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Sitting on the couch, waiting my turn to have the tv but couldn't when a orange hair boy was hogging the tv by playing video games.

"When are you gonna be done? You had the tv all morning." I nudging the orange hair boy. He was to focus on his game then me speaking to him. Luckily I had found the remote and turn the tv off.

"YAHH!!! I was playing that!! You just made me lose my highest score!!!" Yelling at me about how I made him lose the game.

"Yah? Yah?" I questioned his yah that he said to me. It had pissed me off that he thinks he can speak informal to me. "You listen here orange hair lion head, I don't care if you lost your highest score, I been waiting for hours for the tv that you four D alien have been hogging."

"I have not been hogging the tv." he trying to play innocent.

"Have too!!!"

"Have not!!!!"

We started to go back and forth with the 'have too' and the 'have not' until we ended up calling for our parents at the same time. "What is all this ruckus we are hearing from the other room?" My mom came in the living room with Juro right behind her. The orange hair lion and I started talking at the same time as they looked at us in confusion. "Enough, sit down!" My mom yelled before getting back to calm and collected. She never had to deal with two kids at the same time, since it was just her and I before Juro and his Orange hair four D alien came into our lives.ย 

"Now, Juro and I know you two are used to being the only child. And now that Juro and I are getting married in three months we need you to get along. A few bickering here and there is fine. Being the only child had its up of not sharing anything around the house. So what really happened in here?"ย 

"He had the tv for hours and when I asked him if I could have the tv he was still hogging the tv so I turned to off." I explained myself.

"She keeps calling me names."

"I only called you two thing. Orange hair and Four D alien."

"And I'm not either of those."

"What color do you call that's in your hair"


"See so Orange hair"

Orange hair was about to open his mouth to say something when Juro interrupted him. "Alright you two. Get dressed and go out of the house and have fun." He pulled out his wallet and handed his son some money. We both headed to our rooms to get dress. I put on black ripped jeans with a grey shirt that had light blue and light pink feathers with the words 'Wild Love' on it. I put a jean jacket over the shirt and put on matching jewelry to go with it. I let my long hair down and walked out of my room to the front, where the little Lion boy was putting on shoes. Grabbing pink converse to match my outfit, we both shouted good bye to our parents.

"Where to Alien boy?" asking him as I wanted to tease him. He frowned. "Must you call me nicknames. I have a name and it Taehyung or Tae."

"I was only trying to tease you Tae." Giving him a light smile and pushing him with my shoulder as he smiled. "So where we going?" asking him. "To the park to meet my friends."


Once we got to the park, Tae lead me to the basketball courts where six guys were having their own game and goofing around. "Guys!!" Tae called out to them, making them stop what they were doing. "I want you to meet EunJi Noona."

"Your the girl from yesterday, I'm Jin but you can call me Oppa, that's Yoongi but prefers Suga. Then there's Jhope or Hobi we call him, NamJoon, Jimin and Jungkook our youngest." Jin introduced everyone to me. "Hi it's nice to meet you all."

"Noona will you play a game with us?" Jimin asked me, showing his cute smile that made me want to cuddle him up and never let him go. I held back on wanting to pinch his cheeks. "Sure oldest vs youngest?" asking them as they agreed on it. I was lucky I had some ball experience from my dad before he died. I love playing a game with him. The ball was tossed to me, I dribbled it threw my legs and my side as we started playing our game.

The game was four to two, I passed the ball to Tae for him to shoot it in the hoop. He throwing the ball towards the hoop, it had bounced off the rim and went bouncing off the court. "I got it!!!" stopping the game to go after the ball.ย 

The ball was bouncing towards two guys and before I could tell them heads up, the ball hit the short guy in the back of the head. "Sorry!!!" I told him, coming to pick up the ball. ย "It's okay." the short guy said. I looked up to see Kyungsoo and Chanyeol standing there.

"Kyungsoo Oppa what are you doing here?" I asking him. Chanyeol didn't say anything except stare at me. "We are here with the guys playing a game of soccer. What about you?" he gave me the basketball back to me. "Oh fun. I'm here with my new stepbrother and his friends, playing some basketball." I explained as I felt me being picked up in the air and twirled around in a pair of strong arms.ย 

"Ahhh put me down before I get sick." I screamed at the person. The person chuckled as they carefully placing me on my feet again with their arms still around me. I looked over my shoulder to see Kai. "Don't do that, you scared me." I pouted as Kyungsoo and Kai laughed at me. "Noona what's taking so long?" Tae called out as him and the group trailing behind him. He didn't seem to be happy that Kai was clinging onto me. "Who are they Noona" He asked me as he glared at Kai.

ย "This is Kyungsoo, Chanyeol and Kai. They go to our school. They were just playing soccer." Their faces seemed to lit up. "Can we play?" Jimin asked, Kai smirked "Sure, we could use more players." Still having me locked in his arms. Kai turned us around so we could walk down the hill but I ended up tripping and bringing us both down.

Kai made sure to secure me to his body as we rolled down the hill. I could hear his sweet laugh as we made it to a stop with me under him and him looking at me. He moved a piece of my bangs away from my face, leaving me speechless.

"Yah!!!! This is not a place for sexual relations!!!!" Someone yelled across the field. I shoved Kai off of me, so I could stand up to dust off the grass and dirt off of me. Kai was doing the same to himself when he started to dust off my back. "What did I just say!!!!" The person yelled again and this time I knew it was Suho, yelling at us as he was walking towards Kai and I.

"Excuse you, Suho but who said we were having sexual relations with each other." I pointed back and forth from Kai to me and back to Kai again. "Plus you ain't my Mama so you can't tell me what to do." My sassy mouth came out. By the looks of Suho expression he looked like he wanted to murder me.

"You kiss your daddy with that mouth? If i'm not mistaken, I am older then you and some of these gentleman are treated like a son to me so I am their mama and your mama too princess." some of the guys snickered as I had my jaw dropped down to the ground. I never knew, well I did know how sassy Suho could be but never did I imagine that he would be sassy to me.ย 

There was a soft chuckle on my right side as I felt a hand under my chin to close my mouth. "Angel, your gonna catch a something in your mouth if you don't close it." Kai said giving me a wink as he ran off into the open field with the others. For the second time today I was left speechless. "Come on Noona." Tae grabbed a hold of my wrist and dragged me along with him to the fields where everyone was kicking the soccer ball and shoving each other.

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