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I'm so sorry!

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a few days , a lot of stuff has been happening and I haven't had to much time to do anything since finals are this week and I've been in a sad mood since May ish

So I'd figure I'd give an update on my cards and tell you whats going on ....Don't worry I'm not leaving its just an update


When I started I only had two classes 2 on campus but mid quarter is when I started my online class, so most of my time has been consumed by doing school work and getting things turned in ontime for a good grade

Computer problems.

Last weekend I've been having problems with my mac laptop I used for school and making cards for you guys so its in the shop as we speak getting the mean time i'm using my old computer till I get it back, with that I can't record my games and post them until I get my computer back

Who's that Pokemon - Cards

Sorry but there won't be any cards this week of the pokemon cards since its finals and I have a lot to get done....But....Look forward to next week because i'll be working on these cards every day!! So that should be exciting for you guys

Thank you for your time

I'm so sorry for the incovience of this but I'll return shortly to make more cards, I'll still be here and read cards and comment but I can't spend to much time on my cards when finals are this week. Thank you

Pokémon Tag Crew!

Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you!
{N} - @Nueoc @Nyan
{P} - @petname83
{U} -
{V} -
{Do Not Copy Tag List}
I think I migjt make 2 more accounts just to fill in those two letters in your taglist (U amd V) that habe no one
it's okay!!! don't worry!!
It's okay! Good luck on those finals!
Thanks! Thank god it's only 3 class and not a lot lol but thank you!