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due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Jackson Wang of Got7

You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that seperated you both 500 years ago.

~( Roselyn POV)~


I woke up in pitch black darkness, with a heavy thirst for blood. Something was dripping on my lips, and it was bring back my past memories...

My last memory was of me being staked in the heart, as I was force to watch my lover die in his burning down house. I had looked up at the English man that was staking me smirk devilishly at the fire.

'This will show you to reject me... If I can't have you no one can.'

I fell into a deep sleep that took away the pain. I did know though, that I was crying during the whole traumatizing ordeal. My heart ached from the idea of losing my lover in that fire. The rage I had was powerful enough to help me destroy the lid to the coffin, that had been cemented in for centuries, setting me free. I slowly sat up, before pulling myself out of the sarcophagus.

A guard came in as I smelled something amazing. I looked around to find a piece of concrete covered in blood. He ran in, shocked to see me awake."One of those kids woke you?!", as I had just picked up the bloody concrete and licked the semi-dry blood. The sweet memories I had with my lover came flooding back to mind after one taste.

"He's alive..."

I got out of the coffin, with the guards help, so I could stand up. "What year is it now?" I turn towards him, as he snapped out of it. "Year 2017. You have been asleep for almost a good 500 years." I turned to the guard that answer me.

I was dumbfounded that I had been asleep that long. I watched him take off his jacket, and roll up sleeve. "Oh? They still allow feeders to guard us?" He smiled at me, whilst arching an eyebrow.

"Not really, cause many have been killed. You get a guard assigned to you that fits the vampire. I'm allowed to give you my blood because you're on record that you won't kill. You drink living blood for intel."

I nodded my head, acknowledging that I somewhat understood. It was nice he spoke English for me, too. He held out his arm for me, and his scent triggered my hunger. "Oh your my blood type too. Keep in contact, I'll help you anytime my dear."

I then gently took hold of his arm, before sinking my fangs into the main vein. He groaned from the pain which would usually arouse me. But I this time around it did nothing. I just focused on catching up on the current events of this era, which peaked my interest.

I let go of him the moment I got the information I needed. One lick was all I needed to instantly heal the young man. "So we are still in China? I half expected to be back in England." The young man put his jacket around my shoulder, like a true gentleman.

"I must guide you to the councilor's office for your debriefing."

I let the guard lead the way, as I admired the architecture of the buildings. A car pulled up to us, and he opened the door for me. "Miss Raun, Welcome to the land of the living." I blinked as I was greeted by a woman dressed in the attire of this era. "Please get in. You have my word; there is nothing to be alarmed about with this form of transportation."

I gave the jacket back to the young man, before getting inside. "His blood updated me on this era. I do know this transportation is called a car." I looked over at the woman as she simply chuckled.

"That right, I forgot that you're an intelligence blood drinker. It's how you learned the Chinese language, am I right?"

I nodded my head as she pulled out a laptop. "Then you should know how to use this." I recalled the information I gathered from the young man. I opened the laptop to turn it on. "Go ahead, right now you are being held to the vampiric laws until you are inside the councilor's building. Do what ever you need, it's connected to our servers."

The first thing I did was look up more information on the Era. Next, I looked up information on Erikson Matthews. I felt sickened when I discovered he was still alive. He had gone through women like they were candy.

"He should have killed me like them."

The woman beside me lean over to look at who I was talking about. She looked scared as she looked up at me. "He turned me, then killed my lover. All because I told him I wasn't the tiniest bit interested in him. I was forced to become a vampire too."

The driver and the woman both look at me stunned. "It explains why the council fears your waking. Erik has been strangely tame for the pass three years. You were the only person he turned, but due to what claims as your betrayal. He had you sentenced to Eternal Sleep when he was part of the council."

I did more research to find out that after his wrongful punishment of his offspring, he was kicked off the council. That was all the article stated, though he did commit said punishment with his own hands. I check into my lover's family history, and froze when I saw his living family.

"Miss Raun*, I must take back the lap top now... we are here."

I just watch her take the laptop from me and shut it down. My lover wasn't alive, but he was reincarnated. He must be the reason why Erikson had been quiet. He waiting for me to find him, and go after him. This way he could torment me again before putting me back to sleep. I got out the car when the woman did, to only have people bow to me.

"Welcome back Roselyn Hope!* One of our rare daywalkers!"

An English woman came floating down the stairs of the building with wide open arms. "When I had gotten news you had come back to us. I knew I had to be the one to greet you." I looked the person over and a memory came back to me. This was one of the council members when I was alive.

She was a fledgling at the time when we met. I was teaching her all the ways of a vampire. The council wanted me to join them, in hope I would turn my head to Erikson. I told them no and to take the over-joyful fledgling in my place. Yet, they wanted me, since I was able to walk in daylight.

I bopped the girl on the head making her wince, as everyone went to protect her. "No no stop! This is her way of saying she remembers me. I won't be part of the council if it wasn't for her." She pushed through the guards whilst giggling.

"Teacher Hope, Its so refreshing having you here. Please let me guide you personally to the council."

I did not argue as I followed this child to the rest of the council. "They all flew in as soon as possible when they got the news." A guard came along and handed her a bag of blood. She then offered it to me. "Drink up, you'll need your strength."

I took the pack and sank my fangs in, right as she open the door to the council room. It was filled with people in modern attire. Four out five council seats were filled with even better dressed people. I chugged the pack, and licked my lips clean.


My student took the empty pack, before running to her seat in seconds. I walked over to them as people held up what I learned were cell phones. They were flashing as I walked by them to the council members. I noticed how two more chairs and two more members had appear.

"Its been a while since we had to gather like this. Last time was when we made the arrangements with the humans."

I raised an eyebrow as I just looked above everyone of them. There was a continent name above them all, meaning this person represented that continent. So the world did get bigger as time went by, and more land was discovered. "Today is a special occasion, though. We have all gathered here not only to welcome one of our Elder's back to the land of the living, but one of the rare few Day Walkers."

The representative for North America had stood up and announced to everyone around here the event that was happening. I just rubbed the back of my next and yawned. Everyone went quiet and looked right at me. "What? You're ranting about stuff. Honestly I just want to live a quiet life already. I've suffer enough, don't you think?"

The American glared at me, annoyed with my words. "She's right. We all owe you an apology after all. Am I wrong, Ren?" Alison my student looked at the woman that was sitting in the chair for Asia. "Yes, we are truly sorry for not stopping that man from making you suffer and punish you against council direct orders. He was told you had done nothing wrong, and that he had to leave you alone, after forcing you to join our race."

I just pretend to pick something out my teeth. "I do not accept your apology, because he's still alive; still a threat to me; and whoever I care for. That includes you Ali." I looked over at my student as everyone looked at her too. She just blinked at me confused by my statement.

"You were my first offspring, my student. The one I treated like a sister. If I didn't have the council make you join them... He would of taken you from me too."

Her expression turn sad as she came down to me, with puppy dog eyes. "Roselyn~.... Oh I missed you." She wrap her arms around me, but I just lightly patted her back. "I am truly sorry I couldn't protect you in return. But you have my word: On the continent of Europe he will not be allow to go anywhere near you. You are officially under my protection."

She made her announcement, whilst I petted her head. "My protection as well. He attacked my people and is already officially banned from entering Asia." My attention went straight to Ren. "You mean Erikson isn't allow in to enter China?" She smiled warmly at me, as she noticed she had my interest. "Any place that is part of the continent of Asia. He is no longer allow here, and if he enters, he will be killed."

I couldn't help but grin as I walked over to Ren. "Then if you don't mind, how about you make your apology to me, and allow me to stay here?" Guards came running over, since I had gotten too close to Ren for their comfort. I glared at one of them, before using my vampiric strength to make the other one fly into the wall.

"Back off! She's in no danger here."

Ren giggled as she looked up at me. "Agreed. Anywhere you would like to settle, we will help you. You already have an overwhelming amount of wealth as well. So, I see no problem with having you live quietly here in Asia." I offer my hand to her and she gladly took it. I lean in closely so only she could hear me at my voice pitch level.

"I am going to hold you to that order to kill Erikson if he comes here. Because he will try since I'm awake. My lover as well; he has been reincarnated."

I pulled away, and saw her stunned expression. "Why don't we go in private to talk about the rest of the matter at hand." Ren suggested, as I nodded before signaling Alison to join us. We left everyone behind and went into Ren's private office. I felt extremely annoyed, when the other council members had join us in the offices.

I took a seat in from of the desk as I waited for them to settle in. "You really think he would dare come here?" Ren ask before taking her seat behind her desk. "Erikson will come, because only the blood from a relative of her dead lover was able to wake her up." Ren sighed heavily as the others seem confused.

I glared and growl at the others making them glare back. "This is a problem for Europe and Asia. I don't see why you two can't handle this without them." I pointed to the rest of the council. "Because we don't want to repeat what Erikson did to you again. They have to weigh in on the decisions as well." Alison explain as Ren type away on the computer.

"Jackson Wang?! Seriously! Damn he looks just like him too."

Ren turn the computer screen to me, to show me Jackson Wang. I froze when I saw that it did look just like him. "Bo..." I went to touch the screen but stop myself. I just hung my head and closed my eyes tight. Bo was dead, and that man was not him, but his grandson.

Which meant Bo lived through that fire, and was able to start a family with a normal woman. I should be happy, but my heart ached so much. "I will stay here in Asia, but I will keep my distance from. I don't want Erikson to do anything to him." They all agreed with my decision, as I just looked back up at Jackson.

That boy... He was going to haunt me...

Making me not want to stay here in Asia...

But it was the only place I was safe from him... be continue

= ^-^ = Hope you enjoy the chapter ..... See you next tuesday for Chapter three

*She will have 3 names... Chinese - Mei Raun| English - Roselyn Hope | Korean - Gu Ki Raun

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