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Have you guys ever heard of Vermuda?
Well now you have.
This new boy group has just dropped their debut single 'Dream Girl' off of their album 'Triangle'. And they also already have a fan club name!!!!! Can you guess? If not I'll just tell you. It's Triangle!!!!!!! (Get it Berumda Triangle).........

This is their debut single below
How do you like the song? Do you think these boys have potential?

Also here is a little info on who everyone is courtesy of a fan on YouTube:
0:12 U (leader, main rapper and main dancer)
0:26 Nakang (sub vocal and dancer)
1:33 Choi Seon (sub vocal and dancer)
1:41 Jun (sub vocal and dancer)
2:58 Je1 (main vocal and dancer)

Choi Seon
Na Kang
Kim Hyun Jun
Park Ji Su aka Je1
Woo Chang Bum aka U (formerly of 100%)

Anywho, Vermuda is actually not as new as I just claimed them to be. Although this is infact their debut they had been going around under a different name, Beam.

You can find them here at these sites: