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Sorry for barely scraping this in, but it's Man Crush Monday, and this week's theme is idols!

Yuri Katsuki - Yuri!!! On Ice

I chose Yuri because, not only is he a talented and beautiful skater, he worked hard to get where he is! He works hard to stay fit, and he bounced back from a seriously low point in his career to busting his own idol's world record! He's sweet and precious, and I love watching him lose himself in his routines! I have so much love and respect for him! I wish I could be more like him, though it might help if my Viktor would come find me, lol! ^^;

Also I love zerochan's art so much! β™‘
So who's your man crush?
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I like the theme but I thought we were doing Idols as in Superstars xD
oh, I wasn't really sure what it meantπŸ˜…