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Yey! Danger! I'm so excites for this. idk why I am but I am!

“I can't believe she vanished on me” Eliza sighed after getting done with her shower, she wanted to go out and explore the city with Belle but instead she went off on her own. ‘Oh that she tiger!” A thought crossed her mind. Grabbing a jacket to cover her tank top she headed in the direction of kookie’s room, she would try there than try Tae’s room. A knock at the door and a feminine voice called out making her laugh. “Room service!” Eliza called. An instant later the door was opening and kookie was at the door. He looked around a grin on his face but it was slowly disappearing. “Belle isn't with you?” He asked. “No, I thought she was here” Eliza said looking around him. “She's not here, its just me and Jimin” he said. “Why are you looking for her?” He asked a I slipped into the room and he closed it. “I wanted to go into the city but she disappeared on me. I figured two places she would be and neither is where she’s supposed to be” eliza said. “Where else would she be?” Jimin asked “Here or with Tae and Hobi” eliza said. “She wasn't there?” Kooki asked making Eliza shrug “I came by your room first, its closer” she said. “Anyway since she's not here I'll check the other rooms” Eliza said. “I'll go with you” Kookie said. “Nah its okay” Eliza shook her head making her way to the door. “Tae is across the hall” Jimin called out “Thanks Jiminie!” Eliza waved. She went across the hall and knocked on the door. It opened and Suga was standing there. “Ah wrong room sorry” Eliza said. “Wrong room?” He yawned. “Who were you looking for?” He asked around a yawn. Eliza took him in as he stretched his arms up and his shirt lifted showing a sliver of skin. “Tae’s room” Eliza said. “Tae? Your going for the little pipsqueak now?” “Squeak squeak” Neither Suga or Eliza heard him approach. “Tae!” Eliza said than looked around him at the empty space. “Belle isn't with you is she?” She asked “She was, now she isn't” his expression darkened. “She went out with hobi” he added “Oh, well that really sucks” eliza said. “Why were you looking for her?” He asked. “I wanted to go out, but i didn't want to go out by myself” eliza said. “Give me a minute and I'll go with you” suga said. “Thought you wanted to sleep?” Tae said “ I slept on the plane” suga said. “so you'll go out with me?” Eliza asked hopefully “Yes” he nodded. “Gimme a second to grab my bag” he added. “Can I come too? I want to see the city too, and get food, they have a waffle house here” Tae asked. “Sure” Eliza said. Suga came back and the three of them headed down the hallway. “where are we going?” Suga asked when they got outside. “Um walking, there's a bunch of places in that direction” eliza pointed to the right. So they started walking.  Despite how warm it was supposed to be here, at night it was chilly and the shorts and sweater didn't help. Suga must have noticed because he snaked an arm around Eliza to pull her closer, his body was warm. “Warmth” she snuggled into his side. Suga chuckled. “I shun the cold don't laugh at me” eliza groaned. “Well lucky you I'm always hot” suga teased. “Lucky me” Eliza said. “Do what do you guys want to see” she asked as they walked down the street. “Well can we see the street that has all the stars in the sidewalk?” Tae asked. “Tae that's Hollywood” Eliza said. “Oh. Wrong place?” Tae pouted. “ yup. But that's okay, you still are getting to walk a red carpet tomorrow” she grinned catching sight of a couple stores that had window displays. Leaving the guys she went closer to look in. For the next half hour Eliza found herself window shopping, looking in and pointing at things.  The last store had a beautiful red suede bag that she gazed at. “Could you look at me like that instead of the bag?” Suga surprised her by whispering in her ear. A yelp came out of her. “If I was in love with you on the spot I would totally look at you like that” she sighed “that bag is gorgeous. I just want to touch it” she said. “I bet its all velvety feeling, firm but soft at the same time” Eliza sighed touching the glass separating her and the bag. “Its color is so pretty, like a blush red like its about to explode” she licked her lips. “I'm beginning to think you're no longer talking about the bag” suga stepped closer she could feel him against her back. “Are you describing this?’ He said wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her back enough to feel his bulge against her butt. “Did it sound like I was?” She turned her head to look at him. “You know it did” his voice was gravely. “Ive never seen that part of your anatomy so I would not know” she told him. “I could show you” he said. “Get you familiar with that part of my anatomy” he sounded as if he was mocking me now. “and I'd like to get familiar with that bag” Eliza said turning to face him. “I doubt either of those things are going to happen tonight” she said. Suga looked at her than behind her than back again. “Well I'm hungry I know there's a waffle place somewhere around here. I'm gonna look it up” eliza said changing the topic as she saw that desire in his eyes “Your such a flirt” suga sighed stepping away from her. “That I am, that I am” Eliza mumbled as she concentrated on typing waffle house. “Yes! There's a waffle house in .2 miles. So 2 minute walk” She said. “.2 miles?” Suga questioned. “Yes, uhm I thinks its like 500 feet.” She guessed. She turned the phone to show him. “That's if you're driving, we're walking” he said. “Here” he fiddled with the phone and than read it out loud “it's half a mile, around the corner you turn right and go straight down” he said. “Here you go with tae I'll meet you two there” he handed her phone back to her. “What are you going to do?” She asked. “Call and see if the guys want to go” he said. “Oh okay” she shrugged. “Tae tae come on. Let's go get food!” Tae joined her and they followed the directions on the phone to waffle house. When they arrived they looked at the place. “Wait wait. Is that who I think it is?” Tae motioned to the window. Eliza saw Belle and Hobi inside laughing together. “Eliza I can't go in there” he said. “Why?” She asked. “Uhm well something happened earlier and Belle doesn't want to see me “ he said. “Ah. Well . . . to bad. We'll go in and act like we didn't see them from outside” she said tugging at his arm. “No. No you go in I'll just head back to the hotel” he said sounding reluctant to do that “Nonsense. I'm not going in there without you” she said. “Than just wait for suga. I sure he'll be here soon” he said. “Uh no you're coming” she said. “You don't understand” he whined “ I fucked up and Now she's not going to want to see me thinking I rejected her” he said. “OK” eliza stared at him “I don't care I want waffles” she said in monotones. with a huff Tae began explaining what happened between them. When he was done Eliza is as crossing her arms and glaring in her friends direction. “Are you mad?” He asked. “Yes, we promised each other no one on one time with any of you” she said. “Uh, but isn't that what you're both doing?” tae questioned. “Yea, but I'm with both you and suga” she pointed out. “Not right Now. It's just me and you” tae said.
“Yes, but I don't like you like that” she shrugged then mentally slapped herself. “I mean you're a good friend and I love you, but um well not sexually” she stumbled over her words. A blush tinted his face as he held in his laughter. “Oh just laugh it up!’ She huffed but was smiling at him. “Hey there's suga” she nodded in his direction. He had a bag in his hand and was walking over to them. “Why didn't you Two go in?” Suga asked. “Uh we got talking” eliza said eyeing the bag. “You get something?” She asked. “For later” he shrugged as he put an arm over tae’s shoulders than pulled her in drapping the bag over her shoulder. Suga led them in and had them turned looking at the menu. “Chicken and waffles” tae said seeing something he knew. “Yes figures. What do you want Eliza?” Suga asked. “That a question” she laughed “I see double chocolate waffles. I want” she stated making him chuckle. Since Eliza was the one who spoke the most English she ordered for them all, 2 chicken and waffles and one double chocolate waffle. She pulled out money and paid insisting in doing so since she dragged them out here. When they turned around Hobi and Belle were sitting at a table watching them. “Is that who I think it is?” Suga questioned “The ditcher, yes” eliza nodded as they walked to the table dragging a Tae behind them. “Ditcher?” Belle questioned. “You left when I was showering I thought we were going out tonight to some clubs” Eliza pouted. “I told you I was going to the vending machine. You must not have heard* belle said. “And you didn't come back” eliza said. “I got sidetracked” Belle shrugged “anyway we're out now” she said. “Hi suga” she smiled at him. “Hi belle” suga said. “Tae is here too” eliza said. “Yup. Hi tae” she said. “Order 93” a lady called. “That's us” Eliza said “be right back” Eliza left them all and grabbed the tray of food and came back. “Are we invited to sit with you or no?” Eliza asked. “Yes you can sit with us” belle said. As all of them ate their food they talked about how exciting this trip was and what sights they wanted to see. Since the next night the guys would be on their own at the awards the girls couldn't get tickets to go so went with the fact they would watch it on TV. Hobi promised v live would be taking place and to check it out. The entire time The remained silent nodding along when addressed but that's all. “Tae I'm leaving you here with hobi and Belle I'm taking Eliza with me” suga said pulling her out if her seat. “Uh okay bye guys” she said confused.


ah I'm ready and writing next chapter...should be up soonish
aww Suga
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