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G-Dragon recently got a new tattoo since releasing his new album~~
his latest tattoo appears to be a picture frames giving GD a total of ...

- 24 TATTOOS -

Which of his tattoos is your favorite? Do you have any tattoos let me know by responding down in the comments~

Have a great day guys
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my favorite is the smile face😍💕💕
the two x above his navel 😍 and the thigh ones. he is so beautiful 😱
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lol awesome 😆 he's my Big Bang bias too. and my first ever bias. king of Kpop 👑💜
i totally cant pick a favorite!
mine is the heart stamp looking one lol
"mind control" tattoo, I don't have any yet but I've been thinking of getting a tattoo of NEVER MIND (my favorite BTS song, and a song that helped me through really tough times) on my chest