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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek
What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.
Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....

Y/n's POV

"Okay can you just explain to me what happened?" Jay said.

You were pacing the floor back and forth now. After you told him about Minho, he held you for a bit until you calmed down and then he helped you pack for your trip to see Kiseok. Jay told you he was going to have to tell Kiseok at the very least about the letter. He'd leave it up to you whether or not you told him the rest.

You weren't going to.

Kiseok was protective and you already knew what would happen. Somethings didn't need to be said, somethings just needed to stay in the ground where they belonged. But how much longer could you avoid it? Minho was coming for you, you knew that and you didn't necessarily see him hiding your history from Kiseok.

Why was he doing all of this though?

It was almost ten years ago and you had never told the police what happened. You didn't tell your father all the details of what happened either. That was one of the times he called you a whore but it was because of the way you altered the story that it made it sound like you went to a party to have a threesome with two guys when really... Really it was just a trap set up by a friend. Someone you thought was a friend. He never apologized, he felt no remorse in fact, he said that you enjoyed it. Most of it was a blur because you were drunk but you remembered very much telling him to stop. You remembered trying to fight but you were dizzy and barely capable of using your arms and legs properly. One person was bad enough, that one person being your friend was twice as bad but for him to add another person into the mix... It hurt more than anything, to be taken advantage of by two people at the same time.

The memory of it made you want to throw something, you didn't like to think about it. That's why you were pacing now, trying to think of how you could get it out of your head. You wanted to talk to Kiseok, just hear his voice. So many men had taken advantage of you or at the very least tried to and the fact that Kiseok and even Jay were trying to protect you made you feel important in a way that you never really had before. It wasn't like you were taking up space or you were just a useless human being to them. It wasn't like you were some sex toy, Kiseok cared. He may not have said he loved you but he sure as hell gave a shit about what happened to you.

"Y/n come on you have to tell someone the truth." Jay said.

"What? What do you want to know Jay? How they fucked me? In what style, doggy or missionary? I don't know. I don't remember everything all the way." you said.

"I don't need those kind of details Y/n and you know it. How did they lead you into that? Minho, who is he too you?" He asked.

"I don't know I think he was the friend of my friend. We were at some house party and my friend sat me down on the couch. We laughed and had fun and talked, he went and got me a drink and because he was my friend I trusted him so I drank it."

"So he gave you a date rape drug?"

"No I just got drunk. I remember him asking me if I was okay and then he was taking me upstairs and told me to lie down and relax. I probably did for like a minute but I knew I wasn't feeling well and that's when he started undressing me and then himself and before I knew it he was taking my virginity."

Jay sighed disguted. He covered his face for a second and you were staring out into space.

"I remember wanting to kill myself after that." You said.

Jay looked up at you quickly. He stood up and wrapped his arms around you. You could feel his heart racing against your chest.

"Why?" he whispered.

"Because I'm the daughter of a whore,"

Jay looked down at you and his face looked hurt.

"And it wasn't right for me to live." you finished.

He cupped your face,

"Kiseok would be wandering this Earth just as lost as he was before he met you. You are his greatest gift don't you know that?" he whispered.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm his greatest burden. I can't let him go because I need him. I love him." You said with tears rolling down your eyes.

"You're a remarkable person you know that?"

You looked him in the eyes confused.


"You've gone through something so terrible and you're still able to fall in love. You're just like Kiseok. I thought it was like a curse. He wanted to fall in love with the girls he was with instead of making it a catch and release. Don't get attached but he did and you're the one he's latched onto so tight he can't let go for a second and you- you love him so much. Someone that's been through hell and back and you're still able to love him and give him all of you, Y/n I don't know anyone who could do that." Jay said.

You wiped your eyes and he brought your head to his chest and hugged you. He rubbed your back so that you could calm down and just catch a breath.

"Why didn't you, what stopped you?" He asked.

You looked up at him and swallowed,

"I got pregnant." You said.

He looked down at you in shock.

"I couldn't bring myself to have an abortion so I left him at an orphanage. The only good thing I did as his mother aside from giving him a name." You said looking away from him.

"What was his name?"

"Haneul." You said weakly.

"I won't say anything to Kiseok. I promise. I'll tell him about the letter but everything else, I'll keep between us I swear." He said.

"Thank you." You whispered.

He took you back to his place and you two stayed in. This time it wasn't confinement it was just you didn't have the energy to do anything now. You were so excited earlier and when you woke up that excitement might return but for the rest of the day you were drained of any energy. Your father saw it as you getting into trouble in Gwang-Ju but you never asked for trouble, trouble always found you. Your friend, Minho, your roommates. Trouble followed you like a bad curse, it would make more sense to leave Kiseok but you couldn't. You really wouldn't be able to survive without him. He had given you such a feeling of belonging that without him you just saw yourself crashing and burning. Probably going back to the same life you had before no matter how well your writing was going for you...

The next day came and you woke up earlier than you normally did. You hopped out of bed before Jay and took a shower to get ready. When you came out, he looked at you with a smile,

"Someone's excited to see her Master today."

You nodded happy. You could survive two weeks without him but the fact was that you didn't want to. You wanted him coming home to you. Jay got up quick to get dressed and brushed his teeth and not long after you two were pulling your suitcases into the car to go to the airport. You both got first class which was a first for you because you were used to flying coach. Since you and Kiseok hooked up you hadn't been on a plane. He bought your ticket and Jay had bought his own so all that was left was the flight. It wasn't long to get to Busan either and it was made even shorter when you fell asleep on the plane. Jay had to wake you up to leave. It was either because you woke up earlier than you used to or just because of how high you were in the air that you had fallen asleep but either way when you woke up you were excited.

When you got out though, Jay had checked his phone and saw that Kiseok had texted him.

"Aw, I'm sorry Y/n he got caught up at the office so he won't be meeting us here. He said he'll wait for us in the lobby though, he should be done by the time we show up." Jay said.

You nodded kind of disappointed but you were still going to see him so you were happy about that. You guys caught a cab to the building that Kiseok was working at and Jay used his key card to get you both in. You had your suitcase with you because you were staying with Kiseok in his hotel but he had the key to the room. Jay hadn't dropped his stuff off because he didn't see a point in going to the hotel to drop his stuff off, come to Kiseok and then go back to the hotel only to go back out again. He didn't want to make all those trips and you were inclined to agree that was just too much work. You two walked in and you looked around to see if you could find him. The lobby was insanely huge and there were a bunch of people walking around but then you saw him turn and he was on his phone. You smiled happy to see him and dropped your suitcase and ran up to him. He saw you and opened his arms without even ending the call. You jumped in his arms and he picked you and kissed you.

"Aah how is my babygirl?" He smiled.

"I missed you." You said in a little pout.

He scrunched his nose,

"You're so cute." He smiled.

He set you do and went back to his phone,

"Yeah she's hear now I'll talk to you later, thank you. Goodbye." Kiseok said.

He looked back down at you after pocketing his phone and cupped your face to kiss you. He kissed you long and deep like you two hadn't seen each other in two years.

"Geeze it's been two weeks not four months. I need to get a girl as obessed with me as she is with you." Jay said.

You looked back at him while wrapping your arms around Kiseok's neck to hold him close. He held you closer and looked at Jay as well.

"Well if you get a girl that's willing to go through the training you might. Was she a good girl for you?"

Jay nodded,

"She was the best, especially with the ice thing." He grinned from ear to ear.

You hid your face in Kiseok's chest and Kiseok chuckled. He rubbed the back of your head before kissing the top of it. He had you looke up at him and the way his eyes connected with yours made you feel loved. You wanted him to say it, even whisper it but you didn't see him doing that anytime soon. He smiled and cupped your cheek gently.

"I love the way you greet me when I've been away." He smiled.

You smiled bigger and kissed him.

"Alright you two, we need to go to the hotel to drop our stuff off then you can feel free to play suction face." Jay said.

You chuckled lightly and Kiseok pulled out keys from his pocket. You figured either the company lent him the car or he rented it. When you got outside, it was a black Escalade and it was beautiful. Jay put your stuff in the car and you sat in the back while Jay drove and Kiseok sat in the passenger side,

"You know I just realized now that I'm here you're probably going to have me driving from now on." Jay said looking over to Kiseok.

"That's not entierly true. I had a driver while I was here." Kiseok said.

Jay laughed, you could see him looking at you in the rear view mirror and you looked to Kiseok.

"Bugs put your seatbelt on that's not safe." Kiseok said looking back at you.

You pulled your seatbelt on while saying,

"We had sex in the car once that wasn't safe either." You smiled.

"You're always safe when you're on Daddy's lap baby girl." He smiled.

You giggled and he turned back around with a smile of his own. Kiseok started asking you what you and Jay had been doing the past two weeks. Aside from the ice cube incident you talked about places you went to lunch and how you guys went shopping the day before. You didn't even bring up the letter, you didn't want to talk about it yet. You wanted to just be in this blissful moment with him. He asked if you had any trouble after the day you saw Minho watching you and you fell silent. Jay looked at you in the mirror again.

"Baby girl I asked you a question." Kiseok said in a disciplinary way.

He turned back to look at you and you looked away from him.

"Did he touch you?" Kiseok said getting angry.

You shook your head. Jay sighed and stopped the car at a red light.

"Kiseok not right now okay, she was so happy to see you again. Don't ruin it." Jay said.

Kiseok sighed and looked back at the front.

"Jay did he touch her? Just tell me that."

"No, he didn't come any where near her." Jay answered.

Kiseok sighed and dropped the subject. You understood why he wanted to know but you didn't think things would get this bad. Jay pulled off when the light turned green and you all ended up at the hotel. He took you inside and carried your suitcase for you. Kiseok and Jay separated so that Jay could drop his stuff off at his room and you could drop your stuff off in Kiseok's room. Kiseok watched you silently as you pulled your things out of your suitcase. He then walked up behind you and touched your shoulders softly. He rubbed them up and down and started to kiss your neck. You let out a soft moan as he continued to kiss you.

"Instead of going back tomorrow," he whispered before he went back to kissing you.

"Do you want to stay with me?" he asked.

You turned to look at him with slightly widened eyes. You didn't want to smile just yet incase you weren't hearing him right and he gave you a gentle smile and cupped your cheek softly.

" I take it you weren't expecting that." he said.

You shook your head.

"Instead of going back to Seoul do you want to stay with me?" he asked again.

"Um-I have to be back by thursday." You said.

He looked at you oddly,

"Why baby girl?"

You blinked,

"I kind of have an important meeting." you said.

"With who?"

You backed up and sat down on the bed. You crossed your legs and looked up at him innocently. He watched you as you bit your lip and looked up at him,

"About a year ago I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Outside of us I mean. Everyday you went off to work and I did chores that took me between ten minutes and an hour. I didn't want you thinking that I was with you because you gave me money and a place to stay. So I started sending out manuscripts to publishing companies to see if I was any good at writing. This past year I've been writing under a pen name and being published by Park & Yong publishing house. I have to turn in my chapter to my editor on Thursday." You explained.

He looked at you for a moment and nodded,

"So the day we fought before I left and I was looking over you shoulder that was your writing?" He asked.

You nodded.

"And you didn't want me to read it."

You shook your head.

"You still won't let me read it?" He gave a soft smile.

"I don't like showing unfinished work. Not even to my editor." You said.

He nodded this time and sat down in front of you,

"Well I'm in Busan for another day and a half if I promise to get you home before thursday do you want to stay with me?" he asked.

You smiled big this time and nodded your head and wrapped your arms around his neck.

"Thank you!" You said.

He rubbed your back gently.

"You're welcome baby girl. I'll let Mintaek know he'll be getting you a little later. Are you okay going back though? You're not scared or anything?" He asked.

You were terrified to go back but you had too besides you could survive two more weeks you supposed. You pressed your lips together for a moment and said,

"I'll be fine."

He kissed your forehead and said,

"I hate it when you lie to me."

He smiled though. You were glad that Jay had steered the converstation away from the letter Minho sent. It gave you more time to enjoy being with Kiseok. He told you to start getting ready for the party and you snuck your dress and make up kit into the bathroom and ran a quick shower. You two spent most of the afternoon in the hotel kissing and him playing with you. He was glad to have you back with him and he was happy to have you safe.

You were finished showering, doing your hair and make up and putting on your dress. It was red and long. It was smooth and it had lace at the top that dipped into a V that didn't show too much cleavage but it was just enough to accent it. Your back was exposed so you didn't wear a bra but the top lace of the dress had flowers on it that covered the frame of your back a little. You walked out with your hair in a greek looking style bun and a little hair framing your face. Kiseok looked you up and down with a big grin and then walked over to you. He grabbed you and pinned you against the wall.

"Did Jay pick that out for you?" he asked.

"No I did." you said.

"Oh you did a very good job baby girl. You look so sexy." he said.

"Thank you Master." you smiled.

He grabbed your chin and lifted it up more while he held both your hands in his one hand, above your head, against the wall. He leaned down to kiss you, feeling his warm tongue in your mouth made you moan in his and your eyes rolled back to enjoy the slow hot kiss. He kissed you deeper and deeper loving the taste of you more and more.

"Damn it baby girl if we didn't have to go to this party I'd bend that little ass over right now and take you." he growled.

"If I'm a good girl will you do it tonight even if it's past bedtime?" you asked.

"Yes but that means you have to be a very good girl for me okay. No trouble, you promise?" He said gliding his thumb across your bottom lip.

"I promise Daddy." You smiled.

"Good girl. Now let's go."

He took you on his arm and he led you out of the hotel room. You honestly thought you could keep the promise. You didn't know anyone here so you thought that everything would go great. Kiseok brought you into the building and showed you off like you were the most important possession in the world. You greeted his co-workers with a smile and you were even able to keep up with the converstations they were having. You may not have been in the same field of work but you were still considered an intellectual, at least you thought so. This night did give you a bit of an ego boost. You felt like you belonged in Kiseok's world.

You met his clients and they loved you. Kiseok was still territorial but he was less aggressive in this atmosphere than he would of been if you two were casually walking down the street. Kiseok was even surprised at how you kept up with conversations and spoke with the men and women he worked with. He had no idea you knew the things you knew. He whispered in your ear,

"Baby girl I'm so proud of you right now."

You smiled so hard your cheeks were starting to turn pink.

"Everyone here adores you, I'll have to bring you more often." he said.

"Promise?" You asked.

He nodded and softly pecked your lips,

"I promise, besides I like it more when you're happy to see me rather than sad to see me go." he said.

"That's because I like you a lot. I like you like you." you smiled.

He chuckled,

"I like you like you too. Maybe even more than like you like."

You perked up a bit,


He nodded,

"Yeah Bugs. It's more like I'm in-"

"Kiseok!" A man's voice broke off what was about to be the happiest moment of your life.

Kiseok stopped midsentence to look up and you turned to see the man walking over.

"Ju Kyung, you're here." Kiseok said.

You stopped cold in your tracks. Your once racing heart was now stopping when you saw Ju Kyung's face. He was talking to Kiseok and it was like all audio went out of your ears. You felt like you were going to faint. Ju Kyung noticed you and you stumbled back for a moment and Kiseok caught you.

"Y/n? Are you alright?" He asked worried.

You nodded slowly and looked back at Ju Kyung.

"Hi." He smiled at you.

You nodded to him but you were unable to speak. Kiseok held you up and said,

"I'm going to get you some water okay, just stay right here."

You nodded to him and he walked away but you wished he would've dragged you with him.

"It's been what? Eight years Y/n. How are you?" He asked.

"Do you have any right to ask me that question?" You asked baffled.

"Don't make a scene here. Honestly, that wouldn't be good for you. Kiseok is really into you and everyone here at the party is talking about you. They just love how smart you are."

"How gulliable too, right? That's what you saw in me." You said on the verge of tears.

"We were kids Y/n. Besides you can't honestly tell me that you had no idea how I felt about you."

He stepped up to touch your face and you slapped his hand away from you with tears brimming your eyes.

"Don't touch me. Stay the hell away from me." You said breathing shakily.

"You didn't even report me so don't act like you didn't want it." He smirked and looked you up and down.

"Looking at you now, I wish I had more."

"You're disgusting. You fucking disgust me. You abused my trust in you. You were my friend."

"I didn't want to be your friend Y/n, by the next morning you were well aware of that. There is one thing I didn't expect to get out of it though."

He went into his pocket and pulled out his wallet and showed you a picture of a baby and then a young child.

"Haneul." He said.

You covered your mouth and started to cry. How the hell did he find out about Haneul? How the hell did he know where he was or that you were pregnant? You looked up at him and shook your head.

"No, that's not him." You said.

"It is, our beautifull baby boy." He said.

You shook your head.

"How?" You cried.

"Your father came to me furious and said that if I was going to get you pregnant at the very least I should take responsibility for what I did. He couldn't stand the fact that you were being as selfish as your mother, giving away your own child to adoption because you couldn't take care of it."

"That wasn't the reason why." You cried.

"Y/n? What's going on?" Jay asked.

He'd seen you across the room and came over to you. You were crying and looking at the picture of Haneul.

"At least you gave him a name right?" Ju Kyung said.

"You sick bastard. You did that to me and you're making me the bad guy? You took advantage of me, you let another person take advantage of me and you're really gonna look me in the eye and blame me for what I did? I loved him." You said furious.

Jay grabbed your arm and you threw the picture at Ju Kyung.

"He was my son I loved him. I never wanted to do that. I was fourteen I could barely take care of myself and you did that to me. How can you live with yourself?" You seethed in tears.

"Calm down Y/n." Jay said.

There was no calming down, your own father went behind your back to give your son to the asshole that raped you. He had your son in his home, he was taking care of him and he knew nothing of you. Ju Kyung looked at you and said,

"I've made peace with what I've done. Haneul was an unexpected part of my life. I choose to take care of him because he was apart of me. What I did to you I can never take back but Haneul is my son I have a right to take care of him."

"And not tell me?" you said angry.

"You didn't want him."

You slapped Ju Kyung in the face. Jay tried to pull you back but you were furious and pulling away from him. Kiseok was coming over to you just as the situation got a little more heated. A few poeple were looking at you when you said,

"Of course I wanted him. I wanted him but he would've been better off not knowing me. He would've been better off with a sane and safe family not a mother who was on the edge of suicide and a rapist for a father."

Jay pulled you back.

"Calm down."

Kiseok grabbed you and held you; he looked at Jay.

"What the hell is going on?" he asked him.

Jay threw his hands up like there was a lot going on. You looked up at him and Kiseok started wiping your face gently with the handkerchief that was tucked in his suit pocket. He looked to Ju Kyung,

"What did you do to her?" he said.

"Nothing, it's just the past catching up with her."

"You're a piece of shit you know that." You spit at him.

Kiseok looked at you,

"Hey calm down. Not here." he said.

"Y/n listen-"

"You really shouldn't be talking to her right now. You can talk to me, Jay can you take her somewhere to cool off?" Kiseok said.

"Kiseok I think you're going to want to back off of this one." Jay said.

He looked to you and you were glaring at Ju Kyung. Kiseok looked at Jay confused and then at you. He crossed his arms and nodded,

"Alright this little party, we're going to take this outside are there any objections?" Kiseok said.

You shook your head. Jay rubbed your back and Kiseok tilted his head to direct Ju Kyung out with you all. You guys got outside and stood just off from the building and Kiseok stood between you and Ju Kyung.

"What happened in there?" He said.

"Kiseok, me and Y/n know each other. We grew up in Gwang-Ju together. I was showing her a picture of my son and she became very distraught." Ju Kyung said.

"You sick bastard." Jay shook his head.

Kiseok looked at Jay.

"You left out the part about you raping her when she was fourteen. That little boy you're flaunting in her face is hers too."

"She gave up the right to call him her son when she gave him up for adoption." Ju Kyung said.

"I didn't want to." You whimpered.

The image of how beautifull your boy was, seven almost eight years old now, grown up and looking like his father. If he was with a better family you'd be happy for him but not when he was with Ju Kyung.

"You raped her?" Kiseok asked calmly.

Ju Kyung stared at you and nodded silently. Kiseok nodded for a second and he came and kissed your forehead. He didn't say a word which made his next action far more surprising. He whipped around and punched Ju Kyung in the face. Ju Kyung fell to the ground and Kiseok continued punching him. For a moment you were going to let him continue, the sight of Kiseok's fist beating into Ju Kyung's face over and over again was like a victory for you. Kiseok was furious and Ju Kyung was helpess to his attack but you thought about what might happen to Haneul and Kiseok and you lunged and grabbed Kiseok's arm,

"Stop! Please! Please Kiseok I'm sorry." You cried.

He looked back up at you and then looked to Ju Kyung.

"Don't fucking come near her again do you understand me? If I see you around her again I won't stop until you're not breathing." He growled.

Ju Kyung spit out blood on the ground and Kiseok stood up with blood on his knucles. He cupped your face and kissed you in soft pecks. He pressed his forehead against yours with angry breath.

"I'm taking you to the hotel." He said.

You nodded. That wasn't a question he was telling you what he was going to do. There were times you had to break you pride and let him take charge but most times you liked when Kiseok took charge over you, this was definietly one of those times.

"Y/n," Ju Kyung coughed.

"This reunion wasn't a coiencince. I know what Minho is doing to you."

Your eyes widened and Kiseok went and looked back at Ju Kyung.

"I'm trying to give you a warning but I wanted you to know why I did it. Hanuel is precious to me. Minho came to me for something and if I didn't give it to him he was going to hurt Haneul." Ju kyung said.

"What did you do?" You whispered.

"There are photos that I had of you, he took them. Explicit photos. Minho is going to fuck with your mind the next few weeks."he said

"Why is he after me? It's been eight years." You said horrified.

"He's not after you sweetheart. He's after your man."

Ju Kyung looked up at Kiseok and you could see the fury in Kiseok's eyes.

"What?" You said.

"The fact that you're with Kiseok just made you a target because Kiseok's so protective of you he's going to fuck with you hard and he knows if he hurts you then he'll destory Kiseok. He wants you to leave Kiseok so he can make him suffer."

"That doesn't make any sense." You said.

"You two need to talk in private." Jay said.

Kiseok looked at you and you looked at him confused.

"When you've solved your Minho problem feel free to come see your son." Ju Kyung said standing up.

He walked back into the building and you looked at Kiseok, he stepped closer to you and you backed up. You shook your head,

"What's going on?" You asked.

"Let's talk at the hotel." Kiseok said.

You didn't like this sick feeling you had in your stomach. Minho was after Kiseok and you were just in the way. It was like you were just a plus in his sick twisted game but what did Kiseok do?

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