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Ch 4 Mi-Nah took a breath before jumping out her second story window. The wind rushed past her. A small 'thud' could be heard as she hit the ground. Stumbling a bit she was able to catch herself. "Phew!" She thought. She could of really been hurt. Quickly glancing around her brother's and dad hadn't seem to notice her. Proud of her achievement Mi-Nah smiled and began to hurry away. She didn't want to seem anxious but she was. Aaron Yan, The hottest guy in school, asked her out! She let out a shriek of excitement before forcing herself to calm down. As excited as she was, it was a bit of a disappointment. It sucked that it had to happen right when she was about to leave for South Korea. Instead of focusing on the move she forced herself to walk at a reasonable pace. She didn't want to come across as desperate. She wasn't, she was just excited. Before she knew it the park was in sight. As she got closer a blurry Aaron came into view. Mi-Nah couldn't help but smile a light blush appeared on her cheeks. "You made it." Aaron smiled nervously as he stood. "Yup." Awkwardly Aaron hugged. Mi-Nah wasn't upset but she was surprised. His arm around her didn't feel right. Good. I'm not the only nervous person. She thought. They both chuckled at the awkwardness before sitting on the blanket. "Soo," Mi-Nah dragged out the word. "Soo." Aaron repeated. "Here we are." She shrugged. "We are." He agreed. Mi-Nah was a nervous wreck and had no clue what to talk about. Sure there was an endless amount of things she could talk about but at the moment her mind was completely blank. An awkward silence hung in the air. Neither said anything for a while. "I, um, got us some food." He held up a basket. "I hope you like it. I kind of hurried and just grabbed some things from my fridge." "That's okay." Arron handed out the food he had prepared. Aaron took a large bite while Mi-Nah took a smaller bite. Both grimaced after a few bites. It was hard to swallow. Looking down they both noticed that the food wasn't the color it should of been and slightly moldy. "Ew!" Mi-Nah spoke and gingerly set the plate down. "Sorry. I thought it was still good. My mom has been out of town on business so it's just me and my dad." Aaron spoke looking mortified. HE quickly stuffed the plates in the basket. "Umm, It's okay." Mi-Nah tried to be polite. The food had left a bad flavor in her mouth. "I brought some wine. I thought we could try it." Aaron held up a bottle. "Oh! I've never had wine before. "Would you like to try it?" "Please." Mi-Nah nodded. Aaron pulled out two wine glasses and poured the cool liquid. Both took a sip before grimacing. Aaron face palmed. Could he do anything right?!? "We could always order food and have it delivered here." Mi-Nah spoke her thoughts. "That way we could continue this, um," "date?" Aaron asked causing Mi-Nah to blush. "Yeah." "I like that idea. What sounds good?" "Hmm, fried chicken?" "Great. I'll order." Aaron called and placed the order. They where able to get a nice conversation going finally. As they where opening up their food they noticed the orders where wrong. Not only that but the food was spicy when they asked for it to be mild. Burnt mouths and tongues both laid their panting. Aaron had rolled over onto his side now facing Mi-Nah. "I'm sorry." Aaron apologized. "This has been a horrible date." "Well, true but it can't all be horrible can it?" Mi-Nah asked turning to face. Aaron's face showed confusion. "Umm, hello? I'm here." Mi-Nah pointed to herself. Aaron smiled and nodded. "True." He leaned in. "Think you can sneak out again?" Before Mi-Nah could answer an all too familiar voice answered for them. "No. She can't!" "Daddy!?!" Mi-Nah's father stood there arm's crossed looking ready to kill. "Mr. Wu!" Aaron leaped back and quickly stood. "Go wait in the car with your brother! I'll deal with you when we get home." Yifan instructed his daughter. "But dad-" "Now!" He all but roared. Shocked and hurt at the tone Mi-Nah all but stomped to the car. As soon as the car door was shut Yifan growled at the young boy. "How dare you! Everyone in this town knows that my daughter is not allowed to date!" "Alpha-" "No excuses! From now on," He paused allowing his wolf eyes to show. Aaron couldn't of looked away if he wanted. "You will not see, speak, or attempt to ever contact my daughter ever again. Are we clear pup?" "Yes Alpha." Aaron responded a bit bitterly. Once the Alpha ordered him to do something there was nothing he could do about it any longer. "Good. Clean up this mess and," Kris paused to sniff the air. "Is that rotten food?" he covered his nose with his hand. Aaron blushed letting out a very unmanly shriek when Kris lifted him by his shirt. "YOU FED MY DAUGHTER ROTTEN FOOD?!?!" He roared. His wolf was taking over. "Daddy! Daddy! Stop it! Put him down!" Mi-Nah's voice called from the car. She was too scared to leave it but she couldn't let Aaron suffer like this. Ugh her father is so unreasonable! "Tao go and stop daddy!" Mi-Nah pleaded. "No way! Not when he's scary like this!" "Coward. Fine. I'll go and do it myself!" Mi-Nah declared. "Mi-Nah! Wait!" Tao called. It was too late. She had already slipped out of the car and was hurrying over to Aaron and her father. Tao cursed as he got out of the car. He couldn't let Mi-Nah face their father alone. Especially when she had never transformed before. "Daddy you put him down!" Mi-Nah ordered. "He fed you rotten food!" Kris's eyes never left Aaron who was all but whimpering. "Disobeyed my orders about dating." "How many times have you almost eaten rotten food before I stopped you? I can't stay five years old forever daddy. I'm not a baby anymore!" Mi-Nah resisted the urge to stop her foot. Kris turned to face his daughter. Unfortunately he was still in Alpha mode. His daughter jumped back. She had never seen him like this. Tao was quick to pull her to him. Tao froze time momentarily. "Your scaring her!" Tao scolded. "What?" his father asked still trying to calm his wolf. "Your daughter is frightened!" Tao pointed. Mi-Nah's frozen scared expression had Kris calming down quickly. "I'm okay." He spoke after a moment. Tao allowed time to start once more. Very slowly Kris lowered Aaron to the ground. It took everything in him not to beat the kid senseless. "Get. Out. Of. My. Sight." Kris spoke through gritted teeth. He let go and Aaron collapsed to the ground. He ran on unsteady legs causing him to fall from time to time. "Let's go home." Kris told the two. Mi-Nah didn't like seeing her father so angry. She didn't like it. Not one bit. The drive home was silent. Mi-Nah refused to make eye contact with her father but held Tao's hand the entire ride home.