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Sitting at a table where you don't engage with the conversation is really boring. I was bored of listening to Juro and my mom's conversation. I was just glad that they didn't hear my phone go off. I brought my phone out and looked at it.

Unknown : Hey Beautiful

Me: Who's this?

Unknown : Awww you couldn't haven't forgotten me just yet... have you

I couldn't help but give a small giggle. As I text back.

Me: How can I forget if I don't know you.

Unknown : its Kai

Me: I think you have the wrong number.

Flirty Kai: Really?? This isn't EunJi?

Me: Nope, I never heard of her before.

Flirty Kai: So I let her sit on my lap for nothing

Me: What do you mean for nothing? Are you a playboy?

Playboy Kai: What if I am would you date me?

Me: I, EunJi would never date a playboy like you.

Playboy Kai: Why you play me like that Beautiful? I thought we were cool like that.

Me: Since when are we cool?

Playboy Kai: Since we first meet. Why else would I let you sit on my lap. Its not everyday I let a beautiful girl sit on my lap.

Playboy Kai: What you doing Beautiful?

Me: Eating dinner and being bored. You?

Playboy Kai: You know...I can find ways to keep you entertained and I am hanging out with the guys. You excited about first day of school tomorrow?"

"EunJi? EunJi, I asked you a question." I heard my mom say my name. I guess I was to observed in messaging that I didn't hear what my mom asked.

"Huh?" I asked her to repeat what she asked. "I asked if you wanted Juro or I to drop you off at school tomorrow?" My mom asked.

"Ughh... Can you take me Mom?" She nod to give me an answer.

"I can, by the way you know cell phone are not allowed at dinner. But I'll let it pass this time." She said. I nod and asked to excused myself from the table as I headed to my room.

When I looked at my phone again, I saw a bunch of messages all from Kai.

Playboy Kai: So are you excited?

Playboy Kai: EunJi?

Playboy Kai: EunJi are you there?

Playboy Kai: Are you okay? Do I need to beat someone up?

Playboy Kai: Did you fall of the earth?

Playboy Kai: Or did you go back to heaven.

Playboy Kai: Don't go back to heaven Angel I need you here.

Obsessive Playboy Kai: Beautiful?

Obsessive Playboy Kai: Angel?

Obsessive Playboy Kai: Love?

Obsessive Playboy Kai: Babe?

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him and chuckled at his childish behavior.

Me: Sorry I was talking to my mom. And to answer your question...No Im not excited to be starting school tomorrow.

Obsessive Playboy Kai: Wwwwwaaaaeeee? IM GOING TO BE THERE!!! YOUR NOT EXCITED TO SEE ME?!?!?!

Me: That's why I'm not excited because your going to be there.

Angry Obsessive Playboy Kai: Why so mean EunJi-ahhh?

I couldn't hold my laughter as I shovd the pillow into my face. This boy was too much to deal with and I couldn't.

Me: Idk...

Pouty Playboy: *sniff sniff* you hurt my feelings

Me: Sure I did?

Pouty Playboy: You did! Wahhh!! You don't love me.

Me: Your absolutely right, I don't love you.

Pouty Playboy: What can I do to make you love me?

Me: Nothing.

Flirty Playboy: Fine but I'm sure I make you fall for me like I did for you well Beautiful, I gotta go the hyungs are about to have a fight with each other. Good night, sweet dreams.

Me: Night

I placed my phone on my night stand as I got up from the bed to put on pajamas on. I bushed my teeth, washed my face and put my hair in a pony tail so it wouldn't get tangled up in my sleep. I yelled goodnight to Juro and my mom and placed myself back on my bed.

I knew I wasn'tgoing to get much sleep since I was nervous about tomorrow but I managed to fall asleep.


"Bye Mom." I said as I closed the car door. I was in front of the school. I put my book strap on and headed to my class. As I made it to the school entrance, someone covered my eyes.

"Guess who?" They whispered into my ear. I knew who it was but I decided to play dumb. "The boogie man?"

"Guess again?"

"Hmm I'm not sure who you are then." I told him. He removed his hands from my eyes and gave me a pouty lip as he stepped to the side for me to see him. His hair was wet from a shower and his uniform seemed to be put on in a rush.

"Oh it's you." I flat out gave him a straight face. "Yahh!!! What do you mean "Oh it's you." you know I'm the best part of your life now. Anyways what's your class?"

"B-3." I told him as a started my way but he grabbed my elbow. "Hey! What do you think your doing?" He asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Im going to my class, duh." Making my voice drip with sarcasm.

"Your sarcasm isn't appreciated here and your not going to our class without me." He said taking ahold of my hand as he dragged me up the stairs and to the classroom.

By the time we got there, the teacher was already in and taking attendance. "Mr. Kim how many times do I have to tell you that your tardiness is not tolerated in my classroom." A middle age lady with glasses scrowled at Kai.

"I have a good reason to be late. I brought in our new student." He said stepping out from me. I was hiding behind him when we had entered the classroom because I didn't want to be seen.

The lady huffed. As she took a look at me. "My name is Mrs. Lee and I'll be your teacher for math. Please introduce yourself...." she trailed off trying to see my name on the paper.

"EunJi. Kim EunJi" I introduced myself to her and the class. She nod and gestered me to sit down. The only seat that was empty was the seat next to Kai. I sighed of enjoyment that I had to sit with the player.


As classes and lunch went by, I was losing patience with Kai. He has done nothing but flirt and talked my ear off. We were in our last class which was Home Economics. And yes Kai is sitting next to me again.

"Good Afternoon class we are getting ready to start our formative grade next week. I expect everyone to do well in their partnership." Everyone started to get excited as they figure out who was going to be their partner. "As I was saying!!!!" She yelled over the students. "Your partner will be the person you are sitting next to you. Your grade will detect on how well you are with this three week project. I also heard we have a new student in he class. EunJi?"

She called out my name as I raised my hand and nod to know who she was speaking too. "Welcome to Home Ec. Im Mrs. Jung and if you have any questions, you can ask me, Kai or anyone in the class." She said as I nod to understand. And with that she handed out papers of our assignment for the next three weeks.

When some of the students read the sheet, they groaned because our project was taking care of a simulator doll.

We listened to the teacher as she went through the steps of how to take care of a baby. And telling us what to do and how to work our time sheet diary. And that the parents, meaning us will need to bring the doll with us to school and during class. I was glad that we weren't starting today as she told us to get ready for Monday see how it was Friday and the weekend was tomorrow. She also advised us to have sleep overs at each other house.

I so not wanted Kai to sleep over. But it being a important grade, I guess I could suck it up for three weeks.

When the bell ringed, I sprinted out my seat as I was trying my best to get away from Kai. But when I got to the front doors of the school, I saw him standing there with a smirk on his face.

"Angel, you thought you could leave me tsk tsk. No can do." He said throwing a arm over my shoulders. "Are you not sick of me yet?" I grumbled under my breathe. "No!!!" He smirked as we waited for his friends to meet us.

"Hyung!!!! Leave Nana alone!!!" Sehun whinned as he was having trouble getting Baekhyun off of Nana again for the fourth time.

"But I haven't had my after school hug from her Sehun-ah!!" He pouted as Nana easily squearmed out of Baekhyun grip and ran too me, taking my hand as Kai took mine and we ran from the others.

We ended up in a ice cream parlor. Were I got cookie dough ice cream, Kai and Nana got their favorite. We were half way in our ice cream when the rest of the group came in.

"Nana!!! Why did you leave me with these idiots!!!" Baekhyun cried as he took some of Nana's ice cream.

"Idiot? Who you calling an idiot, you cowlicker" sehun taking the ice cream out of Baekhyun hand and ate some. As we all watch them go back and forth of calling each other name.


"I'm Home!!!!!" Yelling from the front door. I slipped off my shoes and made my way to my room when I saw seven guys in my living room, playing video games.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Question is who are you?" One of them asked. I clicked my tongue. "I asked first." Giving the boy a death glare.

"And I asked second. So you are?" I was getting aggravated by this boy. He seemed to glare at me back so I crossed my arms across my chest and put all of my weight on one leg.

The others seemed uncomfortable as the orange hair boy and I glared at each other in silence.

"Oh!! Ji your home and I see you meet Taehyung, my son." Juro came in with his button up shirt rolled up on the sleeves and a few buttons unbuttoned.

"Son!!!" I didn't know that Juro had a son.

"Yes he's a year younger then you." He answered. I turned to the orange hair boy that made him look like he came out of a webtoon or a anime. I looked at the others as they shift in their seats.

"I didn't know you had a son. Does mom know?" I asked Juro as Juro laughed and came to ruffle our hair.

"Hey!!!" We both yelled as we fixed our hair. " Tae was living with his mom, and he will living here now since his mom will be living in Japan now. He's transferring to your school EunJi so take good care of him." Juro asked me. I looked at the orange hair boy and nod at Juro words.

I was able to excuse myself to my room where I changed into comfortable clothes. I heard a knock on my door as it opened to show my mom.

"Hey baby. How was your first day of school?" She sat down on my made bed. I sat next to her sitting criss cross and apple sauce.

"It was the same as every school day. The teachers were nice. My seatmate is annoying flirt but that's expecting since I met him and his friend three months ago and yesterday and today. Oh and he and I have to take care of a doll baby so he's probably gonna ask if he can spend the night.

She smiled. "Oh really? What's his name? How did you guys meet?" She asked getting comfortable on my bed.

I sighed. "Remember when I came home because YoungBin broke up with me. Well that was the same day I met Kai and his friends Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O, and Sehun the maknae who has a twin sister name Nana and I met her yesterday. She was my tour guide."

"So his name is Kai huh" she nudge me as she smiled. "Is he handsome?"

I laughed and nod. "Yeah. Im not telling you how he looks because I'm sure he will be here sometime soon." My mom pouted.

"What don't look at me like that!!" I giggled as she laughed with me.

"Okay, I'll wait to see this boy and when I do I'll tell you I approve." As I nod. "So you met Tae?"

"Yeah, I wasn't really expecting to have a step brother. When did you know?" I asked my mom. "It was when Juro and I went out on our first date. He knew about you before we dated because he seen you help around the bakery. I was shocked at first but I've met Tae before and we clicked. Im sure you two will get along just fine."she said then kissed my forehead. "Dinner is being made give it thirty minutes, okay." She said then left me in peace.

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