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Jiraiya Sensei ❤

credit to artist
anime: naruto shippuden
the feels 😦😢😢😢
*ugly sobbing*
So no one gonna talk about how kishimoto fucked over naruto by killing jiraya but leaving tsunade and orochimaru alive. I understand tsunade but I swear to fucking god orpchimaru shouldn't get to live let alone get to be free like he is.
he lives thru naruto
@ovvhr yes but naruto didn't take up the mantle of yellow flash so these kids shouldn't have to take up the mantle of their parents either
true but I'd like to see a new inoshikacho and how they'll differ from their parents
was gonna say "how come Orochimaru looks shorter", he changed bodies. duh, self. lol
Why does Naruto always have to end up alone?!
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