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We have switched biases for our cards this week and I am doing Suga. We are discussing why we like them and why you should stan them. Let's get to it!~

I do not have a bias wrecker in BTS. I say that because, in my eyes, the other members can't really bias wreck Namjoon for me. Yes, I love all of the other members dearly. However, if I absolutely had to pick a bias wrecker in BTS, it would probably be Suga. I can relate to Suga and his personality, and plus he's ridiculously handsome. Now that I have bored you...

His Personality
He's chill and laidback. He's sort of harsh, but not a whole lot. It's just enough to be notable. He does it jokingly. I find this nice because it makes him feel more real. He doesn't have a stereotypical famous person personality. He's an individual. [I'm not saying the other members aren't.]

His Cuteness
He's so adorable and I love it! This is also part of his personality. He's a cute little turtle who tends to be lazy. His seemingly two different personalities mesh to make one desirable person. If that makes any sense...

His Attractiveness
This man has amazing looks and it's not hard to admit that. He works it so well too. He's a gem and deserves it.

His Talent
He raps. He dances. And now he sings. He's a master. What's not to love?

There's so much to love about Yoongi. I really hope I represented him well!!


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My love 😍 he's so beautiful. I know what you mean about not really having a wrecker. No one can replace Suga on my list lol. Lovely card! 😄