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I could NOT go to bed without sharing these with you guys !!! ♡


☆PolarStarr Taglist☆

Bangtan's Army Mod Taglist:

Official Army Taglist:

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he's steadily going up my bias list and gunning for namjoon's spot at ultimate bias
6 months ago·Reply
Oml, he's wrecking my bias list again a dntrying to steal V's place as #1😭
6 months ago·Reply
thank you for sharing these with us before you go to bed xD I needed this before I go to bed xD
6 months ago·Reply
Haha no problem ! 😊
6 months ago
😂😂 why did i read the last gif saying on his shirt as "tu vato" 😂😂😣😣 hes sooo fine lawd
6 months ago·Reply
V's still my bias... ;-; Hobi's still my bias wrecker... ;-;-; AND RAPMON IS STILL IN FIRST WHEN IT COMES TO DIMPLES! ;-;-;-;
6 months ago·Reply