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(I told you it would be a little close to the deadline, anyways it's a set of Hiakus that go together)
1. It's a Rainy Day
you can find on the First Street
but at last Sunshine
2. You can Follow Me
but afterwards the Dogg's Out
He's at the Playground
3. I Open The Door
only to get a Fever
but I Keep Smiling
4. First Amadeus
Oh My Baby, it's TopDog
and last Peekaboo
5. Runaway is great
another song is The Beat
there's All Eyez On Me
6. T, O, double P
to the D, O, double G
that's right it's ToppDogg!
7. ToppDogg has ToppKlass
they're very underrated
but I love them still.
8. Honestly BJoo,
is my bias from ToppDogg
but HanJoo is life.
Thank you ! I had fun coming up with these :)