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It had been a few days since Jin's date. I was very much upset and I couldn't hold back. I was making breakfast when he came in. "Smells good." he said as he touched my shoulder. I shrugged him off and kept to myself.
As I was putting my shoes on, he walked to me. "I won't go with today. Call me if I'm needed." He was short and cold. I felt bad and tried to reach out to him but his bedroom door closed before I could speak.
Work went well and everything was going smooth. I didn't know what was next for me. I came home and saw Jin's bags by the door. I went to his room and he was sitting on his bed. "You're leaving?"
"Yes. Everything seems to be okay now. Henry is in prison and you have been just fine. I feel our deal has been fulfilled. Do you disagree?"
I couldn't say no but I didn't want him to leave. Even though we couldn't be a couple, I still wanted him around. "I-I had some anxiety today. I'm not ready to be on my own just yet. Please stay?"
He thought about it then nodded. He walked pass me to grab his things. "I'll give it another week then we will talk."
"Okay. Thank you." I went to my room and hit play on my stereo. I couldn't contain my excitement. I had a week to try and convince him to stay. But how. I stayed in my room and tried to form a plan.

I saw on her face she was thinking on her feet. She had a perfectly good day, but she wanted me to stay. She couldn't hide her feelings from me. She too grew to like me, just how I grew to like her.
Knowing how she felt I thought of a way to confess to her.

A week passed and Lee came home from work and it looked like she had been crying. I quickly went to her. "What happened?"
Lee looked at me and started yelling. "I have no reason for you to stay other then I want you to. I like having you here. I like having meals with you and going to runs. When we stay in and watch horrible sci-fi movies and eat unhealthy. I like you and want you to stay. I tried all week to figure out ways to keep you here but I got nothing. I just want you to stay. With me. Here."
With out missing a beat I pulled her to me, held her head and kissed her . She froze then melted into me. "I don't want to go. I'll stay." She looked at me. "I knew from the moment we met that I should stay away from you. Then everything happened and I ended up here to keep you safe. In that time I fell for you. I'm yours." I kissed her again and she kissed back this time. I followed my heart this time. Contract or not. I wouldn't leave unless she said so.

The end! sorry to end so suddenly. I couldn't keep up with this story and you guys waited to long. I will try to write again and keep up with them next time. Until then!

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