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Just picked up J Stars and I'm pretty stoked to play as some of my favorite characters :3 I already know Gon and Joseph Joestar will be my mains as well as Ichigo :D
But until I get super good at that game I have Gundam Breaker 3 to hold me over :D and it's super fun while also HIGHLY addicting, well for me it is I want to have a very powerful specific gunpla xD
and I've already layer most of Rage Burst and beaten Resurrection on another system so I gotta get my data from that :( but they are also super fun I owned the God eater burst for PSP so it was fun going back and slaughtering everything way easier because of the new system XD
I thoroughly enjoy (in J stars case will enjoy) all of these games but I'm looking to add more any games anyone can rec? doesn't need to be anime just a good time to be had :3 oh except SAO...I've already seen the gameplay and story of both games they're not my cup of tea :(
I would recommend personas 3-5 (I haven't got around to playing the first 2 since they were slightly older than my generation) but it's a very addicting game and the best part is almost none of the games have intertwining stories so you don't need to play the others I recently just picked up persona 5 and it does not disappoint
maaaan i need to get that game but i dont have a vita
yeah it's actually a nice port and a fantastic game strongly recommend, 'specially with all the awesome characters there might even be one or two you haven't heard of or seen before :D