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Name an OTP that fits this description! >_<
I'm thinking...

Eren x Mikasa - Attack on Titan

A = Mikasa
B = Eren
C = Armin

Bakugo x Kirishima - My Hero Academia

A = Kirishima
B = Bakugo
C = Kaminari

Izaya x Shizuo - Durarara!!

A = Izaya
B = Shizuo
C = Shinra (or Celty... or both)

Naruto x Sasuke - Naruto

A = Naruto
B = Sasuke
C = Sai (lots of possibilities, but I like his bluntness!)
... I probably have more, including some non-anime examples (Supernatural's Destiel, C = Sam; Harry Potter's Drarry, C = Snape, I think, also generic Slytherpuff ship, C = Ravenclaw, probably; maybe Doctor x Missy from Doctor Who, C = Nardole; basically any yaoi trash ship), but just to name a few for starters!

Add more in the comments! This should be fun!
I support u fully
i like all of them except the attack on titan one im a levi x eren person
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yess! i coukd see that 😜
Person 1- Goku Person 2- Vegeta Person 3- Piccolo
idk about anyone else but all I see is klance