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Okay, here it is! Sorry it took so long to organize the 120 of you^^

We're looking at your first bias versus your current bias:

Rapper to Rapper

You guys like a bias that is powerful, rambuncious, and emotional. You also love that once they're offstage they're usually a softy. You're looking for someone with a tough outer shell but a warm heart on the inside. You might have trouble because they aren't the best at expressing emotions outside of their music, but in the end your bias will protect you like no other.

Vocal to Vocal

Your biases wear their emotions on their sleeves. They also love to be the center of attention. You like someone who can be goofy at times, but when it comes to something they're passionate about, they completely transform. Their passion inspires you and pushes you to be better than your best!

Dancer to Dancer

Dancers are such a confusing bunch. So often they are shy without music to move to, making their on stage vs off stage personalities totally different. You completely understand and are probably the same way - you both have places where you feel most comfortable and you respect and understand that about each other! Plus, you guys become each others safe places :)

Rapper to Vocal

Sometimes its hard to deal with rappers, since they are so often in their own heads. Your vocal bias wears their heart on their sleeve and is there for you 10000%. Sometimes its hard to deal with their emotions too, but they teach you not to be afraid to hide your feelings and that being open and letting it all out to someone you trust is best. They push you to be braver.

Vocal to Dancer

Maybe, subconciously, the slight drama-queen feel that vocals give was getting to you, or maybe your heart was just stolen, but either way you've grown into someone that loves a person that is more secretive when it comes to their feelings. You like trying to figure out the mystery and decode their true feelings. You like making them safe and boosting their confidence.

Vocal to Rapper

You love a bias with a lot of emotion. Sometimes rappers can come off as people with just anger, or egos, or something like that, but it seems that you've grown to understand the softness under all that swagger. Much like your vocal bias, rappers put their all into a performance and into love. You've grown into a person that is ready to be loud and proud about their feelings, just like your bias.

Same Group

You're able to understand your feelings well, which is hard. You can recognize the difference between friendship, admiration, and love. Switching biases, especially in the same group, isn't easy, but it means that you really know your heart :)

One True Love

Wow, you found the one. Your love is unshakeable and that is so special. You've found your ultimate bias!

Thank you all for participating! Let me know what you think!

Yes vocal to vocal is very accurate! This is so fun!!! Most of my biases are vocalists because I tend to get drawn to beautiful sounds. Then when I see them on variety shows and other things. I notice their personalities and fall even more in love with them. Like Jae-bum, I found him and GOT7 because of Dream High 2. I fell hard for JB and once I got to know his real personality. I realized he is my ideal type. He can be so adorable but also the opposite of that.
yes youre right 😭😭
Mine (vocal to vocal) is exactly what I'm looking for in a guy. And when I get into groups I go more towards the sound of their voice.
Yassss xiumin is baeeeeeee
I love it
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