud in someone's room so just call us we always have our phones." Jimin beamed.

I laughed and nodded and headed to my next class while they walked away. Jin was already sitting down in his seat when I walked in and he waved at me when he saw me walk in. I smiled and waved back. I sat in my seat that was close to him. I sat in the row before him but I was one seat up on the right. I could look over my shoulder and see him. He reached over to tap me on my shoulder before the teacher started talking.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah why?" I asked.

"Jimin said he was worried about you after this morning."

"I just saw him in the hallway I reassured him I'm fine. Thank you for worrying." I said.

Jin nodded,

"I'm sure by now you know that you're family. Bangtan protects Bangtan."

I smiled bigger feeling like I was blushing. I think my orginal feelings for Jin were coming back stronger now. I looked at him for a moment longer before turning around to look forward. I remembered how coming to this class was the highlight of my day because I got to see his beautiful face. I would sometimes look over my shoulder and see him looking down at his paper with his hand in his hair and he looked so confused and stressed out or he'd be taking notes so he'd be looking up at the board and then down at his paper quickly. I liked catching little glimpses of him doing those things because even when he wasn't trying to be he looked really handsome and breathtaking.

I also tried to push him out of my head, that was something I often had to do in order to focus in this class. Chanlee walked in late and when she saw me there was definitely a glare passed. Honestly, she had to find a better hobby other than trying to make my life miserable. Perhaps take up a sport or you know, actually pay attention in class to get a high enough grade to pass. I don't think I've ever felt the need to call someone a bitch so bad in my entire life. I thought for a second though, I haven't seen Baekhyun all day. I mean I know I didn't want anything to do with him but did he actually take what I said to heart? Was I actually not going to see him? Was he going to avoid me?

I think I shouldn't feel as bad about that as I did but I couldn't help it. There was something odd in not even seeing him at school by accident that I didn't like. Then again, habits were hard to break and change was hard to get used to. Eventually, it would probably get to a point that I would forget I had a brother kind of like he forgot he had a sister when he led me into that trap. The thought of it still burned me, it left a sting but at the same time that one bad thing he'd done had caused a chain reaction in me. I never would've dreamed of speaking the way I did to Chanlee this morning or any metero girl for that matter before Baekhyun did what he did. Not to mention the Bangtan boys, guys that I had always adored and admired from afar, were now including me in their group and that felt good.

Outside of science club it felt like there was some place I could belong.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and Jin mimed to me a pencil sharpener. I nodded and looked in my pencil bag and handed it to him. He mouthed a thank you and I nodded to him. We went back to our class work and he kept the sharpener. I wrote my notes in pen so I didn't mind him keeping it. It wasn't like I needed it right away. Chanlee had gotten up and delibreately walked around Jin's row so she could walk between mine and Jin's row. She got the right opprountity to come and "trip" and spill her white out on my skirt.

"Oh I'm so sorry." she said.

I looked up at her.

"Don't apologize it must be hard having two left feet." I smiled.

You seriously have to do better than that Chanlee.

Seriously, what was her thing with spilling shit on people? I mean she already spilled paint on me you'd think she'd come up with something a little more original to torture me. I wasn't impressed to say the least but I was amused. I looked back to see Jin shaking his head and he reached over to hand me a wipe. I smiled and thanked him.

"You're welcome." he said.

Chanlee looked back at him and then at me and made an aggritated look. She started to walk and last minute I stuck my foot out and it tripped her. I stifled a laugh and said,

"Okay now for that I'm sorry."

She grumbled and stood up picking up the white out that she dropped and I tried to hide the fact that her anger actaully made me pretty proud. I looked back at Jin who was looking at Chanlee but there wasn't much of a disapproving look on his face, more like he felt bad for her.

Was I wrong for stooping to her level?

Class ended and I had to make it my other class. School dragged on and after a while it was finally over. I walked out and saw Jin waiting out front with the others. He looked over and saw me and waved me over. I came over and he said,

"Come on our place isn't far from yours. If you want I can walk you home."

"Sure I'd like that." I smiled.

I saw Taehyung looking over at us and he looked at Jin with his big eyes. He stared at him blank faced and when Jin looked at him he looked away. He walked over to me and he let his hand slide under my necklace.

"You wore it." he said softly.

"I like it and the shirt. If we hang out again I'll wear it." I said.

"Don't say if like we won't be inviting you out sometime soon. Seriously, for a smart girl you're a bit of an idiot." Tae said.

He poked the middle of my forehead,

"Don't you understand that you're one of us now?" he said.

I rubbed the spot that he poked and sighed,

"Even you should be able to understand why I don't think this will last. All of you are very nice but I have reservations." I said.

"Well cancel them. You. Are. Bangtan. You can't get rid of us now. Once you're Bangtan you're Bangtan for life. So get used to us nerd."

Taehyung smiled at me after calling me a nerd. I sighed and smiled back. I held my hands up like I surrendered.

"Alright alright, you win." I said.

He nodded happily and turned around to get in the front with the boys. They all greeted me and gave me a hug. Jungkook talked to me about some manga that he wanted to get but I wasn't too big on Manga. I think the only one I read was Neon Genesis; someone in my science club recommended it and since it had some science involved with it I was interested. I actually liked it but I never watched the anime like he told me to. I told Jungkook that we could watch an episode or two sometime if he wanted and he seemed excited about that. Jin walked beside me and we didn't talk for a little. It was bit awkward but the way he looked at Chanlee bothered me.

"You don't approve do you?" I said lowly.

He looked at me like he didn't know what I was talking about.

"What I did to Chanlee in class? Tripping her I mean."

He shrugged,

"I understand why you did it but Bangtan isn't about getting even. Sometimes we just have to be a big enough person to ignore the teasing and the hazing. Chanlee is going to get bored of trying to harrass you if you don't give her a reaction. The more you react the more pleasure she'll find in it. Namjoon used to be insecure about his looks when he was younger. I told him the same thing, when he found us and we made Bangtan, as a family he found a place to belong and naturally what everyone else said didn't really matter. I want Bangtan to help you in the same way. If something bad happens then we'll alert adults or stop it from happening but we shouldn't be like the bullies because we got hurt." he said.

I sighed. Damn he didn't have to make sense he could've just said no. I kind of felt bad for what I did but not because it made her angry but because of how it made me look in Jin's eyes. There was a sudden fear again that I might make Bangtan's reputation bad. I apologized to Jin and he patted my head and told me it was okay and that it would take time to overcome those obstacles and it would take time for me to trust Bangtan fully. I could already feel it though. I really loved these guys...

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ohh Jin.. always being the level headed one.