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How To Learn A New Language At Home

I've been trying to improve my French recently, and came across these awesome YouTubers called DamonandJo.

They have self-taught themselves nearly 6 languages!

I believe they speak French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German, and of course English!

You can either watch the video above (which I suggest cause they have the BEST sense of humor) or check out their tips below:

1. Follow Famous YouTubers in the language you want to learn!

There are tons of youtubers in other languages, and often if they are famous enough, there will be english subtitles. Listen to them to hear real people speaking the language rather than a text book! They're usually super entertaining too so it helps :)

2. Follow those YouTubers or famous people on twitter so you see that language each day!

The easiest way to get used to a foreign language is to see it all the time and this really helps!

3. Change your phone/facebook/etc language to your desired language!

Since you probably already know where everything is in your phone or facebook, you wont be confused and you'll learn a ton of new vocab!

4. Listen to audio books in the language you want!!!

Audible has a ton of foreign language books. Try starting with a book you already know well (like Harry Potter for me - I'm trying to read that in Korean right now...) and listen throughout your day!

5. Sign up for foreign magazines or newsletters!

Or even better download their app in another language! For example, my boyfriend gets push notification from Le Monde which is a french newspaper :) Even if you only read the headline, its practice.

6. Try cooking a meal using a recipe in a different language!

You start to learn that a lot of words you actually already know (for example, sauté means the same thing in french and in korean bokkeum (like bokkeumbap) means fried! so literally "fried rice!"

7. Watch TV shows in the language


8. Talk to yourself and dont be afraid!

Practice speaking whenever you can, even to people who are strangers! be brave!

What languages are you trying to learn?!

I want to learn Korean, Chinese and Thai 😊
I've been trying to kearn Korean but know that you suggest this I think i might try this out
Korean, Japanese, Hmong, Chinese, and French
Wow! You're amazing
Im trying to learn Korean and Japanese and maybe Irish
omg my dad just got his irish citizenship and its really inspired me to learn!
I wanna visit Ireland someday to see all of the historical places
I've been learning some stuff in Swedish!! I already know some stuff in Japanese, and I still want to learn. And I've been thinking about trying Korean as well. ^^
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Tiered Reading Intervention Programs for Busy Classrooms
There is no question that an RTI reading program is a highly effective method of educating at-risk and high-risk readers at the elementary school level and there are excellent online RTI programs readily available. The challenge that many teachers face, however, is how to successfully implement a reading intervention program into an already full classroom schedule. The following methods can assist elementary teachers who wish to incorporate an early reading intervention program in their busy classrooms: Teacher Directed, Small Group Guided Reading Students are grouped as Above Grade, On Grade, and Below Grade readers. The first 30 minutes of a 2 two hour reading block are devoted to whole-group lessons. Over the remaining three -30 minute guided reading periods, each of the three reading groups rotate through direct explicit instruction delivered by the classroom teacher. Groups participate in skills reinforcement follow-up and a variety of independent assignments ranging from silent reading to workstations and online research-based reading intervention programs. Struggling readers in the below grade level group receive Tier II teacher-directed intervention lessons focused on the skill needs identified by the teacher, and or by onlinereading intervention programs for elementary students. Those needing more intensive reading support receive a third reading lesson individualized to their specific needs and delivered by a Tier III intervention teacher or trained volunteer. Each day the amount of direct teacher instruction in reading increases from 30 minutes to 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the needs of each student. At this level, Essential Skills early reading intervention programscan be used to provide individualized instruction and exercises specifically developed for at-risk and high-risk students. Reading Workshop A traveling or “strolling” intervention team provides the same increased instructional time with a multi-tier early reading interventionprogram during a traditional two-hour English block. The school day is scheduled into six 1-hour blocks, each aligned with a grade level. During the first hour, the class operates on the traditional Reading Workshop Model. During the second hour, students are visited by an intervention team that moves through a grade level each hour, joining classroom teachers in delivering research-based reading intervention. Students who do not need additional support continue to follow their workshop routine. The membership of the team may change as various staff members (e.g., the principal, the media specialist, and Special Ed teachers) dedicate one to two hours during the school day to support the program. The Reading Workshop model can be supplemented and enhanced by incorporating high-quality online early reading intervention programs, such as those offered by Essential Skills. It is possible to implement professionally developed reading intervention programs for elementary students, even in the busiest classroom schedules. For more information and a no-risk trial, call 1-800-753-3727 or visit Essential Skills.
6 Korean Olympians To Watch!
You know I can't WAIT for the Olympics so let's look at a few awesome Olympians representing South Korea :D PS: 올림픽 - oh-lim-pik! Ki Bo Bae - Archery A South Korean archer who was ranked the world’s number one archer in August 2015. She is the current World Championship and the defending Olympic champion in archery. An Chang Rim - Judo South Korea’s premier lightweight Judo champion and the nation’s representative in the 2016 summer olympics. He is currently ranked first in the world and seeded first in the Olympics. Kim Ji Yeon - Fencing A South Korean sabre fencer and the 2012 Olympic champion. Having started foil fencing at the age of 13, she is the first South Korean woman to win a gold medal in fencing in the Olympic games. Shin A Lam - Fencing A fencer whose 2012 duel sparked a huge controversy in the Olympic games after a timekeeping error gave her opponent a timing advantage. When South Korea immediately appealed the decision, Shin waited for over an hour on the duelling ground, in accordance to the fencing bylaws, while judges deliberated and eventually gave the win to Shin’s opponent. Son Yeon Jae - Rhythmic Gymnastics An individual rhythmic gymnast, dubbed the “National Fairy” of South Korea. She has won titles in the 2014 Asian Games, 2010 Asian Games, and 2014 World Championships. Calling it now: she's going to be the next Kim Yuna and have her face on EVERY advertisement lol! Park Tae Hwan - Swimming An Olympic swimmer who is the first South Korean to win an Olympic medal in swimming. He has competed and won medals in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, and is to compete once more in the upcoming 2016 games. Who else is PUUUUUMPED for the Olympics?!
Window on the World
Snow is falling here on a darkened, hushed Sunday, and my computer is like a warm crackling fire that I gaze into. I can remember a time when I said I would never have one of those things in my home. But the Ferris wheel of life just keeps turning and there are different thoughts at different stages. I am now sixty years-old and disabled. Domestic violence ended my former life and left me in a closed-in world. I have been Free and Safe now for ten years, and only in the last six have I managed to create a world for me. A church that came here to bring lunches once a month gifted me with a retiring computer. I was scared to death of it at first. For a week I left it running, sure that if I turned it off, I would never get it back on again. It was slow learning and for the most part, I taught myself, being one of those hands-on learners. My computer is the best thing that ever happened to me. It has been a miracle and more. For people who are agoraphobic, unable to walk, have an illness that saps their strength, the computer is a blessing. At first, I spent hours just surfing and soaking up knowledge. Then there were the games, some of which are now old friends, like "Book Worm" and "Word Slinger", not to forget Spider Solitaire. I believe that overcoming tough times and growing older can be made much sweeter if you keep your brain active. The building I live in is subsidized housing for those with mental health concerns. Every day I see the results of boredom and lack of initiative. The mind atrophies if not stimulated. People withdraw into themselves and forget the world around them. An even greater miracle is my writing. On the very day, I met my abuser Redbook Magazine told me they wanted one of my stories if I did a bit of polishing. I chose the wrong path and never even responded to that letter. I had been a successful writer for some time and just pitched it away. With my computer came new courage and ease of participating in the writing world. My successes were long in coming, but little by little I had work accepted here and there. . . poetry magazines, Small Press. Then I began submitting to higher lever literary publications and gained some success. In addition to my writing, I would post my work on Poetry Sites. Here I met a 'family' who accepted me as I am, and many of them had similar health problems. Now, instead of being all along, I had people to talk to and interact with. We are stuck with our relatives, but the friends we choose are dearest to our hearts, especially those of us with troubled childhoods and less than ideal parents. To be able to communicate with someone who truly knows how you feel is such a comfort.