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Here's Another Chapter For You All~❤

I'm sorry about the lowkey embarrassing fluff *r.i.p*

(this chapter was not proofread, so I apologise for grammatical errors & typos)


Yoongi lets the scenery around him really sink in. Watching the snow fall as each individual flake glistened from the numerous streetlights on the busy streets of Seoul. How the cold air contrasted slightly from the warmth of Jimin's hand. He was still freezing after giving him his jacket but by the policy, 'The patient always come first.'

Knowing he'd get into serious trouble once he returns to his job that next day, possibly getting scolded or even worse fired... But it might be worth it.

Might be...

A sudden tug of his left arm catches him off guard.

"Over there!" Jimin says, pointing​ his finger straight ahead. Yoongi looks to see where Jimin was pointing at.

It was an upper class restaurant across the street from where they were. People, mostly couples went to dine. It was a fairly busy night.

"That's where the piano is, let's go!"

"Actually I..." Out of pure excitement, Jimin ignores Yoongi & tugged his arm running once more across the street.


After reaching their destination, Jimin releases his hand from Yoongi's & opens the double doors. Yoongi slowly follows him. He was then greeted by the warmth of the restaurant & the classy scenery.

"Are you here to make reservations?" The man at the front desk asks with little to no emotion, clearly exhausted from working late. Yoongi couldn't blame him.

"No, but I was wondering if my friend could play that piano over there." Jimin points at the perfectly placed instrument in the middle of the restaurant, no one was sitting in. The man looks at them up & down.

"Sorry, but unless you're here to make reservations I can't let you in any further..."


"Next." The man says & the couple behind them shoves them aside as if they weren't there, continuing with their date. Yoongi sees the disappointment written all across Jimin's face. He could tell he was really looking forward to hearing him play.

"Please," Jimin began, getting closer to the desk. "If you just let us in, he'll play then we'll be gone. I promise."

"Look kid, I don't get payed enough for you to come in for free..."

"Please?" Jimin begged once more, almost tearing up. Yoongi could tell he would get on his knees & beg more at the point. The man sighs & pulls out his walkie talkie.

"I need security to escort these two 'gentlemen' at the front desk, thank you."

"Wait..." Yoongi Interrupts. He digs into the pockets of his black pants & pulls out brown wallet.

"How much do we have to pay to get in?"

"Depends, how long are you planning to be here?"

"Long enough to play at least one song."

The man sat quietly for a moment before deciding on what he'll do, before sighing.

"Make it quick, pay before you leave..." The man returns to his walkie talkie & notifies the security of the 'false alarm.'

"Thank you so much!" Jimin deeply bowed & made his way in. The man grabs Yoongi's arm as he walked pass him.

"Better not make a fool of yourself​..."


It was like the entire room had their eyes locked on them & not in a good way. Receiving looks like "Who let them in" or "How did they get in." Yoongi feels himself break into a cold sweat.

Jimin runs towards the piano let an excited child & takes his seat.

"C'mon Yoongi." Jimin scoots over & pats the other half of the seat, anxiously waiting for Yoongi to sit next to him.

Yoongi slowly sits on the leather seat, in front of the instrument. Jimin smiles & clapped his hands as the oversized sleeves of Yoongi's coat flapped as he did so.

"I'm so excited!"

Yoongi slowly raises his hands & fingers, aligning them with the cold keys. He blankly stares at the multiple keys across the piano, not moving his fingers and inch.

"What's wrong?" Jimin asked, with his smile fades into a frown. Yoongi sighs & rubs his forehead.

"It's complicated..."

Jimin tilts his head.

"Are you okay?"

"I don't know if I'm any good," He confessed. "With all these people around... I'm sure something will go wrong." Jimin stares at him for a moment, thinking​of what to say before speaking.

"Did someone​ say you're not any good at it?" Yoongi shakes his head.

"Well no, but I'm sure."

"Looks like the tables have turned~"

"What are you talking about...?" Yoongi asked, confused. Jimin smiles softly again, leaning comfortably on Yoongi's shoulder.

"Remember a few weeks ago, when you asked​ 'why do you think you're a bad singer? Did someone say so?' & I said 'because no one heard me before.' What did you say~?"

Yoongi looks up, trying to remember what he told him.

"I said your voice sounded beautiful & you shouldn't assume what others think?" Jimin slowly nods his head.

"Maybe you should start listening to your own words sometime..."

Yoongi smiles bitterly.

"You really are something..."

Yoongi takes a deep breath & aligned his hands with the keys again.

& begins to play.

The beautiful sound of the piano filled the room with a much different vibe compared to before. Jimin watches as Yoongi skillfully glides his fingers across the piano keys. Everyone's attention was on Yoongi & the piano, silently listening.

Jimin slowly raises his head from his shoulder & focuses on the amount of concentration Yoongi have towards the piano, completely tuning the world out for once.

As he continued to play gracefully, he felt a sudden soft press against his cheek. He was too busy focusing his attention on playing but he has a pretty good idea what it was.

Jimin leans on his shoulder again & covers his now red face with his hands.

Yeah... It was worth it....




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