Super Junior Favorite Music Video SuJu M Verison

Wassup peeps and peepettes!!!!! Kim here and I thought I would switch it up a bit. A few weeks ago, I did a card showing one of my fave Super Junior music video. Well, I thought to myself, why not do a top 5 of your favorite SuJu music videos?? Better yet, how bout your top 5 SuJu M music video???? So without further adu, let's get into the countdown!!!!!

NUMBER 5: Swing
We kickin it off with the Super Junior M's Swing (Korean Verison). I love how in the beginning they start off bored with their jobs and the ending they were just being their goofy selves!!!!

NUMBER 4: Super Girl

So next up we have Super Junior M's Super Girl(Korean Version) This song makes me wanna dance with them!!!

NUMBER 3: Perfection
This is another song that I happen to wanna dance to, but I also cannot look at this song properly. (There is a parody video to this!!!)

NUMBER 2: Breakdown
Again, another one of my favorite video. I remember watching this mv alot when I was getting into Super Junior. And again, I can't look at this video the same AGAIN because of that damn hat!!!!!! (I'll make a card regarding these two videos)

And my Number 1 Super Junior M music video is..........drumroll please!!!!!!
I aint say throw the papers, but ok.

I so love this!!