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We've all done it regardless of our dancing skills!

The first dance I ever actively tried to learn (and actually still know all the moves for!) is SHINee's Replay~

It was so hard to learn and I think I learned a bit of everyone's parts instead of sticking to one member haha I remember having so many dance parties in my room to this :')

What was the first kpop dance you remember trying to learn?

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Mine was 2ne1- I am the best. Still remember most of it lol
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Yes exactly! You feel fierce doing that dance
7 months ago
bts I need u
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Dumb Dumb Dumb- Red Velvet. it was so catchy and the dance looked like so much fun now I'm learning Not Today by BTS. I got the chorus down just need to get the rest.
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Mine was also SHINee replay considering that is the first K-Pop group that I knew first. And actually got my too explore more about K-Pop. Every time I hear the song I still know the movies🤗
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But now there is so many dance moves in K-Pop groups that I know. I can't even say them all.
7 months ago
LOL i tried Pick Me first 😂😂 most definitely not a mistake
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