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Hey you guys this week was an exciting one as usual and I managed to put out a lot more cards than usual. I hope you guys like some of these songs and find new artist to love as well.

NUPLAY -Closer

Hippy was Gipsy -Fall/Centipede

>sorry but the translation I found for지네 was centipede but it apparently has another meaning as well.<

PENTAGON -Critical Beauty

Noblesse - He Told Her

VERMUDA -Dream Girl

O'Lee -Hot Summer

O'Lee -Summer Scents

O'Lee -A Midsummer Night's Dream

Hwang Chi Yeul -A Daily Song

BewhY -Rest Area

JA, Syler -Light It Up

eyedrow -DREAM Draw

Jeong Hye Ji -My Little Cat

the Night of Seokyo -Never forget me

THE ORIGIN -Beautiful Woman

THE ORIGIN -The beautiful rivers and mountains

We Effect -Carnival Gang

NCT 127 -Cherry Bomb

John Park -DND (Do Not Disturb)

Bolbbalgan4 x 20 Years Of Age -We Loved

T-ARA -What's my name?

Herz Analog -galapagos

Cheon Ji Hwi Rock Band -After a Storm

Lee Si Eun -Like The Wind

Hong Dae Kwang x Kei -Wanna Date

Arumi -Within, Without, And..

6 to 8 - l'm Fine

Lee Seokhoon -She

lalasweet -Summer Rain

Nicky Park -FLY HIGH

So I have seen Nicky Park on YouTube a lot and have been anticipating his debut (cuz I thought he would be in a group) but it wasn't as great as I was hyping myself up for. What do you guys think of him?

JUNG JINWOO -Maternal Grandfather


Ahn Suzie -Jeju Again


WeAreYoung -99%

YOZOH -Let it shine

BewhY -Scar

who else thought of the Infinity Challenge Hip Hop and History episodes BewhY appeared in? If not you should definitly check them out. He's in episode 512 and 513

Piano Man -NO MORE