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JJP Game Day!!!😄
Hello everyone it's Amber here! Today I am bringing you all JJP Game Day!
The rules are simple
You just pick what ever door and I will post a card for the results. I will be posting multiple parts today for this game! Make sure you comment which door you pick!

Who is going to be the lucky guy taking you on a date?? Will it be Jinyoung or JB?!
The game starts in



Door 1

Door 2

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Door 1
5 months ago·Reply
Uuhhh... 😣 Door 1... no wait... door 2... no no... door 1.. final answer.. 😣 i don't choose good under pressure
5 months ago·Reply
Door 1, take me somewhere magical!
5 months ago·Reply
door 2
5 months ago·Reply
Door 1
5 months ago·Reply