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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek
What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.
Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....

Ju Kyung's POV

He got back to his home two days after the party. Seeing Y/n again, on Kiseok's arm, was a bit of a burn for him. It wasn't like he wasn't already aware that they were dating. Around the time he met Kiseok and they talked with each other he realized he was dating her. He could see how much he adored her and he even took his time out to call her when he was supposed to.

He was well aware that he had taken advantage of Y/n that night. Eight years ago she was young and looking for fun. Her father was stressing her out, they were fighting more than ever and every time he called her a whore her feelings were hurt and she decided to do something to get him back. She decided to make decisions that she knew she shouldn't have made.

He was the exact same.

He knew that Y/n trusted him as a friend and when she got drunk, he got a little drunk too. He saw what he wanted and took it. He didn't think she'd fight, he didn't think anything but he took from her what she probably wouldn't realize was precious. He took her first time and it was indeed a rape. She had told him no and stop but she was drunk and so was he so he continued and when Minho showed up he could only dive into worse things. He called him over to join in, not even thinking about what he was doing just to have fun. The things he did for the sake of fun. What kind of monster he used to be when he was young.

When her father showed up on his door step and demanded he take his child, he thought he was being ridiculously stupid but her father refused to allow their son to grow up in a foster home. The fact of the matter was, her father was ashamed of the things that he, himself had done. The woman that he loved, a woman that didn't love him back and instead of keeping their child, she gave her up. Not even gave Y/n up, she just set her on the door step with a note:

Here's your daughter, do what ever you want with her.

Ju Kyung wondered why she even had the child. Her father had confessed to him that night that if he had known he had gotten her pregnant he would've convinced her to have an abortion. So somewhere in Ju Kyung's mind he wondered, was it that her father didn't want her at all? That she was just a burden to him? She became a responsibility for him that he didn't ask for but she was his child and he had a part to play in making her. Her mother was nothing like her though.

Y/n had given up Haneul because she believed he'd have a better life with a better family than her and him and on every level she was right. Ju Kyung was a fucked up father for a while but he did his best most times and provided for his son. Y/n's mother wasn't as broken as Y/n was. She wasn't as fragile in her mind; she knew what the fuck she was doing. Ju Kyung did his research, he found her mother and she was married, some high class foreigner that lived on the other side of the world. She had three children with him, he was rich and she was young it was just too obvious to ignore what she had done. Perhaps that was the reason her father resented her so much. She looked like her mother so she was a constant reminder of the woman he mistakenly loved and impregnated. A gold digger that's all she was.

It wasn't Y/n's choice to give up her first time. In fact, if it wasn't for him he was sure that she would've still been a vigrin by the time Kiseok met her. Haneul was the very thing that tied them together and it was Kiseok that said if he came near her again he would basically kill him for what he did. He could understand the anger, he could understand the protectiveness. Haneul had asked about his mother a few times, he wanted to meet her. He was still young enough to accept her as she was, to be happy to see her without too much resentment. He hoped she would. He couldn't lie to Haneul all he could tell him was that she was away. He wasn't sure how he could explain that they weren't together and that she was in love with another man. He wasn't sure that he had to explain it at all. Maybe Haneul just didn't need to hear it so instead he avoided the conversation as a whole.

Minho knew how to prepare himself and that's what he was worried about. He was insanely patient but more imporantly he was insane. He was looking to get revenge on Kiseok but he wasn't sure why. The added bonus of Y/n having been rape by him when she was fourteen would only further frustrate Kiseok. Something about Minho didn't want Kiseok to be happy. Minho had said he'd gotten rid of all of Kiseok's past girlfriends but Y/n was the first one to stay. It was obvious as to why.

He was the first man to ever protect her.

It's easier to find strength when someone is willing to protect you. Kiseok was willing to do anything for her. Ju Kyung could tell the dynamic of their relationship. He was Dominant and she was submissive. She was actually freer in that position, more than she'd ever been before. He could tell that it was hard for her to manage her own path, the way that she should live. It seemed like on her own, no matter what she did she always ended up in trouble. She was being pursued by men, she smoked for a while, she was stripping to survive. Kiseok stopped all of that and became a solid foundation for her. He steered her in the right direction and that's what she wanted: guidence.

Minho knew about the pictures he kept of Y/n. At first they were snaps he took of her when she wasn't looking, then after the rape he kept them for his own private purposes but over the next three years that she stayed in Gwang-ju he had gotten more pictures despite her avoiding him. Then he found a few of her photos that were taken while she was working at the club, this was after she left Gwang-Ju and settled in Seoul. He wasn't planning on coming to get her. At the time he wanted to be careful, he didn't want her to know that he had Haneul. He had stepped up as a human being by then and the only reason that he had those pictures is because Hyukwoo and Myung Joon saw her dancing at one club they went and visited. They kept sending him the photos but he never got rid of them he kept them because they were of her.

There was one point that he thought he let go of Y/n but he may have been holding on to her after all these years. After all, she was the mother of his child and he loved Haneul more than anything. Still it was very clear that she was Kiseok's propety and that's how she wanted it. He could see the trust she held in him and he could see the way that Kiseok stopped when she begged him to. Just as much as Kiseok was her weakness, she was Kiseok's and that's something that Minho knew all to well. That's how he knew that he could get into Kiseok's head and heart. Kiseok had more hope than Minho was calculating though.

Because Y/n gave him everything she was, Kiseok found more strength to keep her protected and the more he wanted to protect her the more Y/n was inclined to stay, especially because she hated the world she knew without him. Minho wasn't going to affect them with photos, no matter where he posted them or how large he posted them it wouldn't shake them. It wouldn't break them from each other and Ju Kyung knew that. It would just make Kiseok more angry. Considering the damage his face took, he wasn't interested in getting anymore involved with the whole affair. In the intrest of protecting his son, he gave Minho what he wanted but that was it. He warned her like he wanted to but that was it. This guy was on a rampage and he wasn't going to get Haneul in the middle of it if he could avoid it.

He couldn't avoid it.

He stepped into the house and Haneul came running up to him to give him a hug.

"Hey buddy, where's Ms.Lee?" he asked referring to the babysister he placed in charge of his little one.

"She left because Uncle Minho came." He said.

Ju Kyung's welcoming expression became dark and he stood up straight. He walked in deeper to the house and he saw Minho sitting on the couch. He turned his head to see Ju Kyung and Haneul standing at the door. Minho smiled and stood up.

"You're back home." He said.

"Haneul go outside and play." Ju Kyung said.

"Are we going to play together?" Haneul asked tugging on Ju Kyung's hand.

Ju Kyung knelt down and looked Haneul in the eye,

"Go outside to the back and play for right now okay son. I'll come get you when the grown ups are done talking." He said.

Haneul could recognize Ju Kyung's tone and, not wanting to upset him before they got to play, he listened and walked out the back door. Ju Kyung stood up and watched Minho walk over into the kitchen. He followed behind him standing on the other side of the island. Minho pulled out a knife from Ju Kyung's cooking utensils. He never used those knives a day in his life. Ms. Lee bought them to help cook and she was the only one that ever touched them. Ju Kyung watched as Minho played with the knife.

"You warned her about me didn't you?" He said.

"He knows. He knows what we did to her." Ju Kyung said.

"I don't care. The only one out of the two of us that's ashamed of what happened that night is you. She meant nothing to me, she meant something to you. Just like that kid does. You're lucky Ju Kyung." Minho smiled.

Really cause he didn't feel lucky.

"You're lucky because I already anticipated that you might tell her something. Just another calculation I had to think of so no harm done to you or her son. In fact, I'm glad you did because there's something I have in store for her. I know now that normal tactics won't get her to run from him so I'll just have to break her instead." Minho looked at himself in the reflection of the knife.

"What are you planning? If you kill her Kiseok won't stop at anything until you're dead."

Minho laughed,

"Oh no, such a silly notion. The death of the woman he loves? No, that's not nearly enough to make him suffer. I know something that'll drive him insane. Anyone that touches her without his permission faces his wrath. Imagine how fruitful it will be for me to touch her and kiss her, to expose her right before his eyes and then maybe after, I'll kill her just so that he knows how helpless he truly was to save her. That will send a man into insanity. Perhaps even make him take his own life." He smiled.

Ju Kyung felt sick.

"Why are you doing this? What did he do?" He said.

"It's what he didn't do. A part of his past that he's forgotten, a missing link he refuses to acknowledge. No, I'm not going to let him forget that pain. I'll never let him forget what drove me to do all of this even the overdose." Minho grinned in the most sadistic way.

"Whatever he did I'm sure you deserved it after what we did to her. It's only Karma."

"My Karma had nothing to do with her! Her death is on his hands. I'll see to it that he knows that." Minho growled.

It was like Minho could taste the blood in his mouth. He looked greedy and evil, the sin of anger taking over and manifesting into a monster that Ju Kyung was looking straight in the eye.

Oh Y/n you've choosen the wrong man to be with right now.

He could only think about how bad things would get.

"This was your warning Ju Kyung. If she gets even a little scent of what I'm going to do I'll gut your boy open like a fish right before you. Don't think I won't. I'm not full of empty threats, believe that." Minho said.

He walked up to Ju Kyung and pointed the tip of the knife at his chest. Ju Kyung stayed still but stared Minho in his eyes. He finally got to stand toe to toe with the devil and it was very clear this was one battle he'd lose. For Haneul's sake, Y/n had to make it out on her own. She had no idea the evil that was about to come for her and Ju Kyung felt just as evil for not warning her. Still, with the look that Minho was giving him he just knew, Haneul wasn't safe.

I'm so sorry Y/n.

Kiseok's POV

When he woke up that next day in the hotel, Y/n seemed different. She was happier to see him but he could tell there was something lingering in her. He wondered how long she had waited to hear him tell her he loved her. How long had she known she loved him? For him it was a year and a half, he fell for her quite fast. He wondered how long it truly took her to fall in love with him though. It was a question he hadn't asked her. He wasn't sure that he needed to know. All he wanted to know was that she loved him.

They had, had breakfast with Jay that day before he took her to go shopping and then they made it to the airport. This was the last day that he was traveling before he went back to Seoul with her. He remade his meetings, instead they would be teleconfrencing but at some point in time he'd have to make it back to Daegu to finish up somethings. It honestly wasn't the biggest problem at the moment even if Y/n wanted him to focus on his work. She didn't want to be his distraction.

Either way he was going to worry about her, she had to know that. She was the one he loved; he wouldn't stop until he knew she was safe. He decided to take her to Songwol-dong while they were there. He managed to squeeze in sometime to take her there before it closed. It was a fairytale villiage and it was like the inner child in her came bursting out at once. She fell in love with the colors and the buildings. She held his hand and dragged him all over the place trying to look at stuff. She wanted to get some candy and he was tempted to tell her no to keep her on her schedule but he caved in when she gave him her famous bug eyes. That's were she got the nickname bugs. She'd get these big eyes that shinned and she'd look so cute.

She had more energy in the park than she had, had the past two days. She had more energy than he could provide himself. She looked back at him finally, after minutes of dragging him around. There was something that had softened her expression where she wasn't smiling as brightly as before. She stopped walking and looked up at him. He smiled and kissed her nose lightly.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I just thought Haneul might like to come here." she said sadly.

He looked at her softly and brushed her hair back.

"Y/n we could still do something about Ju Kyung."

"No I don't want to do that to him."

"He raped you."

"Not him. I'm talking about Haneul. I mean I have no idea what Ju Kyung has said to him about me. Honestly, Ju Kyung has got his life together. When you found me, I was coming from a fight from a roommate after a night of stripping I mean- what kind of mother does that make me? I don't want to be someone that he looks at and sees as the shameful woman that stole him from his father." She said.

"Y/n you're better than you know. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you." he said.

"I do too but it's not that easy. I'm just glad you love me now. I don't think I would be someone worthy enough for you back then."

He brought her in his arms, she was such a beautiful girl but so broken. He was going to ask her to marry him. He wanted her to be his wife but was it wrong to ask her that now? That was the reason for this vist to the fairy tale village and she loved it until she thought of her son. She hadn't even mentioned her father. He knew their realtionship was shitty anyway. She was completely broken up about everything that had happened that night and she was trying to hide it. Maybe a proposal would brighten her spirits for a second but he wasn't sure that it would last. So he held her because that was all he could think to do.

"What Ju Kyung and Minho did to you, I won't let anyone else do that to you again do you understand? I'll make sure no one ever hurts you again." he said.

She looked up at him and smiled softly, she touched his face,

"Say it again. You haven't said it since that night."

He looked at her and her eyebrows pinched slightly in disappointment. He chuckled lightly and patted her head.

"I love you." he said.

She smiled big and he kissed her in the middle of the street. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close to her. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He looked up at her while she was looking down at him. The sun was right behind her head shadowing her face a bit but he could still see it and he moved slightly to get the perfect image of her looking down on him. A part of him thought it was the perfect time to ask her now.

"Marry me." he slipped out.

Her eyes widened and his followed. He thought he was only thinking the words but they slipped out of his mouth instead. It's not like he didn't mean them it's just that wasn't his plan on asking her.

"What?" she asked surprised.

He set her down on her feet and she looked up at him baffled by what she had heard. He reached into his suit pocket and she backed up for a second covering her mouth in shock. He showed her the navy blue velvet box that he'd been holding onto for months. Had it not been for Minho he would've asked her a long time ago. He opened the box and got down on his knee and she started to giggle behind her hands.

"You actually got down." she said surprised.

He could see tears in her eyes already and people had stopped a bit to watch them; he saw a few cameras out taking pictures of it but he focused on her. Minho couldn't touch her, he wouldn't have her and he could try all he wanted but it was either jail or death for him because there was no force in heaven or hell that would stop Kiseok from protecting Y/n with every breath in him. So he looked up at her, on his knee, for his babygirl and showed her the ring he picked out especially for her. The diamonds formed into an infinity.

"I want you to be mine forever. Only mine and I promise to protect you from anything that comes your way. You're the most beautiful person I could ever love and someone so special to me I would do anything for you. I see you for more than you are, more than you see yourself and if you choose to be mine forever Y/n- I'll spend everyday I have with you helping you to see it too. Will you marry me?" he said.

She was crying happily in front of him unable to speak and once she realized the words weren't going to come out she nodded furiously. He stood up and slipped the ring on her finger. She wrapped her arms around him again and kissed him again. A few people were clapping and smiling as they hugged and kissed each other.

"You taste good." he whispered against her lips.

"You taste like candy." she giggled.

"I love you so much Y/n. You know that?" he said.

She nodded.

"When we get home, I don't want you to worry about a thing okay. It's all taken care of."

"Kiseok there's one thing I want to change before we get married." she whispered.

"What's that baby girl?"

"No more doing what you say no questions asked."

He looked at her oddly.

"I don't want to be given to others, I only want to belong to you. I understand you want me to be safe and I know that Jay and Mintaek are people you trust but if you need me to be safe I'll get a bodyguard. No Mintaek, no Jay. I like them both but I will not belong to anyone else but you." she said.

He smiled at the seriousness but not because he thought it was funny that she was demanding something from him. He was actually proud of her for speaking up and properly saying what she was feeling. He kissed her again, deeper and longer. He held her close so she couldn't back away and it didn't feel like she wanted to. Her arms snaked around his neck tighter as he kissed her deeper and his tongue pushed into her mouth to feel them swirl together. The satisfaction he got from kissing her and owning her body was something no one else could understand. He needed someone to bend to him, to give him control and she did so wilingly without having to stop being herself. She set him free in a way that the other girls he'd loved before didn't or couldn't. This wasn't just sex in the bedroom it was a lifestyle that took dedication and learning to be apart of. Not just learning about the roles but learning about each other. The parts that he didn't know about her past he could learn while they were married but after two years together the both of them knew the imporant things. They knew what a couple should know about each other, the things that mattered.

"Then we will get rid of that rule but don't think that if you act up I won't punish you." he gave a smirk.

She giggled,

"I know Master."

Kiseok had called Mintaek two days ago to get things in motion. He was going to lure Minho out but that also meant that Y/n would be in a higher risk of danger and he knew that Minho would be watching. The more time he had to think things through the more dangerous he was. They had to force him out and make a move. Mintaek enlisted his pals in the mafia for help, they owed him and since Y/n used to work for him he owed her too for bringing in big bucks. He was prepared for when they got back, he wasn't sure if she was but he had her. He was her rock....

Y/n's POV

Of all things and all places to be..... this place was not one of them.

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