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Cinematic Video Game Posters
I'm getting one, and I think you should too.
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Woah... would love to curate some of those posters
4 years ago·Reply
They are pretty good price for the artwork.. I ordered the Ocarina of Time one!
4 years ago·Reply
would love to have the pokemon one on my wall... and few of the zelda... and metal gear... aughgh... so good!
4 years ago·Reply
Wow, those are some awesome works of art. I really want the Shadow of the Colossus one.
4 years ago·Reply
@get2dachoppa All of them are so creative and beautiful. I can't wait until I hand mine in my room! @lyricalmotion Don't tread on me! ....or else I'll snap your neck. @yingofyang Mmm I hope he adds more to his collection...
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