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Okay, where to I begin....oh my lord, I can't even begin to explain the awesomeness of this group, its unreal, but here we go!
1. Their music is the shizzz — normally I'm not into co-ed groups, its just not my style, but K.A.R.D caught my attention from the get-go. From the chill beat if the music, to the vocal/rap game, I just digged them. I love how the vocals and the rapping comes together so smoothly and it just had me hooked.
2. They're so chill!!!! What got me here is, when I first checked them out, it was through Jre from JREKML. Thats like my go-to, if Bre likes it, it must be lit. So I watched a video of Jre reaction to K.A.R.D reacting to Jre reacting to Oh Na Na, and I just love how chill they were, especially BM. I also watched where they did an interview with Jre, and that was when I officially took off on the K.A.R.D ship.
3. Their Social Media! Now, I know what your going to say, "But Jordan, a lot of idols have personal social media accounts...", and I know that. Its nd that they have social media, its that each of the members accounts shows more into who they are as a person, and shows unique they are. Each of their accounts shows who K.A.R.D is behind the scenes of all the concerts, and if you take a look intp them, I can say you just might Stan them right then and there. Their Instagrams a down below if you would like to take a look!

BM - @ bigmathewww
Jiwoo - @ _zziwooo0
J. Seph - @ j.seph_
Somin - @ somin_jeon0822

4. They're all insanely attractive!! Imma let the pictures do the talking for this one ;)
J. Seph♡
Somin ♡

And that my friends, is 4 reasons why you should stan K.A.R.D!

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they had me by their first song :D
Ikr! Their music is so good, its hard to not get hooked in it
YES !!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖
you gotta follow bm for his comments on instagram i love how he hypes up the other members
Same! I dont know if its just me, but I honestly find it so adorable. BM is honest to God my spirit animal😂
I didn't think I would get into another group and I watched Jre reacting to Oh Nana and I watched the mv and I was like meh but then one day it got stuck in my head and I was like 'ok it's a bop' but I didnt know much about Kard. Then Don't Recall came out and same thing; at first I was like meh but then I was like 'wow what a bop' honestly I'm probably lowkey stanning them and I don't even know it 😂😂 and like I said the same thing when Oh Nana came out. I was like 'if Jre likes it it must to be lit' and then it grew on me just like Don't Recall and in the beginning I was fighting with myself cause I really wanted to get into them but at the time I didn't find their songs catchy but the more I listened the more I liked. Honestly Kard is such an amazing group for more than 4 reasons 😂