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Hello Jaywalkers! Its Melissa with AOMG Music Lyric Monday! For this week, we are trying out cute theme. I had chosen a song from Jay Park that I consider to be cute. Its kind of a sad song but in a cute way. I hope that made sense. Let's get started...
The song is called 'Truth is'
Artist: Jay Park Album: EVERYTHING YOU WANTED Released: 2016
Music Lyrics
After we broke up Before I go to sleep, I’ve never cried because I missed you I’m pretty busy these days, no time for rest A lot of girls hit me up so I don’t even think about you You used to be the owner of the empty seat next to me But now, I filled it up with several people I’m alright, I’m alright You got prettier these days But I’m not jealous at all But girl to be honest I have something to confess I’ll tell you right now How I really feel The truth is, girl I still spend hours, secretly on your Instagram The truth is, girl, I do this often I ask my friends about you Baby, this might be pathetic But the reason I’m doing this The truth is, girl I still love you When you’re on a date with another guy I hope you get food poisoning When you’re in the bathroom I hope there’s no toilet paper I hope you have low battery on your phone and you lose your charger I hope you drop your phone and the screen shatters I hope when you’re on your period, it hurts even more But girl to be honest I don’t resent you I’m the pathetic one for losing you So I resent myself more Oh girl, I still regret every single day That I lost you The truth is, girl, like a fool I’m just waiting for you to come back Baby, this might be pathetic But the reason I’m doing this The truth is, girl girl I still love you I love you, I love you, I love you I love you, I love you, I love you Girl to be honest After you left me I didn’t know what to do with myself I still can’t snap out of it Oh girl, living a life without you has no meaning at all The truth is, girl girl, I’m not confident If it’s not you, I can’t ever love again Without you, I’m miserable Oh girl the reason for that is You completed me Please come back to me The truth is, I only doubted you and treated you badly Because I was guilty myself Im so sorry, so sorry, so sorry
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Well that's all for this week's AOMG Music Lyrics Monday! I hope my pick would be considered a cute song.

Good zsong choice Mel!
@MarrickeJ33 Thank you! I Wasn't sure but I thought it was cute
@MelissaGarza You're welcome! It's cute in a messed up kind of way! Lol.. But it is cute though 😂😂😀
@MarrickeJ33 Right! I was thinking the same thing 😂
@MelissaGarza 😂😂😂 yup cause it would probably be something I would say.. lol maybe haha