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@Get2daChoppa First, I'm going to apologize, because I can't upload just one song. So, there will definitely be a few. (^_~) Listening to this song, even years after playing the game, still takes me back to the past. It still feels as heart-wrenching and emotionally moving as it did back then. The soundtrack for this game was absolutely lovely and really fit well. This particular theme made the ending that much more beautiful and tragic.
this is my favorite ff game. I was seeing the whole ending in my head as the music played lol* spoiler alert* the part when yuna ran to hug tidus and his body faded a little and she ran through him :( that made me so sad.
@Get2daChoppa Heh, true! I really wanted to add soooo many more cards. Hahahaha! But, I figure three is enough. For now. Yes, Nobuo Uematsu is an amazing composer.
No need to be apologizng! More the merrier they say :) I'd say Final Fantasy has some of the best orchestration