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Ahgase Jackson 💚🐦 needs our Love and Support..
Alot of us IGOT7 already Know that Jackson Wang very sensitive, and all this situations I believe must have him devastated.. I ask you please Ahgase to go on his IG and spread some love so for him to know he has us.♡♡ forever and always.

Jackson apologized and he said he didn't
JB himself wore this hair style few weeks ago and fans talked about it but it didn't go this far. there you can see it was the same hair stylist who did this style to Jaebum.. to me is just a hair style..and with this I dont mean to be disrespectful because to me a race is define by greater things then a hair style.. is define by their heritage their history their actions and their contributions to this world that we all share because we are all human beings.
So I ask you guys please to give Jackson some love and go on IG and let him know he is not alone..
this is a great post on Amino.
#protectjacksonwang #staystrongjackson
recently at the secret fanmeet⤵️

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It's the history of this hairstyle that angers black people because the style came about during slavery days when black people could not care for our hair so they became "Locs" and to slave masters they were "dreadful" and "dirty" and the new name became "dreadlocks" so it's just that since it's the trend some seem to not know the history of the hair style and wear it with ease without being judged by others since it looks "edgy" and "cool" on people not black
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It's hair...
3 months ago·Reply
dude people need to stop this shit just because it's know there are many Asians and other races that wore this even African Americans it's a style stop dick riding him about it he should not have to apologize for nothing especially the way his freaking adorable in dreads
3 months ago·Reply
and taeyang had or have dreads in his head and yoochun did to but no one said anything harsh to them....just saying a few names...not talking about them
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