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He's starring as a supporting role in the currently airing drama "The Best Hit!"

For more information regarding the drama you can click here!

To watch the drama you can click here to watch it on DramaFever!

Get this guys Eunwoo plays a character named MJ. I'm just cracking up since MJ is his eldest Hyung's stage name. XD

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What's Eunwoo's character? Shady af 😂 I love the look on his face as he holds up 1 foot in the last pic, it's great 😂😂😂
Eunwoo plays the character of MJ a solo artist who's extremely popular in The Best Hit.
that is pretty funny about his character name 😂
Right? 😂
I am so proud of him 😭😭 he has come so far I hope the rest of the members get there chance at acting again or other activities
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Right that would be amazing 😉 I seriously can't wait for that to happen they are all such good actors I would also love for them to do another drama with all of them together ❤️❤️