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Its been a minute since I've seen Haikyuu!! ;-; But I will try my best to explain it well. ^^
I will say that I HIGHLY enjoyed watching this. I'm not a huge fan of sports, realistically or not.. But I was told that I should watch it. And I absolutely DO NOT regret it!!
Haikyuu!! is about a little orange-haired boy named Hinata. And all he ever wishes of doing is to play volleyball. Especially at Karasuno High, where his idol once played volleyball. ^^
The black-haired boy up there? Thats Kageyama; Hinata's partner. Honestly, these two hate each other... At least they did in the beginning. ;-; But as each episode of each season played through, their bond began to grow and grow. Sure, they still have a strong dislike for each other, but they both know that they'd never let each other down (intentionally). ^^
Back to plot: Throughout the show, there's one problem that Hinata, (and anyone under 5'6-5'8) face. Guessed it??
Volleyball is based around height. Hinata is only about 5'3 or 5'4.. Not a really good height to be playing volleyball. But~ he's a really~ good jumper! This being that, despise his height, he can jump as high, maybe higher, than people much taller than him can. And with Kageyama being the smart one of the two, they sure do blow peoples minds. ;)
Anyways!! This was my take on Haikyuu!! Let me know what you thought of the card or the anime! ^^ Peace!!

Favorite Character: Tanaka
Loved this anime so much
I just started watching it bcuz of this card!! thanks its so funny abd i only just finished ep 7.
Got a long way to go buddy!! :D