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Thank you @szewwy for this perfect suggestion!

Sorry I messed up the schedule a bit!!!

This is probably one of the most epic, sassiest moments in Kpop and I will forever love Kris for it.

Basically, this is one of the first TV shows EXO-M ever went on in China and the MC was sort of horrible.

vThe EXO fans were screaming and interrupting her so she tried to make a joke that 'even if you scream loudly they don't speak Chinese so they won't understand you.'

But Kris immediately jumps in and is like...actually we have 4 Chinese members...

And the MC was like...oh....

He had to say it so often during his time as EXO-M leader :/

Ever since then the phrase "we have 4 Chinese members" has gone done in Kpop history!

yes kris scream it louder for the people in the back
This one is a classic, but now I'm getting those exo-m feels.
his face at the end Lmfao
@szewwy I know I'm about to cry because of it!