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Hey Blinkies^^ WOW it's been forever and I'm a terrible mod but what else is new? 😭 I'm sorry for abandoning Vingle for awhile. I got a promotion at work and haven't had much free time 😢😢 So be prepared cuz I'll be posting like crazy this week to make up for it!! Any who here is Blackpink's latest update!

And this was the caption for the photo, the top is originally English and the bottom is Korean which was translated! Also....

comeback hair has happened 🚨🚨 I repeat comeback hair!!! 😱😳😳

The most noticeable is our baby Lisa rocking that orangey red hair and... love it!~ ❤️❤️
Next is Jennie who got highlights/ streaks in her new 'do!✨✨
Now I'm not sure if Jisoo and Rosé got anything done to their hair, the stage lights didn't help me try to figure this one out. But who is excited?!?!
so ready for this comeback!!!
so ready for a summer jam!
I am! I'm super excited 😆