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Hello everyone!

This week we are doing "date night."
Jinho has just asked you out on a date!


Where would you go on the date?

Some place simple like a coffee shop at first because he wants things to be calm on the first date. He needsd to feel you out first and hear/see your likes and dislikes.

What would you do?

~Well you'd drink coffee or you're preferred beverage and talk about everything. Maybe even talk Jinho into singing for you! You'd also catch him stealing glimpse's of you which you'd find extremely cute!
~Once you two got to know each other better you'd leave the coffee shop and maybe walk around the mall for a bit. He'd definitely spoil you with compliments!
~He'd ask for a second date before the first was even over and of course you'd happily except.
~Around dinner time you'd head for a restaurant of your choice because he'd demand you'd choose.
~You'd end up at the cheapest restaurant you could think of because he insisted on paying and you didn't want him to spend a lot on you.
~While waiting for the food you'd joke around and he'd work up the nerve to hold your hand.
~Then suddenly time flies through the rest of your date and it's time to sadly go home. He'd insist on walking or taking the taxi back to your place with you to make sure you'd make it safely. But it was only his excuse to spend more time with you.
~Once you're dropped off in your neighborhood you turn to say goodbye and he smiles, he had wanted to kiss you but decided against it since it was the first date so he settles for waving. But you kiss him on the cheek anyways!!

Thus ends your first date with Jinho but there are many more to come after that!


Also who was wrecked by Critical Beauty?


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Ahhh this was the cutest date ever!!!! Everything about it was so cute! And I'm still wrecked by critical beauty a.d not ready for cherry bomb
Awe thanks! I tried to make it cute!!!!! Also same about Critical Beauty and Cherry Bomb!