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Hello Royal Family, it's Suki here with Minsu Monday! This week theme is called tug of war. It is war between your bias and your bias wrecker. So my bias if you did noe know is OneJunn, but my wrecker is Minsu! I am going to show you cute photos of Minsu and how he keeps creeping. Minsu you are so wrong for this.
Look at those pouty lips! They are just abdorable!
The way he looks at you with those alluring eyes. They say come to you, you know you want to!
Then he shows you his funny and cute side. I mean who does not a man that can make you laugh and still be cute with it! HE IS JUST CREEPING! BUT..........
But this man right here has my heart!
How sophisticated he looks in a suit!
How he can entertain me and make me laugh!
He is able to cook and that great smile. It just warms my heart! I can never leave him!
Well I hope you enjoyed my tug or war and see you next Monday! Until then, stay Royal!

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