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It's a free day for JP community so yes I'm shamelessly promoting.... @royalpandajedi and @aombts Okay and me too.
First things first Eomma @royalpandajedi has written a part two to Gangsta love and the first chapter is out. She is releasing a chapter every Saturday. The first part was with bad boy Loco (she totally ruins the puppy image but then again he recently did that himself too ) This second one as you can see is with Gray. I'm very excited about it and you should be too. I don't think you have to read the first part to jump right in but, considering it just started, you should cause you'll have something to read while yah wait!
Hopefully you've seen her cards by now but if you haven't @aombts has made a website for the H.O.E squad (lol the initals ) We're posting our stories/ oneshots on there and we'll link to the website. If you follow the page you won't have to check Vingle for an update but we'll still post a short part of the story and then the rest will be on the website. A link for that will be below
Ah now here's the part where I shamelessly promote myself. lol As a part of the H.O.E squad I have posted a one shot with bad puppy Loco since @royalpandajedi is torturing me with his new abs. (I want my innocent fluffy puppy back ) Anyway that's why I decided to use him for the one shot. So here's the first part of it and the link below will take you to the website to read the whole damn thing. Feel free to look around at the other works leave a comment or two maybe like and follow. (I sounld like a YouTube video).
Who: Reader x Kwon Hyukwoo What: Smutsics like the tale of two Smuties, I am become Smut, Wrath of Smut, Of Mice and Smut. Story: Oneshot N/a The scent of vanilla incense filled the room and then your nose. It was strong. So strong it was like you could taste the vanilla. A chill ran up your back and a thought crossed your mind. Were you ready to do this? You look up just as he walks out of the bathroom. His sweatpants are on and he's either wearing boxers or he's going commando because something was definitely moving freely in his pants. You swallowed as you looked at his newly formed abs covered in water droplets. He's looking at the other side of the room and then turning to his dresser to look for something so you catch a glimpse of his back. You straighten up and lick your lips. Words want to come out but you're not ready just yet. You start counting how long it's been. A year now? Already? No it couldn't be. It was. A full year of living together not even including the time you spent together dating, so a little more than a year and a half. We're you wrong for denying him? You weren't ready. Your heart skipped a beat then raced as you saw him blow out the incense. That scent was keeping you sane and controlled. He saw you and smiled, he came over and gently cupped your cheek and pecked your lips. A simple action. So simple he didn't have to question it anymore. You gave him a small smile back and he walked back into the bathroom. This whole time he's been rubbing his head with a towel to keep from dripping water everywhere. Steam from his shower has spilled into the room to wrap you up in a warm invisible blanket. You found both comfort and longing within it. He's going about his normal bedtime routine, brushing his teeth and looking at himself in the mirror. He'd asked a few times while dating if he could kiss you until it felt natural. One time he asked to kiss you between your legs and you could remember the softness of his lips and the little flick of his tongue at the tip of your clit. The feeling that rushed into you both pleasure and fear made you quit before it started. You freaked out and told him no you couldn't do it. "Hyukwoo." You whispered. Or maybe you didn't because he turned his head to look at you. He walked up to the bathroom door, one hand holding the handle to his toothbrush his other hand reached up holding onto the top of the door frame and he's looking at you with that wondering look. Say something. You think to yourself. What are you supposed to say and how are you supposed to say it. Speaking it out loud just makes it that much more real. He's flashing you his abs and your body is telling you how much you want it. Maybe that talk with Jay got into your head and that's what was going on. He talked about sex like it was an everyday occurrence for him. His girlfriend gave him the business and he was satisfied. You listened to him talk so casually with the guys about it and Hyukwoo gave that smile that was sweet and nice. The kind of smile like he was being polite not just to them but you but secretly he wished... Just one touch. He spit out his toothpaste and rinsed out his mouth with water. He turned off the bathroom light and walked over to you. "What's up?" He asked casually. "Um." You whispered. Your eyes left his and your hands wanted to reach up and touch you him but you were nervous and now shaking. Your heart was pumping. This was harder to do. You thought you planned it out but now the strong scent of vanilla had left the room and you were twice as nervous as before. "Y/n?" Please don't call me. Not while I'm like this. Your heartbeat is in your ears rather than his voice now. You look up at him. You stood up now and he looked at you innocently curious. You touched his face and said, "I don't know how to ask you." "Just ask jagi." He smiled. "Hyukwoo." You whined. It wasn't that simple. He touched your arm and you took in a sharp breath and released it in a shaky manner. You wanted to back out but you were telling yourself no. He's waited long enough and so have you. You've never wanted someone so much before and if you're going to give it to anyone it should be someone you loved. You pressed your lips to his softly, kissing was calming. You'd done it a few hundred times before there was nothing to it. He kissed you deeper and his hands left your shoulder to wrap around your waist. Now he was closer to your body and deepening the kiss. His tongue rolling over yours sent a twist in your stomach and a skip in your heart. Your body blossomed and warmth filled you from head to toe. You pulled back for a second to breathe and you looked into his eyes. "Oh." You whispered seeing his eyes blown... H.O.E Website White Rosè Complete Oneshot
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