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Hi everyone! I am so SORRY for such a long wait! I had writers block and some personal things going on! I hope you all still enjoy the story and Enjoy the new upddate. ^_^//


Their orders where to stay out of sight and follow the two home. After they found where they lived to call. The two did as requested and found a spot to sit and watch. 

They watched as Hakyeon came arrived home from work. The kids jumping up and down before the blinds closed. Not long after a boy carrying a toddler walked out. He waved goodbye and began heading down the road to a bus stop.
"Is that him hyung?"
"Yeah. Different kid though."
"Are you sure it's the right guy?" Mir asked.
"I'm sure!" He snapped.
Eunkwang had showed up one day with a few of the other members. All had their arms full of bags. To say the boys where surprised was an understatement. Eunkwang had bags of clothes for the kids but also the two grown men as well. Hakyeon was trying failing not to cry while Leo was still in shock. 

"Appa! Pretty!" Yuki said running over to Leo. He smiled down at her and picked her up. She held a pink Hello Kitty dress that had a pink sparkly bow on it. Noticing his tears Yuki wiped them away and kissed his cheek. 

"Appa sad?" Yuki asked concerned. Leo smiled and shook his head. 
"Appa happy." 
This caused Yuki to smile. She held the dress up, a sign she wanted to wear it. Leo nodded and the two left to change. Leo held Yuki up so she could see in the mirror.

"Pretty!" Leo smiled. Yuki's eyes where wide and her smile was so big her eyes disappeared. 
"Let's go show the others!" Leo opened the bathroom door. Yuki ran out.
"Eomma! Eomma!" She ran over to Hakyeon smiling. Hakyeon didn't have it in himself to correct the girl. Her smile was so big and that Hello Kitty outfit made her look adorable!
"Wah! Our Yuki looks so pretty!" He smiled picking her up.
"Ooh Yuki looks even more like a princess now!" Hongbin spoke. "Look here's your crown!" He picked up a plastic toy crown. Hakyeon placed it on her head.
"Princess!" Wonsik bowed causing everyone to chuckle at the cute scene. After that Yuki jumped down and began to play with the two boys.
"I don't know how to thank you." Leo told Eunkwang. "I'll repay you for everything."
"Seeing her smile is enough. Just keep her happy. That can be your payment." Eunkwang told him.
Wonsik, Hongbin and Yuki had been playing for a while before deciding that they where hungry. Looking around all the snacks where gone.
"What can we eat?" Wonsik asked. Hongbin placed a hand to his chin. He was in deep thought when his eyes landed upon one of the guests. Peniel Hyung's hair was a soft yellow styled in waves. If you looked at it just right, it looked like ramen.
"Ya dongsang! Doesn't hyung's hair look like ramen?" Hongbin pointed to the man currently sitting on the couch. Wonsik's eyes widen when he too noticed it.
"Oppa what are you looking at?" Yuki asked.
"Shh!" The boy's shushed her. "We gotta make a plan. Come on!" They whispered loudly. The adults chuckled doing their best to make it appear that they had not heard them. They 'snuck' off to Wonsik and Hongbin's bedroom.
"They are so cute!" Sunjae smiled. "But hyung," He turned to face Hakyeon. "Why do they keep calling you Eomma?" The men began to laugh as Hakyeon explained how he tried to get them to call him hyung but found it hilarious to call him Eomma. Now even Yuki was calling him that. Leo cracked a smile but mostly kept to himself.
Meanwhile the kids had closed the door and sat in a circle. They had to come up with an idea and not be noticed.
"I got it!" Wonisk exclaimed.
"What is it?" Yuki asked leaning closer. Before he could respond Yuki tipped over falling face first into his lap. She let out a squeal and began flailing her arms. Hongbin was quick to help the girl back to her feet.
"Aw Yuki!" Wonsik whined. "You made me forget!"
"I'm sorry." Yuki lowered her head sadly.
"It's okay. We'll think of something else." Hongbin comforted the girl. After thinking for a little while longer they had an idea!
"It's been awful quiet in there. Think they're okay?"
"Leo checked a short while ago but was kicked out. They're fine." Hakyeon smiled. "Look here comes Yuki."
Yuki walked out of the room trying, and failing, to look innocent. Leo's eyes narrowed in playful suspicion but never said anything.
Yuki stood in the center and took a deep breath.
"Twinkle, twinkle, li-little s-star." She began to sing nervously. Everyone awed now watching the small girl. Yuki twiddled her thumbs rocking back and forth on her feet. She couldn't bring her gaze up. Before she could finished. Wonsik and Hong bin climbed carefully onto the back of the couch before attacking Peniel.
Chaos ensued. Wonsik and Hong bin where biting on their haunts hair while the others where trying to pull them off. Yuki watched amusedly from the safety of her Appa's arms while Hakyeon scolded the boys. Every time they where pulled off they managed to squirm out of their hold and clung back onto Peniel. It took sometime before they got the kids to settle down.
Hakyeon, Wonsik, and Hongbin all had colds. It had become so nasty that Hakyeon had to call into work. He hated missing out on a chance to earn money, but it couldn't be helped. Leo covered nearly all his shifts and Ken took Yuki with him wherever he went. This way the boys could rest properly and so Yuki wouldn't get sick as well. Ken often took her to the cafe to see Leo.
She was always good and the customers just loved her. They would coo and ask to hold her but Yuki refused each time. Clinging to either Ken or Leo. Lay was also someone she had really come to like. The girls that came into the cafe would giggle and coo at her actions causing Yuki to be bashful. In a way it helped bring in more customers and Ken get some numbers. 

"Your my lucky charm." Ken told Yuki as he bopped her gently on the nose with a smile. Yuki scrunched up her face and rub her nose. 
"Are you ready to go home?" Ken asked noticing it was getting into late afternoon. Leo couldn't keep an eye on her today. 

"Stay." She shook her head. 

"Stay?" Ken repeated before shaking his head. "Ani. Yuki we have to go home." 

"Appa here. Yuki stay!" She began to frown. Ken sighed internally. This child could be so stubborn. 
"Appa has to work Yuki." Ken tried to explain.
Yuki's face changed into one of being upset. Not wanting to leave she hopped off her chair and raced behind the counter and into the kitchen. Leo was on dish duty at the moment. He paused when he felt something bump into his legs. He didn't have to look down to know it was Yuki. He knew his daughter better than anyone. He rinsed off the last plate and placed it in the drying rack. He ignored his daughter as he dried his hands. After setting the now damp rag on the counter he reached down and picked Yuki up.

"Stay!" Yuki pouted. Leo held back a sigh and rubbed Yuki's back soothingly. 

"Appa has to work and it's time for Ken to go home." Leo tried to explain.
Yuki had been fussy ever since the boys became sick. It was no fun not being able to run around. She had to sit and watch T.V or play quietly. Even Hakyeon couldn't play. Yuki pouted and held onto Leo tighter. 
"Ken will take you home. You need to help look after the boys. Can you help Hakyeon Oppa and your brothers?" Leo asked. It was just easier to call them siblings since they acted like it. Hakyeon didn't mind and the boys eagerly agreed. 

"But I want Appa." Yuki pulled away her pout making Leo nearly give in. 
"Later okay. Appa has to work but I promise to spend time with just you." He smiled. Yuki seemed to think about it. While she was thinking about Leo leaned in and gave her a bunch of kisses causing her to giggle. 
"Okay! Okay!" She tried to pull away.

"Going to be a good girl for Appa?" Leo asked with a playful glare. 

"Okay. I be good girl for Appa." 
Leo smiled brightly before giving her one big kiss on the cheek. With that he walked around the kitchen and out into the main part of the building. Ken was sitting at at table but stood when he saw the two. Leo held a hand up before Ken could begin to explain.

"Yuki. You need to apologize to Ken Oppa for causing trouble." Leo gently scolded. Yuki avoided eye contact but nodded. Carefully Leo set her down. Yuki bowed politely and apologized. 
"Thank you for apologizing." Ken spoke smiling. "Shall I let you ride on my back on the way home?" Ken asked. Yuki's eyes lit up as she began to jump up and down.

"NE!" She nearly shouted. The two men shushed her quickly. Ken bent down so Yuki could climb on. Leo watched and helped when needed. He gave her a final kiss before saying his goodbyes. 
"By Appa! I love you!" Yuki called as they left. A ting of pink lit Leo's cheeks as the customers awed. As he watched the two walk away he couldn't help but feel like something bad was going to happen. Ah, he was probably just paranoid. To be on the safe side he texted Ken to tell him when Yuki arrived safely. He kept glancing at the clock and looking at his phone. It was around the time they should be arriving home. He timed it before just to be on the safe side.
They should of arrived by now. He called but it went straight to voice male. That wasn't a good sign. He called Hakyeon.

'Have Yuki and Ken arrived yet?' Leo asked trying not to worry.

'Ani. WaE?'

'They should of arrived by now.' Dread was beginning to fill his stomach. He could hear Hakyeon walking around the boys coughing in the background. 
'I don't see them outside either. Leo is everything okay?' 

'No. Make sure the doors are locked.' Leo was already heading towards his locker to grab his things. If they hadn't made it back that could only mean one thing. His worst fear had come true. They found them.

Ken was singing songs from Disney movies with Yuki on the way home. She was in a much better mood after talking to her Appa. Ken sang and swung around causing Yuki to shriek in delight and giggle. Both were having fun and didn't realize the van that had been following them all day. It happened so quick that it took Ken a moment to figure out what happened. He and Yuki where being snatched right off the street! In broad daylight!
Before he could truly begin to fight back a sharp sting in his neck had him blacking out. 

When Ken woke up things where blurry. He blinked and tried to focus on one spot. A door. Okay so he was in a room? Sleep still lingered as he forced himself to try and get up. Feeling the rope around his wrists had him wide awake. The rope bit into his wrist as he pulled against it. His gaze coming into better focus he noticed Yuki wasn't with him. He and Yuki had been kidnapped! If he was here, then were was Yuki?! 

Yuki had remained silent most of the ride and quietly crying. One of the boys tried to comfort her but she would have none of it. After they arrived The kind boy began to try and get Yuki out of the van. She refused trying to go to Ken. He wasn't moving. Why wasn't he moving?! Was he sleeping? She wanted her Oppa!

"Oppa!" She cried trying to fend the stranger off and get to Ken. Ken wasn't even responding. They must of hurt him! Yuki began to become distraught and hysterical. The other boys covered their ears groaning at the shrill wails coming from the child. Not being able to stand it any longer and pinched a nerve causing Yuki to go limp.

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