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Hello fellow B2UTYS and Lights-

For those of you who may not know, the name of our community has been changed by Vingle from the BEAST community to the Highlight community.

The change was pretty sudden and came without warning. It may have been shocking for some to see the Highlight name at the top of the community page, while for others it may have proven exciting.

The BEAST mod team has been discussing the change and we have some concerns. I will voice them here and then I would like to ask you all for your opinions on the matter.

1. BEAST and Highlight are two seperate groups.
While the five members of Highlight are all original members of BEAST, and Highlight is what BEAST became after losing Hyunseung and leaving Cube last year, the two groups are not one in the same. They are quite different. They have a different style and sound. The overall attitude of the groups are different.

2. What about BEAST?
There is no longer a BEAST community. Before leaving Cube, BEAST existed as BEAST for 7 years. That's 7 years of hardwork, memories, trials and triumphs that Doojoon, Kikwang, Junhyung, Yoseob, Dongwoon and Hyunseung went through under the BEAST banner. Are those years no longer important? Does the group BEAST not deserve a community?

3. B2UTY.
It may be a strange concept for some, but not every B2UTY considers themselves a Light. By this, I mean that some fans of BEAST aren't necessarily a fan of Highlight. As previously stated, the music from each of these groups is different. The group dynamic without Hyunseung is different. OT6 holds a special place in the hearts of B2UTYs everywhere. Some fans have not boarded the Highlight train as a result. And that is OKAY! Not all B2UTYs need to become Lights. But by changing the BEAST community name to the Highlight community, we've just disenfranchised the entire fandom.

4. The BEAST community has been around since March of 2012.
That's 5 years of cards B2UTYS made for BEAST, dedicated to BEAST, under the assumption that they were posting to a community devoted to BEAST. It made sense to include Highlight cards in the BEAST community, but BEAST cards don't necessarily belong in the Highlight community, do they...?

5. Hyunseung.
For me, this is by far the most important point.

Hyunseung is not a member of Highlight. Yet he is vital to BEAST. He is a major part of the BEAST community. It doesn't matter why he left the group. What matters is the 6.5 years he devoted to BEAST after debut, and the years he gave them as a trainee. BEAST would not have become what they did or accomplished all they had without him. His unique vocals, fierce dancing skills and 4D personality are integral to BEAST, just as the talents and personalities of Doojoon, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang and Dongwoon are integral to BEAST.

Hyunseung doesn't have his own community on Vingle like Kikwang and Doojoon do. Hyunseung cards don't belong in the Highlight community. Trouble Maker cards don't belong in the Highlight community. Not because we don't want to include them, but simply because it doesn't make sense.

So changing the name of the community from BEAST to Highlight seems like Vingle is saying Hyunseung is not important.

What can we do about it?
Have an open discussion. Comment your thoughts and feelings below. If the name change left you feeling unsettled, sad or upset, let Vingle know. If you love the change in name, don't be afraid to say so.

The proper thing would have been for Vingle to ask us, the BEAST community, the members who participate in the community effected, the fans who love all 6 of these talented guys, what our thoughts were on the matter prior to making any change. Since they didn't, it's up to us to let them know how we feel about it.

A possible solution.
How does it sound to have two communities? This community could have it's former/original name restored so that we are once again the BEAST community where we post about all things related to BEAST, a community where Hyunseung is in no way excluded, and then a NEW community can be created just for Highlight.

If you like this idea, let Vingle know! Comment below, message Vingle, make a card stating your opinion on this matter. If you have a better idea, please speak up. The only way we can bring about change is by making sure Vingle knows how we feel. BY ALL MEANS, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

What the Mod team will do.
If the concenus among the members of the community is in favor of either changing the community name back to BEAST, and/or having a new community created for Highlight, we will do everything we can to advocate for you. I will talk to Vingle about the options and let them know your concerns.

For now, this community will still function as the BEAST community. ALL BEAST RELATED CARDS will be allowed in the community. ALL HYUNSEUNG RELATED CARDS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THIS COMMUNITY. I will not let Hyunseung or the BEAST legacy be forgotten.





Jiji- @JiyongLeo
Helixx- @Helixx
Mandy- @MandyNoona
Stephanie- @StephanieDuong
Lemon- @LemonLassie
Aimee- @AimeeH
Stephany- @Stephany123
Michelle- @Bangtanss
Emily- @ercurrent




This was a change made by the Korean side of Vingle and the English side was not aware. We are working on a solution now.
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Also the Korean side of this community is not very active. Did they change it because they wanted to figure out a way to make it more active?
It looks like your wish has been granted ....HIGHLIGT AND B2ST COMMUNITES ~~ (I'm a member of both 😍😍)
It is my understanding, from everything I've read, that Hyun Seung has made it clear he wants to focus on his solo career and that he has not agreed to becoming part of the 3 member group that Cube wants to repackage as Beast. As a result all talk(s) regarding the issue of what will beome of Beast has been halted.and therefore there is no group called Beast at this time. It is also my understanding that Cube has sidelined Hyun Seung and his come back will not take place until July. I
I totally agree Helixx! Each group is special and deserve their own communites.
Well said Helixx
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