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I was telling myself after all the rumors about T.O.P being asleep or unconcious that I would just not pay attention to the news but I decided during my break at work today that I would just see if there is anything new. And as soon as I did this popped up here and this is what it said:
“T.O.P has regained consciousness. He will most likely be leaving the hospital and be officially discharged tomorrow. There’s a high chance that will happen.”
I mean there was a lot of other stuff in the article but the quote above was the most important to me. I am so glad that T.O.P has woken up. He will now have to deal with his consequences after he is fully treated but i hope nothing like this happens again and he realizes there are quite a few people that love and care about him; even if they are not V.I.P. And I know those neitzens that were attaking him haven't learned their lesson but at least he is still with us.
#keepfightingtop #stayalive #weloveyou

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