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Five Years ago today, Amuse First Project was born. As an Avid fan of Cross Gene, I can honestly say that my heart is warm thinking of the Journey for these 6 guys.
I AM extremely proud of them, and I cannot begin to believe that it already has been 5 years.
Making it to 5 years is an iconic milestone for any group. There is no denying that, especially for groups that aren't in popular or well known entertainment companies. What makes me even more happy is the fact that through much competition, these 6 guys are persevering to accomplish their dreams.

In 5 years, they have definitely proved their love for fans. They have even given fans dance versions of their widely known non-title tracks. Cross Gene are angels and I cannot begin to express my love for them.

▪ Last year for their 4th Anniversary, they released the dance version for

Mr. Secret.

▪ Well this year, they wanted to spoil us with two Dance videos for the celebration of hitting 5 years with CandY.

~ We certainly are spoiled ~

➺ My Face:

☆So much no goes into this Video BTW☆

➺ SinWonho® (My phone named him that forever ago.) His smile is so abundantly noticeable. . .
➺ Casper's swag is overflowing. .
➺ Takuyas hair is \{♡~♡}/
➺ Seyoung has once again snatched me and made me think twice of loving anyone more than him.. ..
➺ Sangmin likes to remind me why I am his. .
➺ Yongseok needs to not in his flannel cause he is too dang gorgeous. . .


☆ Again so much nope happened. But I would be lying if I said I didn't love it ☆

➺SinWonho® is out to get me. . . Just like them all.

❥ Let's make it to a decade with our boys!! I am super excited and cannot wait for this next chapter in their journey.

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♢ CandY Babies ♢

❥ Thirstyy Thieves ❥

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Congratulations babies!!!! CandY are soooo proud of you !!!
Congratulations Cross Gene on 5 years! Here is wishing you all many more years together ❤