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So, after giving it some thought, I decided that Changkyun in red was basically what I live for 😂 like he literally looks so good in red!
This is probably my favorite picture of him 😍 you get to see his dimple and he just looks like a precious little bean ☺️
Oh hey. Look! Dimples again! ❤️❤️❤️
This is a fantastic picture though! And I love the red. I think red may just so happen to be one of my favorite colors 😍
This pictures is great! Just look at him!
Well considering red is my favorite color and I think most idols look so good with red hair. He pulls of red so nicely!
He is adorable.....and I can't wait for July
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I am waiting for the lightstick to
No I'm staying away from maknae *running away*
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@Changkyunie No! got to resist 😂
lawdddd, the colour red is just too good on him. 😍😍😍😧😧
Oh this baby is too cute
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I know right??? Imma need him to not come for me!!