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Hello ARMY !! For this week we are switching biases and here is mine!

*Sorry Jimin, i swear it's only this week!*

Now let's be honest how can you not stan all of these dorks?! So without further ado, reasons to stan the man of many talents Kim Taehyung !♡

Lets not get ahead of ourselves Taetae ! xD

1). HIS VOICE....

His voice is SO beautiful!!! It will honestly give you chills!! It's a very unique voice but it is one of my favorites!! ♡

2). His Heart

V has a heart of gold! There was NEVER a time i have doubted his love for ARMY or any BTS member. He is amazing with children and loves animals!

3). He Is Naturally EXTRA

He has such a bright personality and is SO hyper!! It is honestly really charming ♡

4). He Is An AMAZING Performer!

As if it wasn't obvious ! lol he is an amazong singer, dancer, and song writer and actor on top of all that !! ♡

5). He Is Flat Out Adorable

Honestly one of the cutest humans in the entire world !! He is SO handsome, his visuals are killer !! If he's not your bias.. im sure he's a wrecker.. or wil be lol xD

And that brings me to the end of this card!! Hope you loves enjoyed and keep an eye out for the rest of the members !! ♡♡


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Everything about it was too true. ╥﹏╥
7 months ago
So accurate​ 😢💕
7 months ago·Reply
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Hahah yay!! 😂😂😄😄
7 months ago
no grace no stay loyal to Suga.
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these boys are cruel. they make it so hard to Stan just one
7 months ago
I feel in love with his big eyes and then he smiled and I was like oh Jin this is the reason we don't last Tae is stealing My heart. 😂😂
7 months ago·Reply
Haha same here ! I really love his eyes! And lol oh Jin 😂
7 months ago
i freaking love his box smile
7 months ago·Reply
Lol it's really the cutest 😊
7 months ago