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I'd like to dedicate this card to Yasutora "Chad" Sado because he was actually a fun character :)
When it comes to Chad I'm always in strong belief he could have been a bad ass character but like many characters in big anime names he got left by the wayside.
He was heavily developed too you knew he was a nice guy just to be nice, you knew he had motivations as to why he would/wouldn't fight, and you knew above everything he wanted to protect the protector by carrying some of the responsibility.
He's not a badly designed character either if anything he's 100% perfect all the way around from build of body to his voice actors nothing about him is out of place or makes you think "that's not right for this character" he tried to train to get strong so he could back Ichigo up help out where it need be fight for others and not himself. His back story with his Abuelo was also really inspiring (kinda hurts this point at the end of the manga but we don't talk about that >.>)
And by George is this boy not weak, he's weaker than the big baddie however and unfortunately they're practically all he ever fights :( from a captain to an espada he constantly gets shafted in the enemy department. But I also can't let him slide by with excuses as Uryu a character who ALSO was underdeveloped overall has foughten and beaten a captain and severely wounded two espadas so yes while Chad isn't exactly sweeping up enemies he could be putting in some work.

I like Chad I just wish a lot more was done with his character :(

He could have been the bridge to what a good character looked like without bing entirely overpowered :) Sadly not and with this series conclusion there's nothing that can be done now to remedy his character :(
Thanks for reading :3

Now I'm starting to think Kubo likes to torture his characters. Cause more development in characters like Chad, Orihime, and Uryu would of been amazing but Kubo said no Ichigo only. 😂
It wasn't really Ichigo only just the large cast as a whole almost every character in Bleach had development and back story which is something other big names can't really say. However like the others the larger the cast the farther behind some characters end up getting like the first 2 characters that showed up when the 100 year war started what the hell happened to them? Stuff like that is inevitable unfortunately :(
i had a crush on chad when he was first introduced in the series
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Chad is my favorite Bleach character because his personality and morals reflect mine very closely. For once one of my favorite characters isn't one of the over powered people in the anime.
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Which sucks characters like Chad get left by the wayside and their development reaches a screeching halt :( imagine how awesome it would have been if Orihime could reject phenomenon on a larger scale? or if Uryu was so fast you were shot and dead before you could draw your weapon? Stuff like that gets me drooling for fan fics xD