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It was difficult for my mind to process everything. A part of me wants to run down the streets of Seoul, to his dorm and accept his apology. To jump into his arms and feel as though I belonged again, but the other part of me was so torn that the pain in my heart was so unbearable - to the point I just wanted to scream. I didn’t know that it could hurt this much. I didn’t know Jungkook had the capabilities to hurt me to the point where my heart ached, and my head spun. I was torn between replying and not replying. Did he deserve a response? No. No he didn’t, but was I staring at my screen dying to give him some sort of attention. Yes. Yes I was. I gave up in the end and threw my phone to the other side of the bed and covered my entirety with the covers, I know I shouldn’t give him the satisfaction by replying. I was trying to sleep, but his words ran through my mind. I couldn’t help but think about everything that he said, I couldn’t help but miss him. Tears start sliding down my face again, I feel so pathetic, so stupid. Why do I still miss him so much? Why does my heart still yearn for his love and affection even after what he has done? Is this really what love is? Is it because I’m still so invested in what we had that even though he cheated, I still love him?  part 3
Jungkook’s p.o.v ~ Jimin hyung was right. I don’t even have the right to ask for forgiveness let alone ask her to take me back. It hurts, so much. I can’t even imagine how much pain Y/N is currently going through right now. I say it as though I expect her to be in pain because we broke up. She should be happy knowing that she’s no longer dating a cheater, but Y/N’s not like that… I know she’s in pain because I know just how much she loved me, and although it’s useless for me to say now and it may seem insincere, but I was so in love with her - heck, I still am, believe it or not. Thinking back on it, I wonder myself why, why did I even bother looking at another girl. Why is it that I gave her the attention when I should be giving my all to Y/N - what hyung said was true. The two of us battled through a lot just so we could be together, we were friends for 4 years and a year into our friendship I finally had the courage to ask her out on a date. We were nearly 17 when we first started dating, me being the slightest bit older and her being the only girl I liked having call me oppa. I smiled at that thought. I still remember the look on her face when I told her I liked her - and that ‘like’ quickly turned into something more, I grew so fond of her and what we had, our relationship was something I really did cherish. Her constant efforts, the hate she received when we were first given permission to reveal our relationship, non of that made her budge, it didn’t make her want to be with me any less. She withstood it all. But I threw all of that away. It would have been our 3rd year anniversary in 4 days time, I tightened my grip around the necklace in the palm of my hands, the one that I was meant to give her on our special day. With my initials and the day we started dating engraved into the silver heart with the extra key charm dangling right beside it, I held onto it tighter as another tear fell from my eye. part 5
Jungkook’s p.o.v ~
 17/06/10 00:00am, I’m standing outside her door waiting on myself to gather up some courage to knock on the door or ring the doorbell. I’m nervous and slightly terrified of what would come next if I pressed the doorbell. Is she home? Is she out having the time of her life? Is she even going to bother opening the door for me if she sees me through the peephole? Millions of questions ran through my mind all at once, not one of those questions came with a positive answer. But I took my chances and pressed the doorbell anyway, hoping she’d acknowledge my presence. As she opened the door, I was again reminded of her beauty. A bare faced beauty who looked stunning dressed in her favourite baby blue fluffy pyjamas, I was left speechless, just staring at how beautiful she looked even without trying. I knew I was just stood staring when a small noise came from the back of her throat brought me back to reality. “Hi” was all I could say, I didn’t prepare for this moment - all I could think about prior was her opening the door, seeing my face and slamming the door shut again without giving me a second chance. But here we are. “Why are you here Jungkook? Especially now of all days?” she said ever so slowly, her eyes directed towards the floor. “I know I don’t deserve this, I know what I’m about to say is selfish but could you please hear me out?” I looked at her intently, hoping for a positive answer. It took what seemed like forever before she agreed and stepped aside, signalling for me to go into her home. I took my shoes off whilst eyeing the area, nothing has changed since I was last in here. I walked through into the familiar living room, where my eyes met the photo frame that was sat on the coffee table. In that photo frame I could see a picture, a picture that held so many happy memories; a picture in which consisted of Y/N and I sat on the park bench eating our favourite ice creams. This gave me hope and confidence - if she didn’t want anything to do with me then that photo wouldn’t be there, especially not in a place where it’s so visible. If she hated me then she wouldn’t have even opened the door…right? I stood in front of the sofa, unsure of what to do next. Do I sit? Do I stand? Would it make her uncomfortable if I just sat without permission? Actually scrap that, me being present is probably already uncomfortable for her. “Jungkook you can sit you know?” I nodded and sat down before she faced the direction of the kitchen. “Would you like a drink?” she offered. “No it’s okay, could you possibly come sit down?” I asked wearily. But she complied and came to sit beside me, there was a gap between the two of us - an unfamiliar space that I wanted to close, but didn’t. It was silent for a while before she spoke up. “Aren’t you here to say something?” she asked quietly, as if she had no confidence in her own words. “Look Y/N” I paused for a few seconds before turning to look at her and continued. “I lied. I lied when I said that I hoped that you’d find someone better.” At that moment she looked at me, probably wondering what the hell I was saying and whether or not I was in the right of mind to even say such a thing after what I had done but she said nothing and so, I continued. “I know what I said, and it’s true that you do deserve better but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be a better version of myself for you. It’s been hell without you, I can’t be without you, I really can’t and I don’t want to be. Asking you to take me back is ridiculous of me to even think about, and you don’t have to I’ll give you time the space you need if it meant that we could just, even be friends again. Even if you’re not my girl, being friends is more than enough if it meant that I still had you in my life.” I chuckled realising how ludicrous I sounded right now, asking for her friendship when I did all that to her. “Saying all that out loud made me realise how much more selfish it sounds.” I looked ahead of me shaking my own head thinking about how stupid I must have sounded saying all of that. There was a long silence, a silence that grew intense and somewhat ‘off’. “Jungkook-ah” I turned and faced her but her eyes were low momentarily before looking up and meeting my eyes. “You know I love you right?” she said whilst her eyes started welling up, everything right now was so unpredictable and I was scared, no terrified even for the outcome. But I was also in shock because she told me she still loved me, my mind was starting to drift away until she spoke up again. “You really did hurt me, and today of all days you come to my door, today was supposed to be special and you come and ask to be friends or even more than that, but I don’t know if I can give that to you right now.” she told me as a tear slipped from her eyes and rolled down her now red cheeks. I nodded, completely understanding. “I’m sorry” she said as tears started to fall more consistently, and I realised that I was too doing the same, I was crying. “You meant everything to me, you were my everything. My world revolved solely around you and I thought it was the same for you too. But I’m not always right.” Although tears kept streaming down her face, she remained calm and not once did she break the eye contact we had. “I’m sorry Y/N I really am so sincerely sorry and I hope you know that.” I wept, I wept like a child in front of her. “I know we need closure, and let this be it. If our paths ever cross again then maybe we could start over, on a clean slate if our feelings were still the same. Just know that I forgive you Jungkook, and I’m thankful you came to me in person to apologise and tell me how you felt. I’ll never stop loving you.” She smiled at me, a smile that broke me. I grabbed ahold of her hand and placed something in the palm of her hands and closing her fingers around it, I stood up. “Thank you Y/N, really.” I couldn’t stop the flow of my tears as I walked out of the door. Y/N’s p.o.v ~ I sat there silently as I heard the front door open and close. I uncurled my fingers to see a beautiful necklace with Jungkook’s initials and the date of when we first started dating engraved into it, seeing that there was a charm in the shape of a key attached to it, I turned the heart shaped silver plate over only to see a quote engraved, “You are the key to my heart.” I couldn’t help but cry until the sound of my phone vibrating distracted me momentarily. I opened the text and saw:
well...thats the end of the story lol well i have an alternate ending lol


Y/N’s p.o.v ~ It’s been three days since he last messaged me, it’s been five since we broke up and our meant to be 3rd year is in two days time, not that it even matters anymore, but a part of me wants him to try harder. Wanting to reconcile, to have some sort of closure between us. I miss him - more than I could ever explain with words, it feels empty without him, I feel as though there’s a huge hole in my heart that even with time it won’t heal because it’s that badly damaged. I want him back, what he did was wrong, and I shouldn’t take him back but I don’t want to throw away what we had. What we had was beautiful, so incredible that it still makes my heart skip a beat every time I think back on those dates, those moments we had. Days have past now and I was awoken by my reminder alarm of non other than ‘Three Years with my better half’ i groaned and chucked my phone to the other side of my queen sized bed after turning it off. I got out of bed and thought I’d best get ready and head out instead of moping about at home thinking about what could have been. Walking down the street I was constantly reminded of Jungkook, I walked passed our favourite ice cream store, our favourite arcade that we’ve been going to even before we had started dating. Seeing the claw machine and remembering how Jungkook spent a ridiculous amount of money just to get you that one bunny plushy. I don’t know whether it was because he was competitive and hated losing that he wanted to get that plushy or because you told him that it’s bunny teeth reminded you of him that motivated him to carry on but either way he won it for you, and to this day even now that bunny plushy remains in the corner of your bed right beside your pillows. Maybe coming out to take my mind of things only made me think of him even more. Jungkook and I did so much together, to the point even looking at the road reminded of you of how he would always pull you back from crossing because you forgot to check before walking. You didn’t realise tears were welling up in your eyes until your vision started blurring. Not being able to handle any more of these reminders I made my way back home with my head hung low, walking slowly because tears kept falling and your vision was becoming increasingly impaired. You wiped your eyes with the back of your hand and finally reaching your house, looking up whilst grabbing the keys from your pocket. There you saw the only person you ever longed to see. Jungkook was standing there staring directly at you. Tears just kept falling, it was only then you truly realised just how much you missed him. He closes the distance between the two of you by walking closer, when he was stood right before you, you felt his hand on your cheek, his thumb wiping the tears off your face. Looking up you saw that his eyes were red, his face stained with tears. “Don’t cry” was all he could mutter. But that only made you weep more. “I’m sorry Y/N, I’m so, so sorry. I can’t begin to explain how much of a fucking douche I am to have ever let you go like that.” he was too crying with me. I couldn’t even mutter a single word. My breathing grew increasingly unstable, the last two days I spent in my house I didn’t let out a single tear, holding it all back thinking that I was strong enough not to cry and that he was no longer worth my tears. But here I am stood before my reason for crying, letting all my tears flow as if my own morals meant nothing to me. I felt myself being pulled into his arms, the same arms I always found myself in regardless of situation. Whether it be because I was upset, or because it was cold or if it be because we were just sat on the sofa watching movies, I always found myself in his arms. They were the only arms I ever felt safe in. I raised my hands and clutched onto the hoodie that he was wearing. Until I realised what I was doing, I placed my hands on his chest and tried pushing him away but he only held me closer. “Why did you do it? How could you do it?” I shouted at him whilst hitting him on his chest. “Jeon Jungkook, I loved you so much, for fucks sakes I still do. How could you do that to me?” I continued to cry with my face now buried in his chest. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what else I can say other than I’m sorry” I could hear his voice cracking. “Baby please stop crying” my heart clenched upon hearing him call me that. After calming myself down and my sniffles came to a stop I felt him pull away, and again I started yearning for his touch. Regardless of what happened between the two of us, I couldn’t get over him - it’s as if it was physically impossible for me to. Or more of the fact that I didn’t want to. “Why?” “I don’t know what came over me I’m stupid and I’m sorry I-” I cut him off. “No, why. Why is it that even after all this do I still want you just as much as when I had you?” I admitted, slowly looking up at him to see his reaction, but he only looked at me blankly. “That was stupid of me to say I’m sorry” I say wanting to get away, completely embarrassed. “No, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to mong out like that I was just shocked, to hear you say that. I didn’t expect you to say that” he snapped out of it and grabbed ahold of me. “Well I did” I say turning back. “So if I asked you right now, if it was ever possible for us to have anything between us again what would your answer be?” he asked me so carefully as if he was treading on glass. “Depends what it is you want to have happen between us” “I know I shouldn’t ask for more than what I deserve, hell I probably don’t deserve this either but could we possibly be friends at least?” This idiot seriously… I shook my head slowly. “No, I don’t want to be friends.” “Oh, I’m sorry I- I wasted your time” Jungkook choked out I could see the tears already welling up in his eyes, he had already started walking off. “YOU IDIOT! JEON JUNGKOOK HOW ARE YOU THIS BLIND? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REALISE THAT I WANT YOU BACK?!” I shouted at him. I could have sworn that the next moment happened slow motion, the way he turned back and looked at me - it was priceless. Within seconds I was in his embrace again. I couldn’t help but smile. “Do you mean it? Do you really want me back after what I’d done, I know I don’t deserve it and I don’t want you to feel forced into anything that you don’t want -“ at that moment I pushed him away slightly and kissed him. His rambling was starting to agitate me. When I pulled away his rant continued. “I completely understand if you didn’t want this, I mean why the hell would you want me back anyway rig-“ I kissed him again and laughed whilst pulling away. He looked as though he was about to go off on another rant again. “Yah Jeon Jungkook you’re pushing it” knowing full well that the only reason he was ranting was because I had kissed him to shut him up. “But I mean it Y/N, we could just build our relationship slowly again I’d understand, as long as I didn’t lose you completely then I’m fine with even just being friends.” “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you Kook-ah, you have no idea how much I wanted you to message me again and try harder to get me back. But when you didn’t I thought you really gave up.” “I would never give up, and I’m sorry for everything I swear it won’t happen ever again. I know it’s hard for you to trust me but if I go back on my word then I’d drop out of my career” “I know it should be hard for me to trust you again but for some reason I do still have faith in you. I do still trust you, even if it’s not like before” I admitted. “I promise you won’t regret your decision.” He beamed, his smile made my heart flutter like the first time. “I missed you” I said again. “I missed you too baby, and since it was supposed to be our 3rd year anniversary today I want to give you this.” he pulls out of his pocket a necklace. “It has the date of when we first started dating and my initials engraved in it” he told me as he put it around my neck. I picked it up to see that there was a charm in the shape of a key also attached, I picked up the silver heart and saw the quote ‘You are the key to my heart’ engraved on the other side. I laughed at how cheesy it was and looked at Jungkook. “You’re a cheeseball I hope you know that” “Only ever for you” “Gosh, I love you so much” “Baby I love you too” he said before pulling me in and planting a kiss on my forehead. well their you guys have it lol hope you guys liked
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That was sad but the alternate ending is cute I don't know if I'd forgive him though
ikr thats what i was thinking and i wouldnt know either respected decision
I wanted to cry😭😭😭