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First I want to thank the knk mods (Tree protectors) for this giveaway. I am still new to this Fandom and group so I am having a bit of trouble figuring out which one I got for marry. Any one who can tell me please?
I think this is Inseong but I am not sure sorry. Not that I am not happy if it is they are all so attractive its hard to pick a bias.
My wedding dress is so pretty.
looks like we will be living in a apartment.
North America hmm where can we go?
Looks like we will have at least one kid and its a boy yay.
yay pets most likely dogs because I love dogs.
He looks familiar I wonder what I have seen him in.
Yay I got the one I wanted.

tagging the mods (Tree protectors):
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Haha ya that's Inseong cx And you are married to a very beautiful man!! Lucky you cX
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thank you for conforming. he is very attractive.
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