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on a roll with this! I have the next chapter of Danger ready and waiting.
Chapter 94

Yoongi and Eliza had gone off towards the park and Eliza instantly sat on the swing.
“Push me yoongi!” She said excitedly as he went behind her. His arms went around her and set the bag in her lap as she had not taken it earlier.
“Oh I wonder what this is” she giggled as she spoke. She pulled out the red purse and sighed as her fingers slid over the material
“Its so pretty “ she said.
“Is it soft and firm like you thought it would be?” He asked, his voice right next to her ear.
“Yesss” she hissed.
“Do you think I'll feel the same way?” He asked.
“Yes” she hissed again gripping the bag. “Thank you Yoongi. This was sweet of you, you didn't have to” she turned her head to look at him. His face was so close to hers, if she moved an inch closer. . .
He moved that inch and pressed his lips to hers. A gentle kiss that turned heated fast.
His hand pressed against the back of her head as his tongue delved in.
There was squeaking noises that continued to sound louder than before , Eliza fell off the swing, suga’s body was passed chains of the swing.
“Suga!” Eliza exclaimed looking up at him. There was a stunned look on his face.
“V?” Suga questions
“Yes vagina” Eliza said right away confused saying the first thing to come to mind.
“No V the person” suga stated bluntly. Eliza looks around.
“Oh V” she said.
“Who else did you think it was?” tae asked.
“Are we interrupting something?” Belle asked. “Oh Tae you were right they are getting it on!” Belle exclaimed
“No I was saying thank you” Eliza said.
“With your lips” Belle cooed
“That was a thank you?” Tae questioned.
“What was that a thank you for?” Suga asks
“The purse” eliza said.
“I kissed you” suga said.
“And I responded” she said. “Wait you kissed me? Does that mean you like me?” She asked.
The three of them stared at her dumbfounded
“I'm done. She's yours” belle said. “I got nothing. You figure it out. I'm gonna be over there looking at a tree, that's smarter than my best friend right now” belle said walking away.
“Can I join you?” Tae asked following her.
Eliza was still on the ground looking from her retreating friend to suga.
“Alright come on” suga went around the swing and offered his hand to her. She took it and stood up.
“Really, are you for real?” He asked
“Real? I think so or am I asleep?” She questions.
“Eliza you are spinning in circles. Do I have to bluntly say it to you?” He sounded upset.
“Well everything else is going over my head, so maybe, yes” she said
“Eliza. You turn me on” he said.
“Okay” she nodded.
He pressed his lower body to hers and she felt him, even as he seemed angry he was turned on.
“Answer the question.  Do you like me?” She asked.
“Yes Eliza, I like you a lot” he was fidgeting with her hand and biting his lip.
“Are you nervous right now?”
He glowered.
“Yes Eliza” he said.
“Are you hungry?” She asked.
“Why do you bring up food right now?” He burst out.
“I'm hungry at the moment” she pulled at his hand and made him wrap his arm are and her.
“For food?” He was confused now. “You just ate”
“For suga” she said.
“You know you have an audience?” Belle questioned. The two looked around to see it was no longer just tae and Belle around but also hobi, Jin, Jimin, and Namjoon.
“Where's kookie?” Eliza asked looking around.
“ He's hiding, when he saw tae and kookie looking at a tree” Namjoon said.
“Than he got interested in the tree and saw them touching the tree” Jin said.
“What? we were talking about the bark” belle said.
“And he overheard so is inspecting the tree” Jin clarified.
“And I thought I was the crazy one” Eliza said.
“You are” everyone agreed.
“And he likes me so whose the crazy one now” she said.
There was a series of oh’s.
“Oh burn!” Tae exclaims excited.
“Well I'm not the only one” suga said.
“Who! . . . What? When? Where? Why? How? Who?” Eliza went through a series of voices.
“ Jin and -” someone threw something at suga.
“My Waffle!” Hobi exclaimed.
“Jin?” Eliza questioned.
“That hurt” suga said releasing Eliza.
“I'm done. Game over. I go drink” eliza said.
“Woo! I found a bar let's go” belle jumped on that.
“I don't trust those two drinking” namjoon said. Eliza turned to look at him.
“You seem interested. Namjoon are you the other one who likes me?” She asked.
Wide eyed he stared at her.
“How come I like you?” Namjoon shook his head dumbfounded
“So you don't okay “ she actually sounded sad about that.
“Eliza open your eyes, I do, I have. Just figure out who you like before we all give up on you” namjoon said.
“Uhhhhh” she was dumbfounded.
“Okay before my friend has a melt down I'm going to get her drunk” belle jumped in. Belle was glaring at them all.
“Uhhh” eliza stared between them all panicked. “Drinking good” she made out words.
“I just want you all to know, you, especially you suga, fucked up” belle shook her head in disappointment.
“What did I do?” Suga questioned confused but the girls were already walking away.

10 minutes later Eliza and Belle were in the bar sitting at the counter trying to figure out what they wanted to drink. The guys had followed but were smart enough to stay a distance from them.
“I can't think of what to get” eliza said pulling out her phone. Looking up on pinterest drinks to order they started going through pictures.
“Look at that sex with a bartender. I want that” belle commented.
“Or instant orgasm, omg that's mouth watering” Eliza said reading the contents.
“The closest you'll get to one is that drink” Belle said laughing.
“Nah I just gotta do it myself, oh or go with - oh kiss on the lips. That looks good too” eliza got side tracked seeing the next drink on the list.
“You already had that tonight” belle snickered.
“Hmm I did, he tasted good” eliza thought of suga’s lips.
“That's it I'm getting kissed on the lips, what about you?” eliza asked.
“Hey bartender!” Belle called out. The guy came over and her face turned red. “Uhm do you know how to make sex on the grass?” She asked.
“Sex on the beach?” He questioned confused.
“No sex on the grass or maybe sex on the brain?” She asked.
“No never heard of it, if you know what's in it I can make it” he didn't even bat an eye at those names. Pity.
Eliza turned her phone to show him.
"oh sex on the brain I've seen that one before. I can make a shot if you want to try it” he offered
“Yes please” belle brightened up.
“What about for you?” He turned to eliza.
“Well I'm the innocent one. I want kiss on the lips” she said.
“I can do that for you.” He said.
“Oh really? Thanks” eliza smiled at him
“You'll have to tell me how it tastes” he said.
“For sure!” She nodded.
“Can I use your phone for the recipe?” He asked remembering they were talking about the drinks.
“Yes, if you scroll up you'll see kiss on the lips” she added.
He nodded and went to work.
“I couldn't help but overhear you ladies” a guy next to Belle leaned over.
“You have sex on the brain?” He asked belle.
“Yes. It looked good” belle said.
“Can I buy you ladies your drinks?” He asked
Sharing a look the girls shrugged.
“That's sweet, you don't have to-”
“Oh I want to” he grinned.
This led to a conversation between the three of them until his buddy showed up and the bartender came back with the drinks
“Here try it out” the bartender set the drinks down.
“I'm buying for the ladies” the other man told him.
“No, its on the house” the bartender grinned at Eliza and Belle. "test subjects" he winked
“Really? That's nice” eliza said as belle tried her drink.
“This is so good” belle exclaimed.
“I thought so. I made myself try it, it was good. How is the kiss?” He turned to eliza.
“Ecstasy. Thank you.” She sighed in pleasure.
“Good, let me know when you girls want another” he winked.
“Can I try the other one. Sex on the grass?” Belle asked. The man next to her groaned, his arm going to the back of her chair.
“Sure” he nodded. “Can I see the recipe for that one?” He asked Eliza.
“Yes” she pulled it up and handed her phone over.
“Can you scooch over a bit?” Belle asked Eliza. She did and belle moved her chair.
“Sorry I need leg room” she explained lying through her teeth to the guy.
“That's okay, you can swing your legs on either side of me “ he offered.
“Oh My God there's a leg spreader” eliza exclaimed.
“What!” Belle wanted to laugh at the irony.
“A drink, yes I grabbed your phone to look up more” she looked over and saw the position the guy put her in making her face him. “Uh you already got one?” Eliza looked over her shoulder at a table than back at the two in front of her.
“Belle you might want to move right now” Eliza suggested.
“Why?” She asked
“Because someone looks furious” she said. “Really who?” The guy asked.
“Her 7 boyfriends” Eliza said lazily.
“7? Boyfriends? Or bodyguards?” He questioned confused.
“Oh no boyfriends, she has one for every day of the week. She's kinkyville. Did you not understand she has sex on the brain? Literally?” the way Eliza said it like it was a well known fact. Belle wanted to be upset but ended up busting out laughing.
“Here's your drink” the bartender came back, got a look at the scene in front of him. “Is this guy bugging you ladies?” He asked.
“Yes, but we got someone to take care of it” Eliza nodded not looking up from the phone. She didn't want to look up. “Have you heard of the princess shot?” She asked
“Yes I have” the bartender shocked her. “Oh Yey” she looked up at him just in time to be grabbed out of her seat and than Belle was pulled out of hers and a wall of male was in front of them.
the group of guys were standing there glaring at the man who dared talk to their girls it seemed. more interested in her drink Eliza tapped Hobi's shoulder who was standing in front of her.
“Excuse me, hobi can you hand my drink?” Eliza asked the person in front of her.
“Sure,” he did so and gave her a smile.
“Thanks hobi. You wanna try?” She asked. Before he handed it to her hobi too a sip.
“Yummy sunshine” he grinned.
“Yes, hey can you ask the- oh fight breaking out” she sighed “never mind I'm gonna finish this before we all get kicked out. "I wanted another drink" she pouted

There we go. that's all folks. lol sorry it seemed like I crammed a lot of events in there, so much lol gotta digest it all now
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