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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek
What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.
Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....

Y/n's POV

Kiseok took you back to the hotel without hesitation, you two hadn't spoken to each other since you left. You were trying to make sense of everything in your head. Still your son's face kept coming to mind. You waned to punch your father in the face. He knew how hard it was for you to give up Haneul, he was a part of your downward spiral.

You gave up your child along with all your ambition and all hope to be a better person. It was like giving up your soul; you just had very little left in you to try hard. Ju Kyung knew about you and Kiseok either because of Minho or beacuse he found out you two were dating long before. Giving up Haneul wasn't an easy choice but it was the best one you could make. The more you thought about him the more tears built up until they spilled over in the car. Kiseok looked over seeing the tears dripping off your face and he reached over to hold your hand....

You two got up to the hotel and you went straight to the bathroom to take your hair down and make up off. The tears that were running down your face dragged some eyeliner down with it. Kiseok was quiet and deep down you wanted answers but seeing Ju Kyung after having that letter sent to you by Minho-

Fuck! He didn't even know about the letter.

"I'm going to try and rearrange my meetings. So we can go back home together." he said from the bedroom.

You stared in the mirror and looked at yourself,

"Look on my works, ye mighty and despair. Nothing beside remains round the decay. Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare. The lone and level sands stretch far away."

Kiseok looked at you staring in the mirror. You played in your hair,

"I should cut this."


"All of it. Just a short pixie cut and change my name and leave. That's what he wants." You whispered.

"You're not leaving me. I'm not going to let him push you out of my life." he said.

You walked out of the bathroom.

"My own father betrayed me. The man that raped me is in charge of my son's safety and I honestly don't know if it's wrong of me to think he's safer with him than me."

"Y/n listen,"

"I wanted to die after what they did to me, it was because of Haneul I didn't. That was a mistake I should've just done it. Swallowed the pills, jumped out into the street,"

"Stop it!" he yelled.

He grabbed you and pinned you to the wall and tears streamed your face.

"My father loves to talk about how I lack ambition and how I'm the daughter of a whore. He used to be so kind to me. He used to read me bedtime stories and he let me sleep next to him when I had nightmares. I got sick once, I was in the hospital for a week straight and he brought me this small stuffed bunny. I named her Lily. Fast forward three years we get into an argument and he throws Lily in our fire place in a fit of rage... I'm a disappointment."

"No, stop it right now." he cupped your face.

"I am. I'm a disappoint to my father. He sees my mother in me. A whore."

"Babygirl please stop it." he pressed his forehead against yours.

"Everyone wants to abuse me and take advantage of me. I'm nothing. Worthless."

"Stop it! Stop I mean it none of those monsters define who you are. I swear I'll protect you no matter what. I'm not going to let him touch you."

He pulled your head into his chest and you gripped his jacket to cry.

"I'm so tired Kiseok. I'm trouble for everyone. I keep getting in the way everything would be better if I was gone. Even for you."

"Shut the fuck up. Shut up Y/n, you're not leaving me. You belong with me; you belong to me. You're my perfect little girl." he said.

He pulled you to the bed and sat you down. He took a chair and sat in front of you. You could see his eyes were wet. His hand still had remnants of Ju Kyung's blood on it. He should've killed him. You wanted him to, deep down you wanted them both dead but you couldn't stand being another reason for something going bad. You started wiping your eyes from silent tears.

"I'm sorry I ruined your party. I made a mess of everything." You cried.

"Stop doing that to yourself. You are not to blame for any of this Y/n. Minho is after me. He's always been after me and I've always known it."

"Do you know him?" you asked.

"We were friend in collage until something happened. He had a weird overdose and when he came back it was like he saw me as the enemy. Every woman I've ever been with has been fucked with because of me. I don't know if he thinks I deserve it or something but whatever it is I should've taken better care of you." He said.

"Kiseok he has pictures of me. He's threatened my son I don't know what to do. I'm scared of him. I've always been scared of him." You cried.

"What the hell did he do to you?"

You sniffed and tried drying your eyes. Everything came rushing back, just the parts that you remembered. The drunken hazy and your in and out blurred vision. Ju Kyung holding you down while he pushed inside you then Minho climbing on the bed just above your head.

"I can't Kiseok. I can't I've tried so hard to forget it. To forget him-"

You started crying harder and he hugged you and sat down next to you to rock you in his arms. You cried in his chest.

"If he touched you Y/n I'm going to kill him. It's only because of your son that Ju kyung isn't dead now but I swear all you have to do is tell me and I will make sure he's dead."

You looked up at him and shook your head.

"No please don't do anything reckless I need you with me, please. I don't want you doing anything to get yourself in trouble." You said.

"I need to protect you that's all I care about."

"I care about you. Kiseok please!"

"Hush Bugs."

"What are we going to do?" You asked.

"I'm going to put you to bed. When we wake up tomorrow, I'll take you out for breakfast okay."


He brushed your hair back while shushing you.

"You're not allowed to worry about anything else. You're going to stay with me baby girl. I'll handle the issue with Minho and then we'll see what we can do about your son okay. Just for now relax." he said.

He got down on his knees and took off your heels for you and set them aside. He made you stand up and he pulled the dress off of you and laid it on the chair that he was orginally sitting in. You were left standing in your red matching panties and your bare chest exposed. He kissed you softly.

"Lay down and spread your legs." he whispered.

You felt a harsh coil in your stomach. A simple command brought warmth to your body and you did as he asked. You turned your body and laid your head back on the pillow and he pulled your panties off. He scooped your legs up on his arms and dipped his head down between your legs. His warm wet tongue met your clit to make you release a small moan. Your hand came down to entangle in his hair and he licked you up, slowly, methodically. Just in a way to make your mind blank, destress you. The same way he had Jay use ice cubes to turn you on and beg to be fucked. He sent you straight to sleep after that, you had relaxed. You had waited two weeks to be back in his arms. You had such a marvelous time at the beginning of the party. Ju Kyung had to have known all this time who you belonged to. He betrayed your trust and now he was taking care of your son.

Everything that was causing you pain you let melt out of you while Kiseok ate you out. His tongue slithering around your wet womanhood while his hands wrapped around to your inner thighs and he gripped them tight. He kissed your thighs for a moment and came up for a breath that was hot and heavy. He looked up at you and you could see your sleek juices on his lips. He licked them while looking at you and then dipped his head back down slowly while keeping eye contact. His eyes rolled back the moment his mouth went back over your folds and he hummed while he lapped you up. You moaned lightly but you were into it, feeling every thing that he was giving to you. Your words came in breathless whispers,

"Ki- Kiseok. Ah! I'm close." you warned.

He continued to lick you like he was okay with you coming by his mouth but you knew him. You still had to ask permission to come. He sat up and then stood up straight to unbutton his shirt. He left it hanging open on him and you looked up at him soaking in his perfect toned body. He was starting to rid himself of his belt and then his dress pants and he came over your naked body. He lifted your legs in his arms and found your entrance with his own heat.

"Understand this baby girl. You. Are. Mine." he said on your lips.

He pushed into you while pecking your lips. Your hands came to his chest to feel the firm pecs of his body. You tightened around him and he said,

"All of you belongs to me. This little body, these lips, these breast, this ass and this little fucking pussy is all mine."

He started moving in you in controlled thrusts but they were backed with some power and roughness. They made you moan and you enjoyed the way his length rubbed against your walls. He angeled you more, reaching deeper, searching for that perfect spot that had you shuttering now. You were gripping onto his arms and whining, moaning his name. Your hand went through your hair and back to his arm to hold onto him while he rode into you.

"You're all mine Baby girl. You're fucking mine, no one else."

He brought his hand to your clit and tortured the little nub, the sensation had your legs trembling and you crying against him. He kissed you hard and roughly while he picked up the speed banging into your body. Owning you the only way he knew how. The only way you wanted to be owned. You wanted to belong to him and only him. He was your Master and you gave him all you had. He sounded so broken when you mentioned how you wanted to die. When you mentioned how your father continously broke your heart. How were you not a burden? Why did he want you?

The way he broke when you said you were nothing. You were worthless. He saw so much in you that you didn't see in yourself and that just made your heart hurt even more. You begged for him even more. Loved him even more and even now, his body hot and sweating, riding against yours so that you could lose your mind, you could feel yourself falling even deeper in love with him. Needing him more and more.

"Kiseok." You breathed.

He was making you feel so good. So amazing.

"I'm yours. I swear I'm all yours Master. Take me." You cried.

He cupped the side of your neck, his eyes were dark and you both were fucked out. He was panting and he lifted your head up so that he could come closer to you.

"I love you." he whispered in your mouth.

You felt yourself jerk in suprise but his lips over took yours in an instant and you hugged him tight. You kissed him while you cried. Your heart was in shock but damn it felt so good to hear him say it. He said it and your heart was going to burst because of it. You cried even more.

"I love you, I love you." You managed to say through tears.

He chuckled,

"You think I didn't know?" he whispered.

He kissed your neck and moved faster. You pushed him up and sat on top of his lap. He smiled and you cupped his face while looking down at him. You started to bounce on his lap, his hands on your waist while your rode him.

"I love you Master." You moaned.

"I love you so fucking much Baby girl." He said looking up and smiling at you.

Your hands came down to his shoulders and you bounced on him more, the sound of your sweaty skin connecting with his made a rhythm the more you moved. He felt so good reaching deep inside you. He started to suck on your breast when you started to roll your hips against him. You threw your head back holding him against your chest. You moaned loud and proud feeling yourself closing in closer and closer.

"Oh my god I'm gonna cum. Master Please."

"Not without me baby girl hold it." He said.

He told you to wait and instantly you closed in around him even more. You started to go back to riding him and he looked up at you with so much desire in his eyes. A slick smile was on his lips enjoying the show he was getting. He rounded his hands to your ass and squeezed your cheeks while he went and laid back. He helped you continue to ride him and you whined and cried his name.

"Fuck baby girl you've got me so close." He groaned.

He sat up and pulled you off of him and turned you around. He pulled your ass up high and entered you from behind. He didn't move slow this time he rammed into you quick and hard, the slapping of his body in you sounded wet and erotic. It was driving you insane. You reached between your legs to play with your clit and soon you started driving yourself back into him getting closer and closer.

"Oh my god, oh my god. Please Daddy let me cum. I want to cum!"

He leaned over your body still fucking you hard. He wrapped his hand around your neck and squeezed a little,

"Go ahead and cum baby girl. Come like a good little fucking girl. Come for Daddy baby." He said in your ear so hungry and demanding.

You had no choice but to listen and you screamed out a moan. He pushed your head down to the bed to muffle the loud moan while he released a feral groan and released himself inside of you. He filled you up completely with his hot substance and it felt so fucking good. This time felt better than before. He pulled out of you and turned you around so that you could face him. He pulled your body so that you could lay your head on the pillow and he laid down next to you to give you a long and lingering kiss that stole the rest of your breath and your heart. When he pulled away from your lips, your hands were cradling his face and his thumb came up to wipe a stray tear away.

"You love me?" you said.

He nodded,

"Babygirl I've always loved you. I'm never gonna let you go."

You smiled and more tears dropped. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he kissed your forehead then peppered kisses on your face until he reached your lips again. He saw you starting to fade out at some point so he grabbed Wubbie from your bag and gave him to you and you curled up next to Kiseok like you always did.

Safe in your Masters arms....

Kiseok's POV

She said they. He definitely heard her say that. So he wasn't wrong about this. He wasn't wrong that Minho had raped her too. That had to be it. Her reaction, the way that she broke down thinking about it. He was disgusted that he ever called him a friend. Back when they were in college before his little psycho break he never would've imagined Minho being capable of doing that to a woman. He had explicit pictures of her, he almost understood why Ju Kyung did it but he had no right.

He was just as evil as Minho. When his first punch connected to Ju Kyung's face he swore he only saw red. He wasn't going to stop punching him in the face. He wasn't going to kill him. He was sat up in the hotel bed thinking it even now. He should've fucking killed him but that didn't help Y/n with her son. All the research he had done on her he didn't know that Ju Kyung or fucking Minho were a part of her past. She had no idea that the day they met on the street wasn't an accident. It wasn't fate... It was him.

Mintaek's club, he saw her dancing. Her body moved beautifully, he was there before she came in, coming to see Mintaek about some business stuff and he caught her little act as he was walking out. Mintaek said she was guarded. She wasn't the type to give her body away so easily. He understood that now more than ever. Before he just thought she'd be hard to coax but no there was a reason she could cut her pride off enough to drop her clothes in front of men but she would never be too short of pride to just sleep with a man for money. There was something that was holding her back.

Kiseok had a plan, he was forming it in his head when they were driving back from the hotel. A plan to end this, she'd never have to worry again and they wouldn't need to get blood on their hands. Kiseok knew that Minho was crafty as fuck, he made it so that he was neraly invisible and he knew once she got back home he was going to play some psychological warefare on her. He needed her to stay strong, long enough for him to finish this for good. If Minho came near her then he broke his restraining order. They needed proof he was the one harrassing her though. He wasn't sure how much more involvement Ju Kyung was going to be in this and if he could keep him out that would be better.

Mintaek's connection with the mafia and the amount of money that Kiseok had, he could get cameras, some sort of proof that he'd have to stand trial or confess that he was terrorizing Y/n. That he had raped her at fourteen, that history had to give him harsher punishment. He had an offense against him before, they had a past with each other. He looked back at her asleep with Wubbie in his arms. He remembered the day he won her that bear.

At the fair, they had just gotten off the Ferris wheel and she wanted to play the game but she was bummed about not being any good at it. Kiseok thought he'd try and he showed off some skill and won her the bear. He looked like a hero in her eyes. She had a love for simple things. Even the way she jumped onto the schedule he gave her, she loved it. All this time she was looking for a sense of purpose. He was twice as wrong for finding her more attractive because she didn't have much attachments. He could make her need him, want him forever. Y/n turned out to be someone he needed far more than he realized.

How could he have loved before but never experienced love as potent as this?

He looked at the navy blue Velvet box in his hand. Even with everything going on with Minho he had still planned to ask. If things had gone the way he had planned tonight then, when he took her out for dinner, he was going to propose to her. He was still going to do it but he had to find another moment. Create it just right, perfect, so that she would relax and be happy in the moment. Minho was not allowed to take her from him. He refused to lose her. He had made up his mind about that a long time ago.

He put the box in the drawer by the bed. Maybe tomorrow a moment would arise. He could create one perfect enough that she'd love it. Was it wrong to ask her now? Or was it the perfect destraction? He wanted an answer though. He wanted her to be his forever in this life. She'd be his in a way that truly meant no other man could have her without his permission and even then she belonged to no one else but him. He'd protect his baby girl. No matter what.

He turned around and wrapped her in his arms again. He'd call and change some meetings as best he could. He'd talk to Mintaek and figure things out and get his plan in motion. Minho was unpredictable but he was sure as hell not going to allow anything to happen to her. He gently kissed her forehead and whispered,

"I love you."

He did.

In the purest sense.

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