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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Leo? Length: 2116words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: Why did I fall in love with someone who never spoke to me? Part 9
Hey guys. I know it's since I posted on "Let's Not Talk" but I've been either dealing with finals or make ups. I am back and have more ideas for fics. I will finish this one first but even if I have ideas I would like to know who you guys want to be the love interest.
Y/N’s Pov: I was ready for a break. I went to take a shower and did my hair all nice with darkish makeup. I put the short black dress the guys bought me on. At least it won't go to waste. I turned my phone back on and on mute. I guess I'd go to the local club. An Uber wouldn't be cheap… but you know what I deserve it. The uber seemed to like your outfit. So you'd have to thank the guys for that least Chen. Why the hell would Ken blame me? I didn't do anything...but fell in love. NO! Y/n don't think about them now. You're here to have fun. The music was great and everyone was going nuts. You made your way over to the bar and found a place to sit. A few guys had offered you a drink but you bought all your own. Even started talking to the bar tender. You were drunk, what were you gonna do? “Haha nooooo..” you slurred. “Miss your pretty funny, but I think that's only because you're drunk.” He laughed giving the other people there drinks. “Hey!” You said standing up. “If I'm able to dance then I'm not drunk enough!” You giggled and walked to the dance floor leaving the bar tender to look at you laughing. You found an area without many people and started. You took dance for four years a couple years ago, so at least you didn't look stupid. You were enjoying yourself for a good few songs till the room got all hot and musky. You decided to head to the back door. You felt the bartender's eyes watching you. What was his name again? Oh well. While out there some guy came around the corner. Obviously drunk. “Hey beautiful!” He looks familiar. “Can you call me a taxi?!?” “Sure!” You squealed. Once closer you saw the figure. “Ukwon?” “Haha…” he moved closer to look at you, probably worried I was a crazed fan. “Hey I know you! I met you at the Mama’s last year...uhhh y/n?” You took his hand and lead him inside. The bartender saw that you had a friend and continued to his job. You had him give Ukwon some water. After a while he sobered up as much as he could. The same went for you. “I didn't think of you as party girl when Ken introduced you!” He had yelled the music still blasting. “I'm not!” Some guys behind you started making a ruckus. You didn't pay attention but one voice sounded familiar too. “I just wanted to treat myself tonight! I didn't think there'd be this much people!” “Yeah a lot of idols are here tonight!” He pointed behind you. “There's a couple Exo members now!” You heart dropped when you saw Suho and Lay at the doorway. They didn't look to be there to party though. “What are they doing here?” You asked thinking maybe he knew. “I don't really know? I usually see Chanyeol and Chen here.” Chen? Hmmm that’s what he means but taking a load off. You weren't drunk but you weren't sober either. But you sure as hell didn't want to see Lay. He confessed to you right in front of Chanyeol, that's just annoying...why can't Leo just like me... “I better go it was nice talking to you!” Before getting up fully he had grabbed your hand. “Come on let's drink just a little more, dance and I'll take you home.” He looked like he didn't want to be left alone. You sat back down and ordered more. While there Lay and Suho made there way over to speak to the bartender. At least they weren't there for the fun. They didn't seem to notice you and Ukwon had you almost completely drunk. “Ready to dance?” You nodded wobbly and took his hand. Once dance again you felt lose. UKwon got behind you and held onto your hips not letting any other guy near you. “Wanna take a break?” “No way!” You yelled. “I'm having way more fun here than crying in my room!” “You sure you don't want to just sit for a bit?” You had clung to him. “Fine only for a minute.” You said pouting. “He tried to use me! That peace of shit!” “Who did?” Ukwon asked. You didn't know if Lay and Suho were still around but you were to drunk to care. “Channy! He still had a girlfriend and tried to get with me!” You said taking a drink from you glass. “And now I'm here having the time of my life without him!” “Who the hell is Channy?” Ukwon said taking your drink away and giving you water. “I'm going to go dance!” You said standing up. “You coming?” “I gotta head back to the dorm, you still want a ride or do you want me to call Ken?” He asked trying to take your phone from your bag. “No!” You snatched your bag back. “I have an uber on the way don't worry. I am NOT speaking to kenny either. He's mean!” “Ok…but if you need anything call someone ok?” You nodded and made you way back to the dance floor. On your way you bumped into someone. When you looked up you grew annoyed. “Ugh! I thought you left?!?” You stayed to whine. “Y/n?!?” Lay said taking you by the arm dragging you to the back. You had tried to break free but it didn't work, but the bartender stopped the two of you for a moment. “Hey Yixing!” He stopped and looked over. “What are you doing with her do you know her?” “Yes, she a friend!” “Sadly!” You yelped as he dragged you to the back. “How much have you drank?!?” He gave you the same look Chen would have. “Clearly not enough!” You spat back. You didn't come here to see the people making your life difficult! Then again Lay didn't really do anything wrong...besides confessing to you in front of Chanyeol. “You're drunk! I'm taking you home y/n.” He took your arm again. “WAEE!” He stopped as you started to cry. Surprised at your break out. “Why can't I just be a normal girl with a normal fucking relationship?!? And not have the fucking police on my ass!” You were definitely drunk because you would've never said that if you were sober. Without thinking you ran out the door. It must have started raining while you were getting drunk because there were puddles everywhere. You had pulled your phone out to get an uber but with all the calls you were avoiding and not having a fully charged phone in the first place it died. I guess walking drunk my ass home is normal...for prostitutes. While walking you got tired and the room started to spin and that's when you realized...y/n you haven't eating. Shit! You needed someone and Lay was still at the bar...Ken’s mad at you...Chen's probably dealing with Chanyeol...Leo...where are you now when I need you the most… Leo’s Pov: He got in the car and drove to the local store where they sold flowers and little candies. He was planning on telling her his feelings...but now is not the time but candies would cheer her up. Once there he saw all the lights were off and he called her. When she didn't answer he grew worried and started banging on the door. He knew she wasn't home because if she was she would've answered to calm him down so he called Chen. “Hello…” he answered as if he had been coughing or yelling. “ is y/n with you?” Leo said getting back in his car. “Y/n?” He cleared his throat. “No, why?” “She's not home and not with Vixx. I'll call Ken and see if he heard from her.” He said throwing the candy to the backseat. “Ok I'll try getting a hold of her too.” With that Leo started speeding back to the dorm. Where the fuck could she be? He bursted through the door and ran to Ken room. He found him sitting on his bed reading. “Ken!” He looked over at him. “I can't find y/n. She's not home and not with Exo!” His eyes grew wide. He looked for his phone. Once he found it he started massaging y/n calling her. Anything he could do. Chen ended up coming over and then we drove to y/n’s. Chen did have a spare key to get in considering Ken lost his about two weeks ago. “I don't understand, she wasn't that upset was she?” Ken said as his phone started to ring. “I don't get it she's been gone for over 8 hours it's almost 3 in the morning and she's still not home. That's not like her!” Chen said massaging away. Leo couldn't tell if he was messaging her or Chanyeol when he was getting a call as well. Both left the room leaving Leo alone in the living room. He looked over at the sofa where he first started to get to know the real y/n. Where he first realized he may actually be in love with the person he never talked to. His thoughts were cut off when Ken and Chen stormed back into the room. “I know where y/n is!” They said unison. “How the hell do you know where she is?” Chen asked Ken. “Ukwon called me she was just with him at the fucking club!” Ken yell back. “How do you know?” “Lay was at the club he has a friend him and Suho help! She's fucking drunk and left!” Everyone stopped yelling and just ran to the car. Drunk?!? Y/n’s not the kind of person to get fucking drunk! He sighed. “I hope she's ok…” he said getting into the car. “She's fine Lay said he's gonna try and chase after her.”Chen said speeding up. Before halfway there Leo shouted to stop. “What why did you see her?” Ken said looking out the windows. “No but if she’s walking home I can see if I can run into her!” Leo said getting out of the car. “Ok fine but we're still going to the club.” Ken said as he closed the door. “If you find her let us know.” He nodded and they drove off he started walking quickly in the same direction. He stopped when he heard someone crying. “Hello?” Leo said walking into the now slightly flooded alley. “Y/n?” He heard a gasp and the crying stopped when she stood up he was surprised. She had flown up from nowhere and was now in front of him. She fell toward and he caught her. “Leo!!!!” She cried pulling him in closer. He sighed and hugged her. He could smell the alcohol on her and he pulled away. “What are you doing here y/n! Why haven't you answered anyone's calls!” She looked like a confused dog. Leo sighed and pulled out his phone to call Ken and let them know he found y/n safely. Once his phone was up to his ear she tried to grab it. “What are you doing!” He held up his phone, she was too short to grab it. “You can't call Ken! Leo~!” She whined. “He was worried too and is YOUR ride home!” Leo was confused. “But then he’ll tell you~” she looked annoyed,but I was more annoyed. I heard Ken answer. “Tell me what?” He asked. “Hello?! Leo!” He hung up the phone and put it in his pocket. “Tell me what y/n!” He shook her and she wrapped her arms around him for a hug. “That I love you~!” She cried into his chest. Leo was shocked and didn't know what to do. He didn't know if it was true because she is drunk she said that drunk. She stopped crying and began to fall asleep. He messaged Ken and they showed up to an unusual site. Y/n on Leo's back passed out. Chen, Leo and Ken took her home and stood the night to make sure she was ok. Ken slept in her bed with her, Chen on the couch and Leo on the recliner. “Damn” Leo sighed looking at the sealing, “she's gonna have a hell of a hangover tomorrow”